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Learning the program

Read the Quick start guide for your kind of tournament:

See our Help page for Tutorials and other documents.

If providing WiFi at the tournament

Tell spectators, wrestlers, and coaches that brackets, team scores, and called matches are available on WiFi. Use the links below to download example flyers. See section 4.6 of the TournamentSR Reference Manual for enabling this feature.

Free support programs

Our free support programs make running a tournament even easier. Read the appropriate User's Guide for more information.

P.A. announcer calls matches to mats

AnnouncerSR allows the announcer to assign matches to mats. It also allows him/her to see which matches have already been assigned. The called matches disappear from the display when the results are entered. The AnnouncerSR display can also be used to show wrestlers which mat they're on and if their match is coming up soon.

Using more than 4 mats

BoutRunnerSR provides an easy way for bout card runners to enter in match results. The TournamentSR operator just verifies the results instead of having to enter them. Since the runners can enter results, they make sure completed bout cards identify the winner and the final score. Even elementary school kids can reliably use BoutRunnerSR.

Run a paperless tournament

Put a MatchScorerSR computer at each mat to run a paperless tournament. Bout cards assigned to the mat appear on the display, are entered using mouse and/or touch gestures, and then submitted to TournamentSR electronically. If you connect an additional monitor to the computer, MatchScorerSR replaces a dedicated clock/scoreboard.

Youth/Open tournament with on site weigh-ins

RegistrationSR is designed for open and youth tournament walk-up registration and weigh-in. When used at Madison system tournaments, RegistrationSR also helps TournamentSR identify and remove no-shows.