2018 WESCO 3A North Sub Regional

Stanwood, WA

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Award winners (back to top)

Name of the award Awarded to
WESCO 3A North Coach of the Year John Dever, Marysville Getchell High School
WESCO 3A North Assistant Coach of the Year Jeremy Lail, Marysville Getchell High School
WESCO 3A North Middle School Coach of the Year Jeremy Bennett, North Middle School, Everett
Sportsmanship Award Brian Elliott
Media Person of the Year Sara Bennett
Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament (145 & Below) Mason Phillips, Stanwood High School
Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament (152 & Above) Devon Rose, Marysville Getchell High School
Outstanding Referee of the Tournament Gregg Ortega

Team scores (back to top)

Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
Marysville-Pilchuck High School (MARY) 344.5 5 21 69 40 43 3 3
Everett High School (EVRT) 295.0 6 21 59 48 34 0 1
Arlington High School (ARL) 213.5 3 13 46 33 25 1 2
Snohomish High School (SNOHO) 201.0 7 11 32 35 16 0 2
Oak Harbor High School (OAKH) 199.0 4 14 41 42 18 0 3
Marysville-Getchell High School (MGET) 194.0 1 18 49 51 26 0 2
Stanwood High School (STAN) 156.0 2 12 31 32 17 2 4

106 (back to top)

#1 12|Cole Daurie (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)1. Cole Daurie (MARY)
1C. Daurie (MARY)2. Dorian Tollenaar (ARL)
BYE3. Jayme Gonzales (SNOHO)
113C. Daurie (MARY)4. Timothy Doroshuk (MGET)
9|Cody Mitchell (Marysville-Getchell High School)Fall 1:005. Jamal Graham (OAKH)
2C. Mitchell (MGET)6. Jonah Palabrica (EVRT)
10|Austin Emery (Everett High School)Fall 1:037. Cody Mitchell (MGET)
281C. Daurie (MARY)8. Arlen Eichler (STAN)
#5 9|Jayme Gonzales (Snohomish High School)Fall :43
3J. Gonzales (SNOHO)
114J. Gonzales (SNOHO)
4T. Doroshuk (MGET)
#4 9|Timothy Doroshuk (Marysville-Getchell High School)BYEChampion
368C. Daurie (MARY)
#3 10|Jamal Graham (Oak Harbor High School)Fall 3:10
5J. Graham (OAKH)
115J. Palabrica (EVRT)
6J. Palabrica (EVRT)
#6 9|Jonah Palabrica (Everett High School)BYE
282D. Tollenaar (ARL)
#7 9|Arlen Eichler (Stanwood High School)Fall 3:59
7A. Eichler (STAN)
116D. Tollenaar (ARL)
8D. Tollenaar (ARL)
#2 9|Dorian Tollenaar (Arlington High School)BYE
J. Gonzales (SNOHO)
A. Eichler (STAN)L:281
L:116225A. Eichler (STAN)337J. Gonzales (SNOHO)
L:1117A. Emery (EVRT)Fall :545-3
10|Austin Emery (Everett High School)BYE283J. Graham (OAKH)
L:2J. Graham (OAKH)8-2Third
L:115226J. Graham (OAKH)367J. Gonzales (SNOHO)
J. Palabrica (EVRT)
L:4T. Doroshuk (MGET)L:282
L:114227T. Doroshuk (MGET)338T. Doroshuk (MGET)
L:5119BYEFall 2:37
284T. Doroshuk (MGET)
L:6C. Mitchell (MGET)4-2J. Graham (OAKH)Fifth
L:113228C. Mitchell (MGET)L:337366J. Graham (OAKH)
L:7120BYEJ. Palabrica (EVRT)Fall 2:46
L:8A. Eichler (STAN)Seventh
L:283365C. Mitchell (MGET)
C. Mitchell (MGET)Fall 4:12

113 (back to top)

#1 10|Fernie Vasquez (Everett High School)1. Fernie Vasquez (EVRT)
9F. Vasquez (EVRT)2. Blake Servatus (OAKH)
BYE3. Tanner Lauzon (MARY)
121F. Vasquez (EVRT)4. Ethan Kelley (SNOHO)
10|Shamus Warden (Oak Harbor High School)Fall 1:155. Joel Foster (MGET)
10S. McKinley (ARL)6. Shamus Warden (OAKH)
9|Shawn McKinley (Arlington High School)Fall 1:137. Braeden Dunn (SNOHO)
285F. Vasquez (EVRT)8. Jaden Valencia (EVRT)
#5 10|Joel Foster (Marysville-Getchell High School)12-7
11J. Foster (MGET)
122E. Kelley (SNOHO)
Fall 5:43
12E. Kelley (SNOHO)
#4 9|Ethan Kelley (Snohomish High School)BYEChampion
372F. Vasquez (EVRT)
#3 11|Blake Servatus (Oak Harbor High School)5-2
13B. Servatus (OAKH)
123B. Servatus (OAKH)
10|Braeden Dunn (Snohomish High School)Fall :54
14B. Dunn (SNOHO)
#6 9|Jack Mackey (Arlington High School)Fall 5:48
286B. Servatus (OAKH)
9|Jaden Valencia (Everett High School)Fall 1:52
15TJ Schweitzberger (MGET)
9|TJ Schweitzberger (Marysville-Getchell High School)Fall 4:51
124T. Lauzon (MARY)
Fall 1:29
16T. Lauzon (MARY)
#2 11|Tanner Lauzon (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)BYE
E. Kelley (SNOHO)
TJ Schweitzberger (MGET)L:285
L:124229S. Warden (OAKH)339E. Kelley (SNOHO)
L:9125S. Warden (OAKH)12-2Fall :33
10|Shamus Warden (Oak Harbor High School)BYE287S. Warden (OAKH)
L:10B. Dunn (SNOHO)Fall 2:31Third
L:123230B. Dunn (SNOHO)371T. Lauzon (MARY)
T. Lauzon (MARY)
L:12J. Foster (MGET)L:286
L:122231J. Foster (MGET)340T. Lauzon (MARY)
L:13127J. Mackey (ARL)6-4Fall :34
9|Jack Mackey (Arlington High School)BYE288J. Foster (MGET)
L:14S. McKinley (ARL)12-9S. Warden (OAKH)Fifth
9|Jaden Valencia (Everett High School)L:121232J. Valencia (EVRT)L:339370J. Foster (MGET)
L:15128J. Valencia (EVRT)Fall :42J. Foster (MGET)Fall 4:04
L:16B. Dunn (SNOHO)Seventh
L:287369B. Dunn (SNOHO)
J. Valencia (EVRT)3-2

120 (back to top)

#1 11|Daniel Ramirez (Everett High School)1. Daniel Ramirez (EVRT)
17D. Ramirez (EVRT)2. Austin Davis (MARY)
BYE3. Josh Allred (EVRT)
129D. Ramirez (EVRT)4. Jakob Dailey (OAKH)
9|Dustin Campbell (Stanwood High School)Fall 5:135. Miguel Garcia-Ramirez (MGET)
18D. Campbell (STAN)6. Chase Ogden (OAKH)
9|Paul Johnson (Snohomish High School)14-07. Dustin Campbell (STAN)
289D. Ramirez (EVRT)8. Ben Wemett (STAN)
#5 11|Jakob Dailey (Oak Harbor High School)5-2
19J. Dailey (OAKH)
130J. Dailey (OAKH)
Fall 5:55
20M. Garcia-Ramirez (MGET)
#4 12|Miguel Garcia-Ramirez (Marysville-Getchell High School)BYEChampion
376D. Ramirez (EVRT)
#3 10|Josh Allred (Everett High School)9-3
21J. Allred (EVRT)
131J. Allred (EVRT)
Fall 3:23
22B. Wemett (STAN)
10|Ben Wemett (Stanwood High School)BYE
290A. Davis (MARY)
10|Chase Ogden (Oak Harbor High School)Fall 1;26
23C. Ogden (OAKH)
10|Taylor Herridge (Marysville-Getchell High School)9-5
132A. Davis (MARY)
Fall :23
24A. Davis (MARY)
#2 10|Austin Davis (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)BYE
J. Dailey (OAKH)
C. Ogden (OAKH)L:289
L:132233C. Ogden (OAKH)341J. Dailey (OAKH)
L:17133P. Johnson (SNOHO)8-78-3
9|Paul Johnson (Snohomish High School)BYE291C. Ogden (OAKH)
L:18B. Wemett (STAN)Fall 4:43Third
L:131234B. Wemett (STAN)375J. Allred (EVRT)
J. Allred (EVRT)
L:20M. Garcia-Ramirez (MGET)L:290
L:130235M. Garcia-Ramirez (MGET)342J. Allred (EVRT)
L:21135BYEFall 2:55
292M. Garcia-Ramirez (MGET)
L:22D. Campbell (STAN)9-0C. Ogden (OAKH)Fifth
10|Taylor Herridge (Marysville-Getchell High School)L:129236D. Campbell (STAN)L:341374M. Garcia-Ramirez (MGET)
L:23136T. Herridge (MGET)5-0M. Garcia-Ramirez (MGET)Fall 2:37
L:24B. Wemett (STAN)Seventh
L:291373D. Campbell (STAN)
D. Campbell (STAN)Fall 4:14

126 (back to top)

#1 12|Stephan Erosa (Everett High School)1. Stephan Erosa (EVRT)
25S. Erosa (EVRT)2. Caleb Fitzgerald (OAKH)
BYE3. Nick Cantu (MARY)
137S. Erosa (EVRT)4. Ryan Arboleda (EVRT)
9|Hunter Hogarth (Oak Harbor High School)Fall 3.185. Justin Wammack (ARL)
26T. Condon (MGET)6. Isaiah Woods (MARY)
12|Tanner Condon (Marysville-Getchell High School)Fall 1:527. Steven Grier-Valle (MGET)
293S. Erosa (EVRT)8. Tanner Condon (MGET)
#5 10|Justin Wammack (Arlington High School)Fall 4:52
27J. Wammack (ARL)
138R. Arboleda (EVRT)
28R. Arboleda (EVRT)
#4 12|Ryan Arboleda (Everett High School)BYEChampion
380S. Erosa (EVRT)
#3 11|Nick Cantu (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)Fall 3:03
29N. Cantu (MARY)
139N. Cantu (MARY)
Tech Fall 17-2
30S. Grier-Valle (MGET)
#6 11|Steven Grier-Valle (Marysville-Getchell High School)BYE
294C. Fitzgerald (OAKH)
11|Brendan Connelly (Arlington High School)8-6
31I. Woods (MARY)
10|Isaiah Woods (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)Fall 4:23
140C. Fitzgerald (OAKH)
Fall 3:58
32C. Fitzgerald (OAKH)
#2 11|Caleb Fitzgerald (Oak Harbor High School)BYE
R. Arboleda (EVRT)
I. Woods (MARY)L:293
L:140237I. Woods (MARY)343R. Arboleda (EVRT)
L:25141H. Hogarth (OAKH)Fall 1:43Fall 1:50
9|Hunter Hogarth (Oak Harbor High School)BYE295I. Woods (MARY)
L:26S. Grier-Valle (MGET)16-10Third
L:139238S. Grier-Valle (MGET)379N. Cantu (MARY)
L:27142BYEFall 2:59
N. Cantu (MARY)
L:28J. Wammack (ARL)L:294
L:138239J. Wammack (ARL)344N. Cantu (MARY)
L:29143BYEFall 3:50
296J. Wammack (ARL)
L:30T. Condon (MGET)Fall 3:44I. Woods (MARY)Fifth
11|Brendan Connelly (Arlington High School)L:137240T. Condon (MGET)L:343378J. Wammack (ARL)
L:31144B. Connelly (ARL)Injury DefaultJ. Wammack (ARL)Fall 4:02
L:32S. Grier-Valle (MGET)Seventh
L:295377S. Grier-Valle (MGET)
T. Condon (MGET)13-3

132 (back to top)

#1 12|Will Rush (Arlington High School)1. Will Rush (ARL)
33W. Rush (ARL)2. Josh Ren (SNOHO)
BYE3. Isaac Ortega (STAN)
145W. Rush (ARL)4. Brantly Stupey (ARL)
10|Michael Moore (Everett High School)Fall 1:105. Baily Alvis (MARY)
34J. Cabadas (MGET)6. Kyle Tubbs (MARY)
9|Jesus Cabadas (Marysville-Getchell High School)9-37. Jesus Cabadas (MGET)
297W. Rush (ARL)8. Jordan MacPherson (EVRT)
#5 9|Isaac Ortega (Stanwood High School)Fall 3:32
35I. Ortega (STAN)
9|Nicholas Morris (Oak Harbor High School)Fall :17
146I. Ortega (STAN)
12|Kyle Tubbs (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)5-3
36B. Stupey (ARL)
#4 12|Brantly Stupey (Arlington High School)6-1Champion
384W. Rush (ARL)
#3 12|Josh Ren (Snohomish High School)10-3
37J. Ren (SNOHO)
11|Jack Gallherher (Marysville-Getchell High School)Fall 1:00
147J. Ren (SNOHO)
12|Giovanni Ribay (Oak Harbor High School)Fall 1:32
38G. Ribay (OAKH)
9|Caden Miller (Stanwood High School)Fall 2:32
298J. Ren (SNOHO)
9|Trevin Weeks (Snohomish High School)Fall 1:38
39J. MacPherson (EVRT)
9|Jordan MacPherson (Everett High School)10-2
148B. Alvis (MARY)
Fall 4:30
40B. Alvis (MARY)
#2 12|Baily Alvis (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)BYE
I. Ortega (STAN)
J. MacPherson (EVRT)L:297
L:148241J. MacPherson (EVRT)345I. Ortega (STAN)
L:33149M. Moore (EVRT)12-6Fall 4:25
10|Michael Moore (Everett High School)BYE299K. Tubbs (MARY)
L:34G. Ribay (OAKH)4-2Third
9|Nicholas Morris (Oak Harbor High School)L:147242K. Tubbs (MARY)383I. Ortega (STAN)
L:35150K. Tubbs (MARY)Fall 2:585-3
12|Kyle Tubbs (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)Fall 4:05B. Alvis (MARY)
L:36B. Stupey (ARL)L:298
11|Jack Gallherher (Marysville-Getchell High School)L:146243B. Stupey (ARL)346B. Stupey (ARL)
L:37151J. Gallherher (MGET)Fall 2:382-0
9|Caden Miller (Stanwood High School)Fall 4:32300B. Stupey (ARL)
L:38J. Cabadas (MGET)8-4K. Tubbs (MARY)Fifth
9|Trevin Weeks (Snohomish High School)L:145244J. Cabadas (MGET)L:345382B. Alvis (MARY)
L:39152T. Weeks (SNOHO)8-2B. Alvis (MARY)Tech Fall 15-0
L:40J. MacPherson (EVRT)Seventh
L:299381J. Cabadas (MGET)
J. Cabadas (MGET)4-1

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#1 11|Trey Padgett (Marysville-Getchell High School)1. Trey Padgett (MGET)
41T. Padgett (MGET)2. Isaiah Galindo (MARY)
BYE3. Dayne Tuohimaa (EVRT)
153T. Padgett (MGET)4. Ben Woolman (STAN)
9|Daniel Rosenthal (Arlington High School)Fall 3:005. Eddie Holland (ARL)
42N. Christianson (STAN)6. Christian De Guzman (EVRT)
10|Nikolas Christianson (Stanwood High School)11-27. Nikolas Christianson (STAN)
301T. Padgett (MGET)8. Jordan Delbrouck (MGET)
11|Keean Ohlsen (Snohomish High School)7-2
43M. Bejar (MARY)
12|Marcos Bejar (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)13-7
154D. Tuohimaa (EVRT)
10|Jeremiah Dailey (Oak Harbor High School)Fall 2:51
44D. Tuohimaa (EVRT)
#4 11|Dayne Tuohimaa (Everett High School)Fall 1:50Champion
388T. Padgett (MGET)
#3 11|Ben Woolman (Stanwood High School)3-2
45B. Woolman (STAN)
10|Christian De Guzman (Everett High School)Fall 3:24
155B. Woolman (STAN)
10|Christian Squadrito (Snohomish High School)Fall 2:59
46J. Delbrouck (MGET)
10|Jordan Delbrouck (Marysville-Getchell High School)Fall 1:37
302I. Galindo (MARY)
10|Eddie Holland (Arlington High School)Fall 3:15
47E. Holland (ARL)
10|Evan Beerbower (Oak Harbor High School)Fall :39
156I. Galindo (MARY)
48I. Galindo (MARY)
#2 11|Isaiah Galindo (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)BYE
D. Tuohimaa (EVRT)
E. Holland (ARL)L:301
L:156245E. Holland (ARL)347D. Tuohimaa (EVRT)
L:41157D. Rosenthal (ARL)Fall 2:38Fall 2:33
9|Daniel Rosenthal (Arlington High School)BYE303E. Holland (ARL)
L:42J. Delbrouck (MGET)9-5Third
11|Keean Ohlsen (Snohomish High School)L:155246J. Delbrouck (MGET)387D. Tuohimaa (EVRT)
L:43158J. Dailey (OAKH)Fall :38Fall 3:40
10|Jeremiah Dailey (Oak Harbor High School)12-6B. Woolman (STAN)
L:44M. Bejar (MARY)L:302
10|Christian De Guzman (Everett High School)L:154247C. De Guzman (EVRT)348B. Woolman (STAN)
L:45159C. De Guzman (EVRT)12-9Fall 4:18
10|Christian Squadrito (Snohomish High School)Fall 4:53304C. De Guzman (EVRT)
L:46N. Christianson (STAN)11-8E. Holland (ARL)Fifth
10|Evan Beerbower (Oak Harbor High School)L:153248N. Christianson (STAN)L:347386E. Holland (ARL)
L:47160E. Beerbower (OAKH)Fall :37C. De Guzman (EVRT)7-5
L:48J. Delbrouck (MGET)Seventh
L:303385N. Christianson (STAN)
N. Christianson (STAN)15-5

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#1 12|Mason Phillips (Stanwood High School)1. Mason Phillips (STAN)
49M. Phillips (STAN)2. Blake McBride (OAKH)
BYE3. Gavin Howell (ARL)
161M. Phillips (STAN)4. Colby Wammack (ARL)
10|Jesus Gonzales (Snohomish High School)Fall 3:565. Jeremy Williams (STAN)
50J. Kotlovski (EVRT)6. Shingo Johnston (OAKH)
11|Julian Kotlovski (Everett High School)Fall 1:017. Julian Kotlovski (EVRT)
305M. Phillips (STAN)8. Christopher Bonner (MGET)
#5 11|Shingo Johnston (Oak Harbor High School)Fall 3:10
51S. Johnston (OAKH)
10|Andrew Cantu (Marysville-Getchell High School)Fall :40
162S. Johnston (OAKH)
11|Wesley Goddard (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)11-6
52C. Wammack (ARL)
#4 12|Colby Wammack (Arlington High School)Fall 3:35Champion
392M. Phillips (STAN)
#3 11|Jeremy Williams (Stanwood High School)Fall 4:39
53J. Williams (STAN)
9|Elijah Covey (Snohomish High School)Fall :44
163J. Williams (STAN)
11|Ahmad Humoud (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)17-6
54G. Howell (ARL)
#6 11|Gavin Howell (Arlington High School)12-6
306B. McBride (OAKH)
9|Christopher Bonner (Marysville-Getchell High School)2-1
55C. Bonner (MGET)
9|Cody Bennett (Everett High School)5-2
164B. McBride (OAKH)
Fall 1:45
56B. McBride (OAKH)
#2 11|Blake McBride (Oak Harbor High School)BYE
S. Johnston (OAKH)
C. Bonner (MGET)L:305
L:164249C. Bonner (MGET)349G. Howell (ARL)
L:49165J. Gonzales (SNOHO)5-0Fall 4:47
10|Jesus Gonzales (Snohomish High School)BYE307G. Howell (ARL)
L:50G. Howell (ARL)11-7Third
10|Andrew Cantu (Marysville-Getchell High School)L:163250G. Howell (ARL)391G. Howell (ARL)
L:51166W. Goddard (MARY)Fall 2:365-3
11|Wesley Goddard (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)15-4J. Williams (STAN)
L:52C. Wammack (ARL)L:306
9|Elijah Covey (Snohomish High School)L:162251C. Wammack (ARL)350C. Wammack (ARL)
L:53167A. Humoud (MARY)Fall 2:42Fall 4:20
11|Ahmad Humoud (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)Fall 2:26308C. Wammack (ARL)
L:54J. Kotlovski (EVRT)Fall 1:51S. Johnston (OAKH)Fifth
9|Cody Bennett (Everett High School)L:161252J. Kotlovski (EVRT)L:349390J. Williams (STAN)
L:55168C. Bennett (EVRT)Fall 4:24J. Williams (STAN)Injury Default
L:56C. Bonner (MGET)Seventh
L:307389J. Kotlovski (EVRT)
J. Kotlovski (EVRT)2-0

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#1 10|Jonathon Goeden (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)1. Sam Rush (ARL)
57J. Goeden (MARY)2. Ryan Cote (SNOHO)
BYE3. Devin Fahlman (MARY)
169J. Goeden (MARY)4. Jonathon Goeden (MARY)
Anthony Loutsis (Snohomish High School)Tech Fall 20-55. Kaleb Andrews (ARL)
58S. Elliot (MGET)6. Skyler Elliot (MGET)
12|Skyler Elliot (Marysville-Getchell High School)Injury Default7. Tayvion Shaw (OAKH)
309S. Rush (ARL)8. Thad Zwar (EVRT)
11|Thad Zwar (Everett High School)Fall 5:01
59T. Zwar (EVRT)
10|John Allen (Marysville-Getchell High School)Fall 1:33
170S. Rush (ARL)
Fall 1:14
60S. Rush (ARL)
#4 11|Sam Rush (Arlington High School)BYEChampion
396S. Rush (ARL)
#3 10|Ryan Cote (Snohomish High School)Tech Fall 18-3
61R. Cote (SNOHO)
171R. Cote (SNOHO)
9|Thomas Trautman (Everett High School)Fall 5:27
62K. Andrews (ARL)
11|Kaleb Andrews (Arlington High School)9-4
310R. Cote (SNOHO)
9|Anthony Fitzgibbons (Stanwood High School)9-4
63T. Shaw (OAKH)
11|Tayvion Shaw (Oak Harbor High School)15-2
172D. Fahlman (MARY)
Fall 3:10
64D. Fahlman (MARY)
#2 12|Devin Fahlman (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)BYE
J. Goeden (MARY)
T. Shaw (OAKH)L:309
L:172253T. Shaw (OAKH)351J. Goeden (MARY)
L:57173A. Loutsis (SNOHO)Injury DefaultFall 1:54
Anthony Loutsis (Snohomish High School)BYE311K. Andrews (ARL)
L:58K. Andrews (ARL)Fall 2:41Third
10|John Allen (Marysville-Getchell High School)L:171254K. Andrews (ARL)395D. Fahlman (MARY)
L:59174J. Allen (MGET)Fall 2;25Injury Default
BYED. Fahlman (MARY)
L:60T. Zwar (EVRT)L:310
L:170255T. Zwar (EVRT)352D. Fahlman (MARY)
L:61175T. Trautman (EVRT)6-5Tech Fall 18-2
9|Thomas Trautman (Everett High School)BYE312S. Elliot (MGET)
L:62S. Elliot (MGET)8-5K. Andrews (ARL)Fifth
9|Anthony Fitzgibbons (Stanwood High School)L:169256S. Elliot (MGET)L:351394K. Andrews (ARL)
L:63176A. Fitzgibbons (STAN)Fall 2;03S. Elliot (MGET)Fall 1:18
L:64T. Shaw (OAKH)Seventh
L:311393T. Shaw (OAKH)
T. Zwar (EVRT)3-0

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#1 10|Riley Van Scoy (Stanwood High School)1. Riley Van Scoy (STAN)
65R. V. Scoy (STAN)2. Riley Bennett (EVRT)
BYE3. Devon Rose (MGET)
177R. V. Scoy (STAN)4. Kristian Fairbanks (ARL)
12|Jaden Wolfington (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)Tech Fall 21-45. Lester Howard (EVRT)
66J. Wolfington (MARY)6. Aaron Fletcher (OAKH)
12|Josh Cunningham (Snohomish High School)Fall 4:157. Mauro Bejar (MARY)
313R. V. Scoy (STAN)8. Jaden Wolfington (MARY)
#5 11|Lester Howard (Everett High School)Fall 5:58
67L. Howard (EVRT)
11|Cole Hahn (Arlington High School)Fall 5:39
178D. Rose (MGET)
10|Noah Hangan (Oak Harbor High School)14-2
68D. Rose (MGET)
#4 12|Devon Rose (Marysville-Getchell High School)Fall :27Champion
400R. V. Scoy (STAN)
#3 11|Kristian Fairbanks (Arlington High School)Fall :29
69K. Fairbanks (ARL)
9|Adrian Casabal (Marysville-Getchell High School)Fall :47
179K. Fairbanks (ARL)
9|Josh SanCartier (Stanwood High School)10-4
70M. Bejar (MARY)
#6 10|Mauro Bejar (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)Fall 2:24
314R. Bennett (EVRT)
#7 12|Aaron Fletcher (Oak Harbor High School)Fall 3:21
71A. Fletcher (OAKH)
9|Meier Bracken (Snohomish High School)Fall 4:24
180R. Bennett (EVRT)
Fall :56
72R. Bennett (EVRT)
#2 11|Riley Bennett (Everett High School)BYE
D. Rose (MGET)
A. Fletcher (OAKH)L:313
L:180257A. Fletcher (OAKH)353D. Rose (MGET)
L:65181J. Cunningham (SNOHO)5-0Fall 4:43
12|Josh Cunningham (Snohomish High School)BYE315A. Fletcher (OAKH)
L:66M. Bejar (MARY)6-0Third
11|Cole Hahn (Arlington High School)L:179258M. Bejar (MARY)399D. Rose (MGET)
L:67182C. Hahn (ARL)17-76-5
10|Noah Hangan (Oak Harbor High School)Fall 2:06K. Fairbanks (ARL)
L:68L. Howard (EVRT)L:314
9|Adrian Casabal (Marysville-Getchell High School)L:178259L. Howard (EVRT)354K. Fairbanks (ARL)
L:69183J. SanCartier (STAN)Fall 2:4210-2
9|Josh SanCartier (Stanwood High School)Fall 1:57316L. Howard (EVRT)
L:70J. Wolfington (MARY)Fall :56A. Fletcher (OAKH)Fifth
9|Meier Bracken (Snohomish High School)L:177260J. Wolfington (MARY)L:353398L. Howard (EVRT)
L:71184M. Bracken (SNOHO)Injury DefaultL. Howard (EVRT)Fall 4:59
L:72M. Bejar (MARY)Seventh
L:315397M. Bejar (MARY)
J. Wolfington (MARY)15-5

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#1 10|Cayden White (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)1. Cayden White (MARY)
73C. White (MARY)2. Kyle Carlson (SNOHO)
BYE3. Levi Wiseman (ARL)
185C. White (MARY)4. Ethan Pace (OAKH)
10|Caleb Blonk (Marysville-Getchell High School)Fall 1:055. Shane Reichlin (MGET)
74C. Blonk (MGET)6. P.J. Galindo (MARY)
10|Chris Tabor (Stanwood High School)Fall 1:487. Caleb Blonk (MGET)
317C. White (MARY)8. Skylar O'Donahue (EVRT)
#5 11|Ethan Pace (Oak Harbor High School)Fall 1:17
75E. Pace (OAKH)
10|Skylar O'Donahue (Everett High School)Fall 2:54
186E. Pace (OAKH)
76L. Wiseman (ARL)
#4 11|Levi Wiseman (Arlington High School)BYEChampion
404C. White (MARY)
#3 12|Shane Reichlin (Marysville-Getchell High School)Fall 3:27
77S. Reichlin (MGET)
187S. Reichlin (MGET)
9|Rylan Polkinghorn (Arlington High School)Fall 3:04
78A. Srimoratmongkol (EVRT)
11|Army Srimoratmongkol (Everett High School)8-5
318K. Carlson (SNOHO)
12|P.J. Galindo (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)11-3
79P. Galindo (MARY)
9|Henry Booth (Oak Harbor High School)Fall 1:03
188K. Carlson (SNOHO)
Fall 3:39
80K. Carlson (SNOHO)
#2 10|Kyle Carlson (Snohomish High School)BYE
E. Pace (OAKH)
P. Galindo (MARY)L:317
L:188261P. Galindo (MARY)355E. Pace (OAKH)
L:73189C. Tabor (STAN)Fall 2:51Fall 3:19
10|Chris Tabor (Stanwood High School)BYE319P. Galindo (MARY)
L:74A. Srimoratmongkol (EVRT)Fall 2:40Third
10|Skylar O'Donahue (Everett High School)L:187262S. O'Donahue (EVRT)403L. Wiseman (ARL)
L:75190S. O'Donahue (EVRT)Fall :331-0
BYES. Reichlin (MGET)
L:76L. Wiseman (ARL)L:318
L:186263L. Wiseman (ARL)356L. Wiseman (ARL)
L:77191R. Polkinghorn (ARL)6-04-0
9|Rylan Polkinghorn (Arlington High School)BYE320L. Wiseman (ARL)
L:78C. Blonk (MGET)5-2P. Galindo (MARY)Fifth
9|Henry Booth (Oak Harbor High School)L:185264C. Blonk (MGET)L:355402S. Reichlin (MGET)
L:79192H. Booth (OAKH)Fall 2;13S. Reichlin (MGET)Fall 3:27
L:80S. O'Donahue (EVRT)Seventh
L:319401C. Blonk (MGET)
C. Blonk (MGET)Fall :24

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#1 12|Krys DuPree (Everett High School)1. Ben Kloes (SNOHO)
81K. DuPree (EVRT)2. Krys DuPree (EVRT)
BYE3. Corbin Bonner (MGET)
193K. DuPree (EVRT)4. Will Ingrham (STAN)
Fall :545. Dylan Wheeler (SNOHO)
82C. Bonner (MGET)6. Edgar Duenas (MGET)
11|Corbin Bonner (Marysville-Getchell High School)BYE7. Sam Smith (EVRT)
321K. DuPree (EVRT)8. Heber Mendez (MARY)
9|Heber Mendez (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)Fall 2:37
83H. Mendez (MARY)
194W. Ingrham (STAN)
Fall 5:19
84W. Ingrham (STAN)
9|Will Ingrham (Stanwood High School)BYEChampion
408B. Kloes (SNOHO)
#3 10|Dylan Wheeler (Snohomish High School)Injury Default
85D. Wheeler (SNOHO)
195D. Wheeler (SNOHO)
Fall 4:39
86E. Duenas (MGET)
11|Edgar Duenas (Marysville-Getchell High School)BYE
322B. Kloes (SNOHO)
Sam Smith (Everett High School)Fall 1:59
87S. Smith (EVRT)
196B. Kloes (SNOHO)
Fall :43
88B. Kloes (SNOHO)
#2 12|Ben Kloes (Snohomish High School)BYE
W. Ingrham (STAN)
S. Smith (EVRT)L:321
L:196265S. Smith (EVRT)357W. Ingrham (STAN)
L:81197BYETech Fall 16-0
323E. Duenas (MGET)
L:82E. Duenas (MGET)Fall 4:22Third
L:195266E. Duenas (MGET)407C. Bonner (MGET)
D. Wheeler (SNOHO)
L:84H. Mendez (MARY)L:322
L:194267H. Mendez (MARY)358C. Bonner (MGET)
324C. Bonner (MGET)
L:86C. Bonner (MGET)Fall 4:47E. Duenas (MGET)Fifth
L:193268C. Bonner (MGET)L:357406D. Wheeler (SNOHO)
L:87200BYED. Wheeler (SNOHO)13-3
L:88S. Smith (EVRT)Seventh
L:323405S. Smith (EVRT)
H. Mendez (MARY)5-0

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#1 11|Christian Balmer (Everett High School)1. Christian Balmer (EVRT)
89C. Balmer (EVRT)2. Ryan Douglas (SNOHO)
BYE3. Ikaika Naweli (MARY)
201C. Balmer (EVRT)4. Aurick Martinez (EVRT)
9|Vincent Tran (Marysville-Getchell High School)Fall :275. Kamiakin Craig (MARY)
90D. Murphy (SNOHO)6. Connor Stockman (ARL)
10|Dale Murphy (Snohomish High School)Fall 3:197. Cheron Smith (MGET)
325C. Balmer (EVRT)8. Declan Busby (STAN)
10|Ikaika Naweli (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)Fall 1:08
91I. Naweli (MARY)
202I. Naweli (MARY)
Fall :54
92D. Busby (STAN)
11|Declan Busby (Stanwood High School)BYEChampion
412C. Balmer (EVRT)
10|Aurick Martinez (Everett High School)Fall 2;50
93A. Martinez (EVRT)
203A. Martinez (EVRT)
94C. Smith (MGET)
9|Cheron Smith (Marysville-Getchell High School)BYE
326R. Douglas (SNOHO)
10|Kamiakin Craig (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)Fall 3:33
95K. Craig (MARY)
9|Connor Stockman (Arlington High School)Fall :26
204R. Douglas (SNOHO)
Fall 1:00
96R. Douglas (SNOHO)
#2 11|Ryan Douglas (Snohomish High School)BYE
I. Naweli (MARY)
K. Craig (MARY)L:325
L:204269K. Craig (MARY)359I. Naweli (MARY)
L:89205V. Tran (MGET)Fall :25Fall :57
9|Vincent Tran (Marysville-Getchell High School)BYE327K. Craig (MARY)
L:90C. Smith (MGET)Fall 3:34Third
L:203270C. Smith (MGET)411I. Naweli (MARY)
L:91206BYEFall :59
A. Martinez (EVRT)
L:92D. Busby (STAN)L:326
L:202271D. Busby (STAN)360A. Martinez (EVRT)
328C. Stockman (ARL)
L:94D. Murphy (SNOHO)Fall 2:42K. Craig (MARY)Fifth
9|Connor Stockman (Arlington High School)L:201272C. Stockman (ARL)L:359410K. Craig (MARY)
L:95208C. Stockman (ARL)9-6C. Stockman (ARL)Fall 2;52
L:96C. Smith (MGET)Seventh
L:327409C. Smith (MGET)
D. Busby (STAN)2-1

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#1 11|Matt Currier (Snohomish High School)1. Michael Fisken (OAKH)
97M. Currier (SNOHO)2. Matt Currier (SNOHO)
BYE3. Adam Holston (MARY)
209M. Currier (SNOHO)4. Erick Duenas (MGET)
12|Korban Hooker (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)Fall 2:195. Wyatt Tayon (STAN)
98K. Hooker (MARY)6. Victor Montiel (EVRT)
9|Nathan Kolden (Oak Harbor High School)Fall :297. Korban Hooker (MARY)
329M. Currier (SNOHO)8. Wyatt Tuohimaa (EVRT)
#5 11|Victor Montiel (Everett High School)Fall 2:58
99V. Montiel (EVRT)
210W. Tayon (STAN)
Fall 2:40
100W. Tayon (STAN)
#4 11|Wyatt Tayon (Stanwood High School)BYEChampion
416M. Fisken (OAKH)
#3 12|Adam Holston (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)13-5
101A. Holston (MARY)
211A. Holston (MARY)
11|John Flores (Snohomish High School)Fall 1:12
102E. Duenas (MGET)
10|Erick Duenas (Marysville-Getchell High School)Fall :50
330M. Fisken (OAKH)
12|Wyatt Tuohimaa (Everett High School)Fall 4:49
103W. Tuohimaa (EVRT)
10|Jacob Evans (Stanwood High School)Fall 1:09
212M. Fisken (OAKH)
Fall :47
104M. Fisken (OAKH)
#2 11|Michael Fisken (Oak Harbor High School)BYE
W. Tayon (STAN)
W. Tuohimaa (EVRT)L:329
L:212273W. Tuohimaa (EVRT)361E. Duenas (MGET)
L:97213N. Kolden (OAKH)Fall 2:04Fall 4:33
9|Nathan Kolden (Oak Harbor High School)BYE331E. Duenas (MGET)
L:98E. Duenas (MGET)Fall :37Third
L:211274E. Duenas (MGET)415A. Holston (MARY)
A. Holston (MARY)
L:100V. Montiel (EVRT)L:330
L:210275V. Montiel (EVRT)362A. Holston (MARY)
L:101215J. Flores (SNOHO)Fall 1:40Fall 1:45
11|John Flores (Snohomish High School)BYE332V. Montiel (EVRT)
L:102K. Hooker (MARY)4-2W. Tayon (STAN)Fifth
10|Jacob Evans (Stanwood High School)L:209276K. Hooker (MARY)L:361414W. Tayon (STAN)
L:103216J. Evans (STAN)Fall 2:03V. Montiel (EVRT)9-6
L:104W. Tuohimaa (EVRT)Seventh
L:331413K. Hooker (MARY)
K. Hooker (MARY)Fall 1:12

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#1 12|Joe Lawrence (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)1. Joe Lawrence (MARY)
105J. Lawrence (MARY)2. Duncan King (SNOHO)
BYE3. Nathaniel Nunez (OAKH)
217J. Lawrence (MARY)4. Jeff Roullier (MARY)
BYE5. Hayden Campbell (OAKH)
1066. Hayden Strande (ARL)
333J. Lawrence (MARY)
10|Nathaniel Nunez (Oak Harbor High School)Fall 4:40
107N. Nunez (OAKH)
218N. Nunez (OAKH)
Fall 1:57
108H. Strande (ARL)
10|Hayden Strande (Arlington High School)BYEChampion
420J. Lawrence (MARY)
#3 11|Jeff Roullier (Marysville-Pilchuck High School)6-1
109J. Roullier (MARY)
219J. Roullier (MARY)
110H. Campbell (OAKH)
11|Hayden Campbell (Oak Harbor High School)BYE
334D. King (SNOHO)
220D. King (SNOHO)
112D. King (SNOHO)
#2 11|Duncan King (Snohomish High School)BYE
N. Nunez (OAKH)
L:220277363N. Nunez (OAKH)
335H. Campbell (OAKH)
L:106H. Campbell (OAKH)BYEThird
L:219278H. Campbell (OAKH)419N. Nunez (OAKH)
J. Roullier (MARY)
L:108H. Strande (ARL)L:334
L:218279H. Strande (ARL)364J. Roullier (MARY)
L:109223BYEFall 1:52
336H. Strande (ARL)
L:110BYEH. Campbell (OAKH)Fifth
L:217280L:363418H. Campbell (OAKH)
L:111224H. Strande (ARL)6-4