2024 Northshore Middle School Tournament

Woodinville HS

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Team scores (back to top)

Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
Leota (LMS) 304.5 9 21 41 29 24 1 2
Northshore (NMS) 279.5 8 18 41 22 25 1 1
Skyview (SMS) 277.0 8 18 40 32 25 0 0
Timbercrest (TMS) 253.0 11 14 44 12 16 0 1
Kenmore (KMS) 138.0 5 11 28 25 8 0 1
Canyon Park (CPMS) 101.0 3 6 18 20 9 0 1

Girls-A (back to top)

Cecilia Callahan (Timbercrest)1. Cecilia Callahan (TMS)
AA1C. Callahan (TMS)2. Wynne Thomas (TMS)
BYE3. Makayla Morris (LMS)
AA5C. Callahan (TMS)4. Gloria Siller (LMS)
Addison Campbell (Timbercrest)Fall 0:305. Addison Campbell (TMS)
AA2G. Siller (LMS)
Gloria Siller (Leota)FallChampion
AA13C. Callahan (TMS)
Makayla Morris (Leota)Fall 3:34
AA3M. Morris (LMS)
AA6W. Thomas (TMS)
Fall 4:11
AA4W. Thomas (TMS)
Wynne Thomas (Timbercrest)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
M. Morris (LMS)
L:AA6AA9M. Morris (LMS)
L:AA1AA7A. Campbell (TMS)10-7Third
Addison Campbell (Timbercrest)BYEAA12M. Morris (LMS)
L:AA2G. Siller (LMS)5-4
L:AA5AA10G. Siller (LMS)
A. Campbell (TMS)Fifth
L:AA4L:AA9AA11A. Campbell (TMS)
Round 2Round 3Round 4

Girls-B (back to top)

Sammy Esparragoza (Northshore)1. Nellie Flowers (LMS)
AB1N. Flowers (LMS)2. Emily Tadema (SMS)
Nellie Flowers (Leota)FallChampion3. Emily Meek (LMS)
AB4N. Flowers (LMS)4. Sammy Esparragoza (NMS)
Emily Tadema (Skyview)Fall 0:33
AB2E. Tadema (SMS)
Emily Meek (Leota)Fall 4:14
Round 1Round 2
Sammy Esparragoza (Northshore)Third
L:AB1AB3E. Meek (LMS)
Emily Meek (Leota)Fall 1:58
Round 2

75 (back to top)

Matthew Morris (Leota)1. Xavier Holmes (NMS)
AC1M. Morris (LMS)2. Matthew Morris (LMS)
BYE3. Alexi Coburn (NMS)
AC5M. Morris (LMS)4. Kelvin Rohring (SMS)
Fall 4:305. Liam McCormick (LMS)
AC2A. Coburn (NMS)
Alexi Coburn (Northshore)BYEChampion
AC13X. Holmes (NMS)
Xavier Holmes (Northshore)Major Dec. 18-9
AC3X. Holmes (NMS)
Liam McCormick (Leota)Fall 0:33
AC6X. Holmes (NMS)
Fall 3:17
AC4K. Rohring (SMS)
Kelvin Rohring (Skyview)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
K. Rohring (SMS)
L:AC6AC9K. Rohring (SMS)
AC12A. Coburn (NMS)
L:AC2A. Coburn (NMS)Fall 3:00
Liam McCormick (Leota)L:AC5AC10A. Coburn (NMS)
L:AC3AC8L. McCormick (LMS)Fall 0:30
L:AC4L:AC9AC11L. McCormick (LMS)
L. McCormick (LMS)BYE
Round 2Round 3Round 4

Girls-C (back to top)

Karissa Roemer (Timbercrest)1. Karissa Roemer (TMS)
AD1K. Roemer (TMS)2. Sam Fitzsimmons (LMS)
BYE3. Miranda Leon-Nogales (LMS)
AD5K. Roemer (TMS)4. Jocelynn Maffetone (SMS)
Miranda Leon-Nogales (Leota)Fall 2:445. Adriana Coleman (LMS)
AD2M. Leon-Nogales (LMS)6. Elena Rueda Lopez (SMS)
Elena Rueda Lopez (Skyview)Fall 0:19Champion
AD13K. Roemer (TMS)
Jocelynn Maffetone (Skyview)Injury Default
AD3J. Maffetone (SMS)
Adriana Coleman (Leota)4-2 4:43 SV
AD6S. Fitzsimmons (LMS)
Fall 1:02
AD4S. Fitzsimmons (LMS)
Sam Fitzsimmons (Leota)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
J. Maffetone (SMS)
L:AD6AD9J. Maffetone (SMS)
L:AD1AD7E. R. Lopez (SMS)Fall 0:36Third
Elena Rueda Lopez (Skyview)BYEAD12M. Leon-Nogales (LMS)
L:AD2M. Leon-Nogales (LMS)4-2
Adriana Coleman (Leota)L:AD5AD10M. Leon-Nogales (LMS)
L:AD3AD8A. Coleman (LMS)Fall 2:59
BYEE. R. Lopez (SMS)Fifth
L:AD4L:AD9AD11A. Coleman (LMS)
A. Coleman (LMS)Fall 0:53
Round 2Round 3Round 4

Girls-D (back to top)

Roslyn Bickerdike (Timbercrest)1. Roslyn Bickerdike (TMS)
AE1R. Bickerdike (TMS)2. Chelayne Pospisil (SMS)
Jet Smith (Skyview)Fall 1:05Champion3. Jet Smith (SMS)
AE4R. Bickerdike (TMS)
Fall 4:08
AE2C. Pospisil (SMS)
Chelayne Pospisil (Skyview)BYE
Round 1Round 2
Jet Smith (Skyview)Third
L:AE1AE3J. Smith (SMS)
Round 2

80 (back to top)

Michael Ward (Leota)1. Bentlee Winebrenner (SMS)
AF1M. Ward (LMS)2. Ethan Lee (SMS)
Leo Ciccu (Northshore)Fall 0:523. Cole Gilette (TMS)
AF5B. Winebrenner (SMS)4. Michael Ward (LMS)
Bentlee Winebrenner (Skyview)Fall 1:005. Leo Ciccu (NMS)
AF2B. Winebrenner (SMS)6. Fengyi Tian (NMS)
Roman Teuscher (Northshore)Fall 0:12Champion
AF13B. Winebrenner (SMS)
Cole Gilette (Timbercrest)Fall 0:28
AF3C. Gilette (TMS)
AF6E. Lee (SMS)
Fengyi Tian (Northshore)7-2
AF4E. Lee (SMS)
Ethan Lee (Skyview)Fall
Round 1Round 2Round 4
C. Gilette (TMS)
Leo Ciccu (Northshore)L:AF6AF9C. Gilette (TMS)
L:AF1AF7L. Ciccu (NMS)Fall 3:00Third
Roman Teuscher (Northshore)Fall 2:36AF12C. Gilette (TMS)
L:AF2M. Ward (LMS)15-13
L:AF5AF10M. Ward (LMS)
L:AF3AF8F. Tian (NMS)Fall 1:27
Fengyi Tian (Northshore)BYEL. Ciccu (NMS)Fifth
L:AF4L:AF9AF11L. Ciccu (NMS)
F. Tian (NMS)Forfeit
Round 2Round 3Round 4

85 (back to top)

Joey Benoit (Northshore)1. Brayden Eadie (LMS)
AG1J. Benoit (NMS)2. Joey Benoit (NMS)
BYE3. Mason Sheeler (SMS)
AG5J. Benoit (NMS)4. Kellen Johnson (LMS)
Norman Montes De Oca (Northshore)8-15. David Ordonez-Rosas (KMS)
AG2M. Sheeler (SMS)6. Norman Montes De Oca (NMS)
Mason Sheeler (Skyview)FallChampion
AG13B. Eadie (LMS)
Cartier Young-Lockett (Canyon Park)10-4
AG3K. Johnson (LMS)
Kellen Johnson (Leota)Fall 4:24
AG6B. Eadie (LMS)
David Ordonez-Rosas (Kenmore)Fall 0:29
AG4B. Eadie (LMS)
Brayden Eadie (Leota)Fall 1:20
Round 1Round 2Round 4
K. Johnson (LMS)
L:AG6AG9K. Johnson (LMS)
L:AG1AG7N. M. De Oca (NMS)8-5Third
Norman Montes De Oca (Northshore)BYEAG12M. Sheeler (SMS)
L:AG2M. Sheeler (SMS)Fall 3:00
Cartier Young-Lockett (Canyon Park)L:AG5AG10M. Sheeler (SMS)
L:AG3AG8D. Ordonez-Rosas (KMS)Fall 1:38
David Ordonez-Rosas (Kenmore)8-2N. M. De Oca (NMS)Fifth
L:AG4L:AG9AG11D. Ordonez-Rosas (KMS)
D. Ordonez-Rosas (KMS)Fall 1:00
Round 2Round 3Round 4

90 (back to top)

Dylan Hume (Timbercrest)1. Dylan Hume (TMS)
AH1D. Hume (TMS)2. Bond Battiste (TMS)
BYE3. Adam Plata (NMS)
AH5D. Hume (TMS)4. Shreyans Jain (SMS)
Fall 2:075. Darwin McKamey (LMS)
AH2S. Jain (SMS)
Shreyans Jain (Skyview)BYEChampion
AH13D. Hume (TMS)
Adam Plata (Northshore)Fall 2:27
AH3A. Plata (NMS)
AH6B. Battiste (TMS)
Bond Battiste (Timbercrest)7-4
AH4B. Battiste (TMS)
Darwin McKamey (Leota)Major Dec. 11-3
Round 1Round 2Round 4
A. Plata (NMS)
L:AH6AH9A. Plata (NMS)
AH12A. Plata (NMS)
L:AH2S. Jain (SMS)5-3
L:AH5AH10S. Jain (SMS)
L:AH3AH8D. McKamey (LMS)Fall 3:00
Darwin McKamey (Leota)BYEFifth
L:AH4L:AH9AH11D. McKamey (LMS)
D. McKamey (LMS)BYE
Round 2Round 3Round 4

90-1 (back to top)

Brecken Tachell (Northshore)1. Brecken Tachell (NMS)
AI1B. Tachell (NMS)2. Parker Koske (SMS)
BYEChampion3. Jaxon Kemery (NMS)
AI4B. Tachell (NMS)
Jaxon Kemery (Northshore)Fall 0:38
AI2P. Koske (SMS)
Parker Koske (Skyview)Fall 0:24
Round 1Round 2
L:AI1AI3J. Kemery (NMS)
Jaxon Kemery (Northshore)BYE
Round 2

95 (back to top)

Lukas Ligaya (Northshore)1. Lukas Ligaya (NMS)
AJ1L. Ligaya (NMS)2. Greg Campbell (TMS)
BYE3. Ethan Funston (SMS)
AJ5L. Ligaya (NMS)4. Brooks Miller (LMS)
Jaylem Fleming (Kenmore)8-65. Jaylem Fleming (KMS)
AJ2E. Funston (SMS)
Ethan Funston (Skyview)Fall 3:29Champion
AJ13L. Ligaya (NMS)
Brooks Miller (Leota)7-6
AJ3B. Miller (LMS)
AJ6G. Campbell (TMS)
Fall 1:04
AJ4G. Campbell (TMS)
Greg Campbell (Timbercrest)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
B. Miller (LMS)
L:AJ6AJ9B. Miller (LMS)
L:AJ1AJ7J. Fleming (KMS)4-1Third
Jaylem Fleming (Kenmore)BYEAJ12E. Funston (SMS)
L:AJ2E. Funston (SMS)Fall 1:34
L:AJ5AJ10E. Funston (SMS)
J. Fleming (KMS)Fifth
L:AJ4L:AJ9AJ11J. Fleming (KMS)
Round 2Round 3Round 4

95-1 (back to top)

Matt Rocher (Leota)1. Mackenley Knopf (NMS)
AK1M. Rocher (LMS)2. Matt Rocher (LMS)
BYE3. Taelon Best (SMS)
AK5M. Rocher (LMS)4. Robert Buchanan (SMS)
Jairus Lau (Kenmore)Fall 1:515. Jairus Lau (KMS)
AK2J. Lau (KMS)6. Santy Lopez Hernandez (CPMS)
Taelon Best (Skyview)Fall 3:00Champion
AK13M. Knopf (NMS)
Fall 1:18
AK3S. L. Hernandez (CPMS)
Santy Lopez Hernandez (Canyon Park)BYE
AK6M. Knopf (NMS)
Robert Buchanan (Skyview)Fall 2:25
AK4M. Knopf (NMS)
Mackenley Knopf (Northshore)Fall 0:25
Round 1Round 2Round 4
S. L. Hernandez (CPMS)
L:AK6AK9T. Best (SMS)
L:AK1AK7T. Best (SMS)Fall 3:00Third
Taelon Best (Skyview)BYEAK12T. Best (SMS)
L:AK2J. Lau (KMS)5-1
L:AK5AK10R. Buchanan (SMS)
L:AK3AK8R. Buchanan (SMS)Fall 0:26
Robert Buchanan (Skyview)BYES. L. Hernandez (CPMS)Fifth
L:AK4L:AK9AK11J. Lau (KMS)
J. Lau (KMS)Forfeit
Round 2Round 3Round 4

100 (back to top)

Jun Oh Jones (Timbercrest)1. Jun Oh Jones (TMS)
AL1J. Oh Jones (TMS)2. Brendan Hupf (LMS)
BYE3. Kyron Harden (KMS)
AL5J. Oh Jones (TMS)4. Johnny McCoy (SMS)
Johnny McCoy (Skyview)Fall 1:065. Max Perez (NMS)
AL2J. McCoy (SMS)
Max Perez (Northshore)Fall 2:38Champion
AL13J. Oh Jones (TMS)
Kyron Harden (Kenmore)Major Dec. 10-0
AL3K. Harden (KMS)
AL6B. Hupf (LMS)
Fall 2:17
AL4B. Hupf (LMS)
Brendan Hupf (Leota)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
K. Harden (KMS)
L:AL6AL9K. Harden (KMS)
L:AL1AL7M. Perez (NMS)9-4Third
Max Perez (Northshore)BYEAL12K. Harden (KMS)
L:AL2J. McCoy (SMS)Forfeit
L:AL5AL10J. McCoy (SMS)
M. Perez (NMS)Fifth
L:AL4L:AL9AL11M. Perez (NMS)
Round 2Round 3Round 4

100-1 (back to top)

Alex Cohen (Northshore)1. Elio Nava (TMS)
AM1A. Cohen (NMS)2. Daxton Schendel (LMS)
BYE3. Shantu Biari (LMS)
AM5D. Schendel (LMS)4. Alex Cohen (NMS)
James Barnes (Canyon Park)Fall 2:345. James Barnes (CPMS)
AM2D. Schendel (LMS)
Daxton Schendel (Leota)Fall 0:37Champion
AM13E. Nava (TMS)
Elio Nava (Timbercrest)Fall
AM3E. Nava (TMS)
AM6E. Nava (TMS)
Fall 1:57
AM4S. Biari (LMS)
Shantu Biari (Leota)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
S. Biari (LMS)
L:AM6AM9S. Biari (LMS)
L:AM1AM7J. Barnes (CPMS)Fall 3:00Third
James Barnes (Canyon Park)BYEAM12S. Biari (LMS)
L:AM2A. Cohen (NMS)Fall 3:00
L:AM5AM10A. Cohen (NMS)
J. Barnes (CPMS)Fifth
L:AM4L:AM9AM11J. Barnes (CPMS)
Round 2Round 3Round 4

105 (back to top)

Westyn Smith (Northshore)1. Westyn Smith (NMS)
AN1W. Smith (NMS)2. Will Werner (LMS)
Kenan McFeeley (Kenmore)Fall 2:14Champion3. Desmond Ramsey (SMS)
AN4W. Smith (NMS)4. Kenan McFeeley (KMS)
Desmond Ramsey (Skyview)Fall 4:11
AN2W. Werner (LMS)
Will Werner (Leota)5-4
Round 1Round 2
Kenan McFeeley (Kenmore)Third
L:AN1AN3D. Ramsey (SMS)
Desmond Ramsey (Skyview)8-5
Round 2

110 (back to top)

Finn Williams (Leota)1. Finn Williams (LMS)
AO1F. Williams (LMS)2. Elias Accola (KMS)
Aniruddh Gatla (Skyview)Fall 0:273. Dylan Na (NMS)
AO5F. Williams (LMS)4. Krish Shah (SMS)
Cohen McFeely (Leota)Fall 3:545. Andrew Hanley (NMS)
AO2D. Na (NMS)6. Aniruddh Gatla (SMS)
Dylan Na (Northshore)Fall 1:25Champion
AO13F. Williams (LMS)
Elias Accola (Kenmore)Fall 4:12
AO3E. Accola (KMS)
Andrew Hanley (Northshore)10-5
AO6E. Accola (KMS)
AO4K. Shah (SMS)
Krish Shah (Skyview)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
K. Shah (SMS)
Aniruddh Gatla (Skyview)L:AO6AO9K. Shah (SMS)
L:AO1AO7A. Gatla (SMS)7-6Third
Cohen McFeely (Leota)Fall 0:21AO12D. Na (NMS)
L:AO2D. Na (NMS)7-1
Andrew Hanley (Northshore)L:AO5AO10D. Na (NMS)
L:AO3AO8A. Hanley (NMS)Tech Fall 2-0 1:48
BYEA. Gatla (SMS)Fifth
L:AO4L:AO9AO11A. Hanley (NMS)
A. Hanley (NMS)Fall 0:26
Round 2Round 3Round 4

110-1 (back to top)

Holden Martin (Timbercrest)1. Holden Martin (TMS)
AP1H. Martin (TMS)2. Michael Juarez-Ramirez (SMS)
Michael Juarez-Ramirez (Skyview)Fall 3:34
Round 1
M. Juarez-Ramirez (SMS)H. Martin (TMS)
from S:AP1AP2M. Juarez-Ramirez (SMS)from S:AP2AP3H. Martin (TMS)
H. Martin (TMS)Fall 1:13M. Juarez-Ramirez (SMS)Fall 2:29
from N:AP1from N:AP2
Round 2Round 3

115 (back to top)

Ryder Winebrenner (Skyview)1. Khyson Warnock (KMS)
AQ1R. Winebrenner (SMS)2. Ryder Winebrenner (SMS)
BYE3. Jacob Sprecken (NMS)
AQ5R. Winebrenner (SMS)4. Tygo Hofman (LMS)
Max Valenta (Timbercrest)5-45. Max Valenta (TMS)
AQ2J. Sprecken (NMS)6. Aiden Boyer (NMS)
Jacob Sprecken (Northshore)Fall 2:16Champion
AQ13K. Warnock (KMS)
Khyson Warnock (Kenmore)13-12
AQ3K. Warnock (KMS)
Aiden Boyer (Northshore)Fall 0:41
AQ6K. Warnock (KMS)
Fall 0:26
AQ4T. Hofman (LMS)
Tygo Hofman (Leota)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
T. Hofman (LMS)
L:AQ6AQ9T. Hofman (LMS)
L:AQ1AQ7M. Valenta (TMS)Fall 0:30Third
Max Valenta (Timbercrest)BYEAQ12J. Sprecken (NMS)
L:AQ2J. Sprecken (NMS)Fall 1:49
Aiden Boyer (Northshore)L:AQ5AQ10J. Sprecken (NMS)
L:AQ3AQ8A. Boyer (NMS)Fall 3:00
BYEM. Valenta (TMS)Fifth
L:AQ4L:AQ9AQ11M. Valenta (TMS)
A. Boyer (NMS)Fall 2:13
Round 2Round 3Round 4

115-1 (back to top)

Jona Estrada (Kenmore)1. Kieran Robbins (TMS)
AR1B. Browning (CPMS)2. Lucas Montes (KMS)
Bennett Browning (Canyon Park)Major Dec. 13-43. Jona Estrada (KMS)
AR5K. Robbins (TMS)4. Bennett Browning (CPMS)
Kieran Robbins (Timbercrest)6-3
AR2K. Robbins (TMS)
Paul Davis (Canyon Park)Fall 1:06Champion
AR13K. Robbins (TMS)
Cash Holte (Kenmore)Forfeit
AR3C. Holte (KMS)
Julio Aguilar Lopez (Skyview)Fall 2:23
AR6L. Montes (KMS)
Lucas Montes (Kenmore)7-0
AR4L. Montes (KMS)
Evan Suarez (Canyon Park)Fall 0:24
Round 1Round 2Round 4
C. Holte (KMS)
Jona Estrada (Kenmore)L:AR6AR9J. Estrada (KMS)
L:AR1AR7J. Estrada (KMS)Fall 1:51Third
Paul Davis (Canyon Park)Fall 1:45AR12J. Estrada (KMS)
L:AR2B. Browning (CPMS)Fall 0:28
Julio Aguilar Lopez (Skyview)L:AR5AR10B. Browning (CPMS)
L:AR3AR8E. Suarez (CPMS)Fall 2:50
Evan Suarez (Canyon Park)Fall 1:39C. Holte (KMS)Fifth
E. Suarez (CPMS)
Round 2Round 3Round 4

120 (back to top)

Adrian Cibrian (Kenmore)1. Adrian Cibrian (KMS)
AS1A. Cibrian (KMS)2. Petr Aristarkhov (TMS)
BYE3. Cooper Vaughn (NMS)
AS5A. Cibrian (KMS)4. Vedant Gopalan (SMS)
Cooper Vaughn (Northshore)Fall 1:295. Gage McLean (LMS)
AS2C. Vaughn (NMS)
Gage McLean (Leota)Fall 3:14Champion
AS13A. Cibrian (KMS)
Vedant Gopalan (Skyview)Fall 2:27
AS3V. Gopalan (SMS)
AS6P. Aristarkhov (TMS)
Fall 2:54
AS4P. Aristarkhov (TMS)
Petr Aristarkhov (Timbercrest)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
V. Gopalan (SMS)
L:AS6AS9V. Gopalan (SMS)
L:AS1AS7G. McLean (LMS)3-0Third
Gage McLean (Leota)BYEAS12C. Vaughn (NMS)
L:AS2C. Vaughn (NMS)Fall 0:58
L:AS5AS10C. Vaughn (NMS)
G. McLean (LMS)Fifth
L:AS4L:AS9AS11G. McLean (LMS)
Round 2Round 3Round 4

120-1 (back to top)

Sam Bell (Kenmore)1. Riley Machacek (CPMS)
AT1Y. Demir (CPMS)2. Yusef Demir (CPMS)
Yusef Demir (Canyon Park)4-2Champion3. Brendan Bara (CPMS)
AT4R. Machacek (CPMS)4. Sam Bell (KMS)
Riley Machacek (Canyon Park)Fall 0:49
AT2R. Machacek (CPMS)
Brendan Bara (Canyon Park)Major Dec. 11-0
Round 1Round 2
Sam Bell (Kenmore)Third
L:AT1AT3B. Bara (CPMS)
Brendan Bara (Canyon Park)Fall 3:00
Round 2

126 (back to top)

Austin Orr (Timbercrest)1. Austin Orr (TMS)
AU1A. Orr (TMS)2. Hunter Evans (LMS)
BYE3. Jason Haseleu (SMS)
AU5A. Orr (TMS)4. Aarav Sharma (SMS)
Jason Haseleu (Skyview)12-75. Shea Cross (KMS)
AU2J. Haseleu (SMS)
Shea Cross (Kenmore)Fall 4:30Champion
AU13A. Orr (TMS)
Hunter Evans (Leota)6-4
AU3H. Evans (LMS)
AU6H. Evans (LMS)
Fall 1:49
AU4A. Sharma (SMS)
Aarav Sharma (Skyview)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
A. Sharma (SMS)
L:AU6AU9A. Sharma (SMS)
L:AU1AU7S. Cross (KMS)Fall 1:46Third
Shea Cross (Kenmore)BYEAU12J. Haseleu (SMS)
L:AU2J. Haseleu (SMS)7-6
L:AU5AU10J. Haseleu (SMS)
S. Cross (KMS)Fifth
L:AU4L:AU9AU11S. Cross (KMS)
Round 2Round 3Round 4

132 (back to top)

Ethan Perez (Northshore)1. Ethan Perez (NMS)
AV1E. Perez (NMS)2. Alexander Juarez-Ramirez (SMS)
BYE3. Jasper Lin (KMS)
AV5E. Perez (NMS)4. Boris Bakulin (CPMS)
Jasper Lin (Kenmore)Fall 0:405. Calvin Whitehurst (CPMS)
AV2J. Lin (KMS)
Calvin Whitehurst (Canyon Park)Major Dec. 15-6Champion
AV13E. Perez (NMS)
Fall 2:14
AV3B. Bakulin (CPMS)
Boris Bakulin (Canyon Park)BYE
AV6A. Juarez-Ramirez (SMS)
Fall 1:30
AV4A. Juarez-Ramirez (SMS)
Alexander Juarez-Ramirez (Skyview)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
B. Bakulin (CPMS)
L:AV6AV9B. Bakulin (CPMS)
L:AV1AV7C. Whitehurst (CPMS)Fall 0:58Third
Calvin Whitehurst (Canyon Park)BYEAV12J. Lin (KMS)
L:AV2J. Lin (KMS)Fall 2:47
L:AV5AV10J. Lin (KMS)
C. Whitehurst (CPMS)Fifth
L:AV4L:AV9AV11C. Whitehurst (CPMS)
Round 2Round 3Round 4

132-1 (back to top)

AJ Matney (Kenmore)1. Harper Olsen (TMS)
AW1AJ Matney (KMS)2. AJ Matney (KMS)
Hank Ulrich (Skyview)Fall 4:30Champion3. Theo Dickson (CPMS)
AW4H. Olsen (TMS)4. Hank Ulrich (SMS)
Harper Olsen (Timbercrest)Fall 0:39
AW2H. Olsen (TMS)
Theo Dickson (Canyon Park)Fall 3:22
Round 1Round 2
Hank Ulrich (Skyview)Third
L:AW1AW3T. Dickson (CPMS)
Theo Dickson (Canyon Park)6-3
Round 2

139 (back to top)

Brandon Newton (Skyview)1. Brandon Newton (SMS)
AX1B. Newton (SMS)2. Nathaan Dowell (NMS)
Yazen Schendel (Leota)Fall 0:293. Rocco Anderson (CPMS)
AX5B. Newton (SMS)4. Swayam Pradhan (LMS)
Liam Gallagher (Timbercrest)Fall 3:005. Liam Gallagher (TMS)
AX2L. Gallagher (TMS)6. Yazen Schendel (LMS)
AX13B. Newton (SMS)
Swayam Pradhan (Leota)Fall 4:30
AX3N. Dowell (NMS)
Nathaan Dowell (Northshore)Fall 1:23
AX6N. Dowell (NMS)
Nico Gebhardt (Kenmore)Tech Fall 4-0 2:35
AX4R. Anderson (CPMS)
Rocco Anderson (Canyon Park)Fall 2:40
Round 1Round 2Round 4
R. Anderson (CPMS)
Yazen Schendel (Leota)L:AX6AX9R. Anderson (CPMS)
L:AX1AX7Y. Schendel (LMS)Fall 0:21Third
BYEAX12R. Anderson (CPMS)
L:AX2L. Gallagher (TMS)Fall 1:00
Swayam Pradhan (Leota)L:AX5AX10S. Pradhan (LMS)
L:AX3AX8S. Pradhan (LMS)Tech Fall 16-0 2:52
Nico Gebhardt (Kenmore)Major Dec. 9-1Y. Schendel (LMS)Fifth
L:AX4L:AX9AX11L. Gallagher (TMS)
L. Gallagher (TMS)Forfeit
Round 2Round 3Round 4

139-1 (back to top)

Ishan Bains (Leota)1. Hayden Lindstrom (SMS)
AY1H. Lindstrom (SMS)2. Ishan Bains (LMS)
Hayden Lindstrom (Skyview)Fall 1:56
Round 1
H. Lindstrom (SMS)
from S:AY1AY2H. Lindstrom (SMS)from S:AY2N/R
I. Bains (LMS)Fall
from N:AY1from N:AY2
Round 2Round 3

146 (back to top)

Bernardo Breda (Skyview)1. Bernardo Breda (SMS)
AZ1B. Breda (SMS)2. Alex Cooley (KMS)
Preston Burke (Timbercrest)Fall 0:273. Charlie Tevaga (KMS)
AZ5B. Breda (SMS)4. Oscar Evans (LMS)
Sullivan Klein-Delovich (Northshore)Fall 1:305. Preston Burke (TMS)
AZ2S. Klein-Delovich (NMS)6. Sullivan Klein-Delovich (NMS)
AZ13B. Breda (SMS)
Charlie Tevaga (Kenmore)Fall 4:30
AZ3A. Cooley (KMS)
Alex Cooley (Kenmore)11-8
AZ6A. Cooley (KMS)
Tejas Pachling (Skyview)13-11 4:47 SV
AZ4O. Evans (LMS)
Oscar Evans (Leota)Fall 1:26
Round 1Round 2Round 4
O. Evans (LMS)
Preston Burke (Timbercrest)L:AZ6AZ9O. Evans (LMS)
L:AZ1AZ7P. Burke (TMS)Fall 1:45Third
BYEAZ12C. Tevaga (KMS)
L:AZ2S. Klein-Delovich (NMS)9-0
Charlie Tevaga (Kenmore)L:AZ5AZ10C. Tevaga (KMS)
L:AZ3AZ8C. Tevaga (KMS)5-1
Tejas Pachling (Skyview)Fall 3:00P. Burke (TMS)Fifth
L:AZ4L:AZ9AZ11P. Burke (TMS)
S. Klein-Delovich (NMS)8-3
Round 2Round 3Round 4

146-1 (back to top)

Donovan Wicklund Cline (Skyview)1. Liam Anson (TMS)
BA1D. W. Cline (SMS)2. Payton Sayers Flores (LMS)
BYE3. Dante Miller (KMS)
BA5P. S. Flores (LMS)4. Johan Daza (CPMS)
Payton Sayers Flores (Leota)Fall 0:455. Josh Han (CPMS)
BA2P. S. Flores (LMS)6. Donovan Wicklund Cline (SMS)
Johan Daza (Canyon Park)Fall 2:41Champion
BA13L. Anson (TMS)
Liam Anson (Timbercrest)Fall 0:56
BA3L. Anson (TMS)
Dante Miller (Kenmore)10-3
BA6L. Anson (TMS)
Josh Han (Canyon Park)Fall 1:30
BA4J. Han (CPMS)
Round 1Round 2Round 4
J. Han (CPMS)
L:BA6BA9J. Daza (CPMS)
L:BA1BA7J. Daza (CPMS)Fall 3:00Third
Johan Daza (Canyon Park)BYEBA12D. Miller (KMS)
L:BA2D. W. Cline (SMS)Fall 2:59
Dante Miller (Kenmore)L:BA5BA10D. Miller (KMS)
L:BA3BA8D. Miller (KMS)Fall 0:36
BYEJ. Han (CPMS)Fifth
D. W. Cline (SMS)Fall 0:31
Round 2Round 3Round 4

154 (back to top)

Troy Schmiedeknecht (Canyon Park)1. Troy Schmiedeknecht (CPMS)
BB1T. Schmiedeknecht (CPMS)2. Sasha Milutinovic (TMS)
James Taylor (Timbercrest)6-23. Aaron Dulin (LMS)
BB5T. Schmiedeknecht (CPMS)4. Chase Smith (SMS)
Aaron Dulin (Leota)Major Dec. 10-15. Tallen Ferguson (NMS)
BB2A. Dulin (LMS)6. Aaron Tran (LMS)
Chase Smith (Skyview)Fall 0:52Champion
BB13T. Schmiedeknecht (CPMS)
Tallen Ferguson (Northshore)Fall 1:24
BB3T. Ferguson (NMS)
Aaron Tran (Leota)Fall 0:45
BB6S. Milutinovic (TMS)
Fall 1:16
BB4S. Milutinovic (TMS)
Sasha Milutinovic (Timbercrest)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
T. Ferguson (NMS)
James Taylor (Timbercrest)L:BB6BB9C. Smith (SMS)
L:BB1BB7C. Smith (SMS)Fall 0:45Third
Chase Smith (Skyview)7-2BB12A. Dulin (LMS)
L:BB2A. Dulin (LMS)Fall 2:33
Aaron Tran (Leota)L:BB5BB10A. Dulin (LMS)
L:BB3BB8A. Tran (LMS)Fall 1:58
BYET. Ferguson (NMS)Fifth
L:BB4L:BB9BB11T. Ferguson (NMS)
A. Tran (LMS)Fall 0:54
Round 2Round 3Round 4

162 (back to top)

Chase Bailin (Leota)1. Chase Bailin (LMS)
BC1C. Bailin (LMS)2. Alden Chicken (TMS)
BYEChampion3. Walter Becker (NMS)
BC4C. Bailin (LMS)
Walter Becker (Northshore)Fall 1:02
BC2A. Chicken (TMS)
Alden Chicken (Timbercrest)Fall 0:41
Round 1Round 2
L:BC1BC3W. Becker (NMS)
Walter Becker (Northshore)BYE
Round 2

172 (back to top)

Walter Gilmore (Canyon Park)1. Carter Gwyn (NMS)
BD1W. Gilmore (CPMS)2. Walter Gilmore (CPMS)
BYE3. Luke Menginer (LMS)
BD5W. Gilmore (CPMS)3. Lincoln Hendricksen (NMS)
Juvenal Flores (Leota)Fall 0:515. Juvenal Flores (LMS)
BD2L. Hendricksen (NMS)5. Creighton Conley (LMS)
Lincoln Hendricksen (Northshore)Fall 0:25Champion
BD13C. Gwyn (NMS)
Carter Gwyn (Northshore)Fall 2:04
BD3C. Gwyn (NMS)
Creighton Conley (Leota)Fall 0:48
BD6C. Gwyn (NMS)
Fall 0:34
BD4L. Menginer (LMS)
Luke Menginer (Leota)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
L. Menginer (LMS)
L:BD6BD9L. Menginer (LMS)
L:BD1BD7J. Flores (LMS)Fall 0:17
Juvenal Flores (Leota)BYEBD12Tie for Third
L:BD2L. Hendricksen (NMS)
Creighton Conley (Leota)L:BD5BD10L. Hendricksen (NMS)
L:BD3BD8C. Conley (LMS)Fall 0:09
BYEJ. Flores (LMS)
L:BD4L:BD9BD11Tie for Fifth
C. Conley (LMS)
Round 2Round 3Round 4

190 (back to top)

Chris Wellman (Timbercrest)1. Chris Wellman (TMS)
BE1C. Wellman (TMS)2. Nikola Perez (CPMS)
BYE3. Domnic Sam (LMS)
BE5C. Wellman (TMS)4. Matthias Dale (NMS)
Zavier Mack (Northshore)Fall 0:505. Zavier Mack (NMS)
BE2D. Sam (LMS)6. Gerrard Owili (KMS)
Domnic Sam (Leota)Fall 2:32Champion
BE13C. Wellman (TMS)
Matthias Dale (Northshore)Fall 1:41
BE3M. Dale (NMS)
Xavier Gomez (Canyon Park)Fall 0:30
BE6N. Perez (CPMS)
Gerrard Owili (Kenmore)Fall 2:26
BE4N. Perez (CPMS)
Nikola Perez (Canyon Park)Fall 0:56
Round 1Round 2Round 4
M. Dale (NMS)
L:BE6BE9M. Dale (NMS)
L:BE1BE7Z. Mack (NMS)12-7Third
Zavier Mack (Northshore)BYEBE12D. Sam (LMS)
L:BE2D. Sam (LMS)Fall 1:41
Xavier Gomez (Canyon Park)L:BE5BE10D. Sam (LMS)
L:BE3BE8G. Owili (KMS)Major Dec. 10-2
Gerrard Owili (Kenmore)Fall 2:37Z. Mack (NMS)Fifth
L:BE4L:BE9BE11Z. Mack (NMS)
G. Owili (KMS)Fall 3:00
Round 2Round 3Round 4

190-1 (back to top)

Jayden Yotty (Canyon Park)1. Otto Pahlman (KMS)
BF1O. Pahlman (KMS)2. Jayden Yotty (CPMS)
Otto Pahlman (Kenmore)Fall 0:54
Round 1
O. Pahlman (KMS)
from S:BF1BF2O. Pahlman (KMS)from S:BF2N/R
J. Yotty (CPMS)Fall 0:40
from N:BF1from N:BF2
Round 2Round 3

LtHvy (back to top)

Ben Tangen (Skyview)1. Kainalu Kelly (SMS)
BG1B. Tangen (SMS)2. Tim Martin (SMS)
BYE3. Kellan Winkelman (CPMS)
BG5T. Martin (SMS)4. Jonathan Rojas (CPMS)
Major Dec. 10-05. Ben Tangen (SMS)
BG2T. Martin (SMS)
Tim Martin (Skyview)BYEChampion
BG13K. Kelly (SMS)
Jonathan Rojas (Canyon Park)Fall 3:40
BG3K. Kelly (SMS)
Kainalu Kelly (Skyview)Fall 2:37
BG6K. Kelly (SMS)
Fall 0:59
BG4K. Winkelman (CPMS)
Kellan Winkelman (Canyon Park)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
K. Winkelman (CPMS)
L:BG6BG9K. Winkelman (CPMS)
BG12K. Winkelman (CPMS)
L:BG2B. Tangen (SMS)2-0
Jonathan Rojas (Canyon Park)L:BG5BG10J. Rojas (CPMS)
L:BG3BG8J. Rojas (CPMS)Fall 2:32
L:BG4L:BG9BG11B. Tangen (SMS)
B. Tangen (SMS)BYE
Round 2Round 3Round 4

HvyWt (back to top)

Keegan Schlichemeyer (Kenmore)1. August Mack (NMS)
BH1K. Schlichemeyer (KMS)2. Keegan Schlichemeyer (KMS)
BYEChampion3. Amar'e Mayers (LMS)
BH4A. Mack (NMS)
August Mack (Northshore)Fall 2:31
BH2A. Mack (NMS)
Amar'e Mayers (Leota)Fall 0:27
Round 1Round 2
L:BH1BH3A. Mayers (LMS)
Amar'e Mayers (Leota)BYE
Round 2