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Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
Basin Lake (BLHS) 121.0 5 14 9 4 5 0 0
Hillwood (HHS) 114.0 5 14 8 6 4 0 0
Twin Peak (TPHS) 106.0 4 14 7 7 4 0 0
Valley (VHS) 76.0 1 14 4 11 1 0 0

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Isaac Moses (Hillwood)1. Carter Torres (VHS)
MAT #1 1I. Moses (HHS)2. Isaac Moses (HHS)
Edwardo Harrison (Twin Peak)Fall 0:38Champion3. Marvin Cornell (BLHS)
MAT #1 43C. Torres (VHS)4. Edwardo Harrison (TPHS)
Carter Torres (Valley)8-2
MAT #1 2C. Torres (VHS)
Marvin Cornell (Basin Lake)Fall 0:37
Edwardo Harrison (Twin Peak)Third
L:1MAT #1 29M. Cornell (BLHS)
Marvin Cornell (Basin Lake)4-1

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Melvin Elliot (Valley)1. Owen Skinner (TPHS)
MAT #1 3G. Hoffman (BLHS)2. Grant Hoffman (BLHS)
Grant Hoffman (Basin Lake)Fall 0:32Champion3. Austin Dunham (HHS)
MAT #1 44O. Skinner (TPHS)4. Melvin Elliot (VHS)
Owen Skinner (Twin Peak)3-2
MAT #1 4O. Skinner (TPHS)
Austin Dunham (Hillwood)Fall 1:11
Melvin Elliot (Valley)Third
L:3MAT #1 30A. Dunham (HHS)
Austin Dunham (Hillwood)7-2

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Kenny Rollins (Valley)1. Blake Elliot (BLHS)
MAT #1 5B. Elliot (BLHS)2. Martin Mooney (TPHS)
Blake Elliot (Basin Lake)Fall 0:31Champion3. Kenny Rollins (VHS)
MAT #1 45B. Elliot (BLHS)4. Pedro Fish (HHS)
Martin Mooney (Twin Peak)3-2
MAT #1 6M. Mooney (TPHS)
Pedro Fish (Hillwood)Fall 0:24
Kenny Rollins (Valley)Third
L:5MAT #1 31K. Rollins (VHS)
Pedro Fish (Hillwood)4-0

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Vince Gill (Twin Peak)
MAT #1 7M. Rhodes (HHS)
Mark Rhodes (Hillwood)Fall 0:44Champion
MAT #1 46
Thomas Hawley (Valley)
MAT #1 8A. Parsons (BLHS)
Alvin Parsons (Basin Lake)Fall 0:40
Vince Gill (Twin Peak)Third
L:7MAT #1 32V. Gill (TPHS)
Thomas Hawley (Valley)8-5

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Raymond Miller (Basin Lake)1. Raymond Miller (BLHS)
MAT #1 9R. Miller (BLHS)2. Marco Rodgers (TPHS)
Will Salinas (Valley)Fall 0:24Champion3. Darryl Hopkins (HHS)
MAT #1 47R. Miller (BLHS)4. Will Salinas (VHS)
Marco Rodgers (Twin Peak)3-2
MAT #1 10M. Rodgers (TPHS)
Darryl Hopkins (Hillwood)Fall 0:40
Will Salinas (Valley)Third
L:9MAT #1 33D. Hopkins (HHS)
Darryl Hopkins (Hillwood)4-1

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Ramirro Peters (Basin Lake)1. Rich Palmer (HHS)
MAT #1 11R. Palmer (HHS)2. Raymond Parker (TPHS)
Rich Palmer (Hillwood)Fall 0:25Champion3. Malcolm Young (VHS)
MAT #1 48R. Palmer (HHS)4. Ramirro Peters (BLHS)
Raymond Parker (Twin Peak)4-2
MAT #1 12R. Parker (TPHS)
Malcolm Young (Valley)Fall 0:52
Ramirro Peters (Basin Lake)Third
L:11MAT #1 34M. Young (VHS)
Malcolm Young (Valley)4-0

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Neal Williams (Basin Lake)1. Neal Williams (BLHS)
MAT #1 13N. Williams (BLHS)2. Andre Price (HHS)
Warren Myers (Twin Peak)Fall 0:37Champion3. Warren Myers (TPHS)
MAT #1 49N. Williams (BLHS)4. Vincent Frederick (VHS)
Vincent Frederick (Valley)5-1
MAT #1 14A. Price (HHS)
Andre Price (Hillwood)Fall 0:33
Warren Myers (Twin Peak)Third
L:13MAT #1 35W. Myers (TPHS)
Vincent Frederick (Valley)3-1

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Kevin Orr (Hillwood)
MAT #1 15K. Orr (HHS)
Andrew West (Valley)3-1Champion
MAT #1 50
Warren Riley (Basin Lake)
MAT #1 16
James Douglas (Twin Peak)
Andrew West (Valley)Third
L:15MAT #1 36

160 (back to top)

Wesley Wyatt (Hillwood)
MAT #1 17
Andrew Foley (Twin Peak)Champion
MAT #1 51
Walter Gibson (Basin Lake)
MAT #1 18
Kent Hughes (Valley)
L:17MAT #1 37

170 (back to top)

Abel Lawson (Hillwood)
MAT #1 19
Fred Douglass (Valley)Champion
MAT #1 52
Tommy Combs (Twin Peak)
MAT #1 20
Terrance Boone (Basin Lake)
L:19MAT #1 38

182 (back to top)

Gerard Nguyen (Valley)
MAT #1 21
Mickey Sullivan (Hillwood)Champion
MAT #1 53
Nate Simpson (Twin Peak)
MAT #1 22
Christian Hoover (Basin Lake)
L:21MAT #1 39

195 (back to top)

Jonothan Newton (Basin Lake)
MAT #1 23
Marshal Barlow (Hillwood)Champion
MAT #1 54
Casey Torres (Valley)
MAT #1 24
Calvin Hutchinson (Twin Peak)
L:23MAT #1 40

220 (back to top)

Julio Patton (Hillwood)
MAT #1 25
Daniel Bird (Valley)Champion
MAT #1 55
Martin Moor (Basin Lake)
MAT #1 26
Andre Bonner (Twin Peak)
L:25MAT #1 41

HWT (back to top)

Glenn Crawford (Valley)
MAT #1 27
Dustin Jacobs (Basin Lake)Champion
MAT #1 56
Elmer Perez (Hillwood)
MAT #1 28
Frankie Houston (Twin Peak)
L:27MAT #1 42