First time users

If you're new to TournamentSR, there is a free trial version. All features work except you cannot save your work. The trial version stops working 5 days after initial download.

In order to run TournamentSR, your computer needs the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Instructions for testing your computer and installing Java are in this document.

Get it now

TournamentSR costs $25 for a 120 day license. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal, or check (processed by PayPal). The program stops working at the end of the license period.

Learning the program

There several ways to learn TournamentSR. The Quick Start Guide provides an overview of the program's features. The tutorials on our Help page allow you to work through many features. The Open Tournament Supplement covers features specific to youth and open tournaments. The Reference Manual provides detailed information on every TournamentSR feature.

Free support programs

While TournamentSR is great on its own, you'll want to learn and use its support programs: AnnouncerSR, TableWorkerSR, and RegistrationSR.

AnnouncerSR allows the P.A. announcer to assign and keep track of mat assignments. TableWorkerSR allows match results to be entered on other computers. RegistrationSR allows walk-in wrestlers to be quickly entered on other computers. It also can be used to enter weigh-in weights.

Read each program's User's Guide to learn more. Download the program by clicking on the appropriate link. No log in is required.