Valley VS Cfalls Dual

Valley High School

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Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
Valley (VHS) 184.0 14 14 9 5 1 4 0
Cfalls (CHS) 160.0 14 14 5 9 0 0 0

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Emmanuel Casey (Cfalls)Champion1. Carter Torres (VHS)
Mat #1 1C. Torres (VHS)2. Emmanuel Casey (CHS)
Carter Torres (Valley)Fall 1:36

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Melvin Elliot (Valley)Champion1. Tommy Simmons (CHS)
Mat #1 2T. Simmons (CHS)2. Melvin Elliot (VHS)
Tommy Simmons (Cfalls)8-4

120 (back to top)

Lester Lang (Cfalls)Champion1. Kenny Rollins (VHS)
Mat #1 3K. Rollins (VHS)2. Lester Lang (CHS)
Kenny Rollins (Valley)3-1

126 (back to top)

Thomas Hawley (Valley)Champion1. Thomas Hawley (VHS)
Mat #1 4T. Hawley (VHS)2. Salvatore Robertson (CHS)
Salvatore Robertson (Cfalls)15-0

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Brent Wilkinson (Cfalls)Champion1. Brent Wilkinson (CHS)
Mat #1 5B. Wilkinson (CHS)2. Will Salinas (VHS)
Will Salinas (Valley)5-2

138 (back to top)

Pete Love (Cfalls)Champion1. Malcolm Young (VHS)
Mat #1 6M. Young (VHS)2. Pete Love (CHS)
Malcolm Young (Valley)10-4

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Vincent Frederick (Valley)Champion1. Vincent Frederick (VHS)
Mat #1 7V. Frederick (VHS)2. Bill Best (CHS)
Bill Best (Cfalls)16-1

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Ken English (Cfalls)Champion1. Andrew West (VHS)
Mat #1 8A. West (VHS)2. Ken English (CHS)
Andrew West (Valley)3-1

160 (back to top)

Kent Hughes (Valley)Champion1. Kent Hughes (VHS)
Mat #1 9K. Hughes (VHS)2. Mel Courtney (CHS)
Mel Courtney (Cfalls)5-1

170 (back to top)

Roman Lambert (Cfalls)Champion1. Fred Douglas (VHS)
Mat #1 10F. Douglas (VHS)2. Roman Lambert (CHS)
Fred Douglas (Valley)15-0

182 (back to top)

Gerard Nguyen (Valley)Champion1. Douglas Lang (CHS)
Mat #1 11D. Lang (CHS)2. Gerard Nguyen (VHS)
Douglas Lang (Cfalls)2-0

195 (back to top)

Casey Torres (Valley)Champion1. Ramirro Eastman (CHS)
Mat #1 12R. Eastman (CHS)2. Casey Torres (VHS)
Ramirro Eastman (Cfalls)5-0

220 (back to top)

Bernard Santiago (Cfalls)Champion1. Bernard Santiago (CHS)
Mat #1 13B. Santiago (CHS)2. Daniel Bird (VHS)
Daniel Bird (Valley)3-0

HWT (back to top)

Glenn Crawford (Valley)Champion1. Glenn Crawford (VHS)
Mat #1 14G. Crawford (VHS)2. Daryl Carrey (CHS)
Daryl Carrey (Cfalls)16-1