Tournament software comparison chart

Feature TournamentSR The Wrestling Tourney Tournament Scheduler Pro Takedown Tournament Software Park Enterprises Wrestling
* - Requires WiFi router   For Product Features [Click Here]
# - Requires an Internet connection  
Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux? Yes Windows Windows Windows Windows
Import names from spreadsheets, word processing documents, and e-mails? Yes Spreadsheets No No No
Large set of features for last minute changes (e.g. add wrestler, remove wrestler, change wrestler weight and/or seeding)? Yes No No No No
Access to up-to-the-minute brackets and team scores on iPhone, iPod Touch, and other WiFi devices? * Yes No No No No
Program automatically prints brackets and bout cards to one or more printers? Yes No No No No
Intermix elimination ladders between 2 and 64 wrestlers with Round-robin of 3 and 6 wrestlers? Yes Not when using teams No 8-32 ladders, 3-5 Round-robin No
Team scores awarded for 2, 4, 6, or 8 places? Yes Yes No No 4, 6, and 8
Supports college and scholastic rules? Yes Scholastic only No Scholastic only Yes
See team lists, weight class lists, and elimination ladders at the same time? Yes No No No No
Use multiple computers to register and weigh-in wrestlers? Yes using RegistrationSR No No No No
Automatically shows mat assignments made by the PA announcer over WiFi*? Yes using AnnouncerSR No No No No
Match results entry from multiple computers? Yes using BoutRunnerSR No No No No
Both manual and automatic posting of tournament brackets and team scores to the Internet#? Yes Manual only Manual only No No
Cost $25 $129.95 $149.95 $49.99 $59.95