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Easy data entry Import wrestler names from e-mails, spreadsheets, and word processing documents.
Create a tournament by importing brackets, teams, and wrestlers from a single preregistration file.
Import team and wrestler names from previous tournament result files or master spreadsheets.
Mat assignments can be done via drag and drop using AnnouncerSR.
Match results can be entered from multiple computers using MatchScorerSR and/or BoutRunnerSR.
Easy last minute changes Removing or changing a wrestler's seed or weight class can be done via drag and drop or with a couple mouse clicks.
Re seeding and balancing a ladder can be done without moving everyone out of the bracket.
Perform a full redraw of any ladder in two mouse clicks!
Rearrange a ladder using drag and drop.
Up-to-date information Brackets can be automatically printed as soon as their portion of the round ends.
Wi-Fi devices such as smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers can display up-to-the minute brackets, team scores, and mat assignments (requires an inexpensive WiFi router).
Sell the Wi-Fi password or put sponsor images on the up-to-the-minute brackets for fund raising.
Post your brackets and team scores on our web site automatically during and after the tournament (requires Internet access).
Superior printing Bout cards and elimination ladders can be automatically printed when ready.
Elimination ladders use the largest possible font so they are easier to read.
More than one printer can be used to avoid changing paper when printing consolation bout cards.
Print ID badges, weigh-in lists or cards, finalist biography sheets, and labels for posting on poster size award brackets.
You can manually print any of these items whenever you need them.
Export results for newspapers, web sites, and other tournaments Export ladders and/or team scores in HTML format for on-line publishing.
Export placers in plain text which is suitable for import into TournamentSR and other programs.
Include award information (M.O.W., Coach of the year) in the exported results.
Accurate team scores All team scoring is based on latest NFHS and NCAA rule book standards.
Adaptive scoring permits team scores to be used even with round robin brackets.
Customize the placement points to meet your tournament's needs.