Class A 2015

Fulton, New York

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Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
Fulton Red Raiders (Ful) 256.5 8 16 36 20 14 1 3
Carthage Coments (Cart) 186.0 5 15 24 27 13 0 2
Central Square Redhawks (Cen Sq) 171.0 4 13 24 22 12 0 0
Indian River Warriors (IR) 145.0 3 11 23 16 10 0 2
New Hartford Spartans (New H) 119.5 4 7 18 5 5 1 2
Whitesboro Warriors (Whbo) 82.0 4 5 10 7 3 2 0
East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans (ESM) 77.0 0 11 11 29 6 0 0
Watertown Cyclones (Wat) 62.5 2 4 9 5 5 1 0
Oswego Buccaneers (Osw) 39.0 0 4 8 10 4 0 0

099 (back to top)

Joe Abelgore (Fulton Red Raiders)1. Lucas King (New H)
1J. Abelgore (Ful)2. Joe Abelgore (Ful)
BYE3. Wyatt Willis (Ful)
61J. Abelgore (Ful)4. Tyler Pitts (IR)
Tyler Pitts (Indian River Warriors)Pin 1:035. Dan Tauroney (New H)
2T. Pitts (IR)6. Peyton Rupracht (Cen Sq)
Peyton Rupracht (Central Square Redhawks)Pin 3:25Champion
181L. King (New H)
Wyatt Willis (Fulton Red Raiders)2-0
3W. Willis (Ful)
Dan Tauroney (New Hartford Spartans)7-6
62L. King (New H)
4L. King (New H)
Lucas King (New Hartford Spartans)BYE
W. Willis (Ful)
L:62121W. Willis (Ful)
L:163P. Rupracht (Cen Sq)13-0Third
Peyton Rupracht (Central Square Redhawks)BYE152W. Willis (Ful)
L:2T. Pitts (IR)7-0
Dan Tauroney (New Hartford Spartans)L:61122T. Pitts (IR)
L:364D. Tauroney (New H)Pin 4:41
BYEP. Rupracht (Cen Sq)Fifth
L:4L:121151D. Tauroney (New H)
D. Tauroney (New H)Pin 2:53

106 (back to top)

Kelan McKenna (New Hartford Spartans)1. Kelan McKenna (New H)
5K. McKenna (New H)2. Nick Noel (Ful)
BYE3. Andy Nicholson (Cen Sq)
65K. McKenna (New H)4. Connor Funck (Cart)
Logan Infantine (Indian River Warriors)Pin :205. Logan Infantine (IR)
6A. Nicholson (Cen Sq)6. Jacob Millet (ESM)
Andy Nicholson (Central Square Redhawks)6-2Champion
182K. McKenna (New H)
Nick Noel (Fulton Red Raiders)Pin 1:20
7N. Noel (Ful)
Jacob Millet (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)Pin :38
66N. Noel (Ful)
Pin 2:39
8C. Funck (Cart)
Connor Funck (Carthage Coments)BYE
C. Funck (Cart)
L:66123C. Funck (Cart)
L:567L. Infantine (IR)2-0Third
Logan Infantine (Indian River Warriors)BYE154A. Nicholson (Cen Sq)
L:6A. Nicholson (Cen Sq)9-2
Jacob Millet (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)L:65124A. Nicholson (Cen Sq)
L:768J. Millet (ESM)Pin 3:32
BYEL. Infantine (IR)Fifth
L:8L:123153L. Infantine (IR)
J. Millet (ESM)Pin 1:52

113 (back to top)

Ian McKenna (New Hartford Spartans)1. Ian McKenna (New H)
9I. McKenna (New H)2. Elijah Galapa-Castillo (Cart)
BYE3. Roy French (Ful)
69I. McKenna (New H)4. Tony Campbell (Cart)
Roy French (Fulton Red Raiders)12-05. Dominic Delaposta (Whbo)
10R. French (Ful)6. Jacob Kingsley (ESM)
Dominic Delaposta (Whitesboro Warriors)8-2Champion
183I. McKenna (New H)
Jacob Kingsley (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)Pin 2:18
11T. Campbell (Cart)
Tony Campbell (Carthage Coments)Pin 3:20
70E. Galapa-Castillo (Cart)
Cody White (Central Square Redhawks)Pin 5:29
12E. Galapa-Castillo (Cart)
Elijah Galapa-Castillo (Carthage Coments)Pin 3:23
T. Campbell (Cart)
L:70125T. Campbell (Cart)
L:971D. Delaposta (Whbo)9-5Third
Dominic Delaposta (Whitesboro Warriors)BYE156R. French (Ful)
L:10R. French (Ful)5-3
Jacob Kingsley (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)L:69126R. French (Ful)
L:1172J. Kingsley (ESM)7-2
Cody White (Central Square Redhawks)Pin 2:47D. Delaposta (Whbo)Fifth
L:12L:125155D. Delaposta (Whbo)
J. Kingsley (ESM)TF 15-0 1:56

120 (back to top)

Tucker Amato (Indian River Warriors)1. Tucker Amato (IR)
13T. Amato (IR)2. Adam DeMauro (Ful)
BYE3. Michael Monica (Cen Sq)
73T. Amato (IR)4. Cody Hancock (Cart)
Cody Hancock (Carthage Coments)Pin 3:265. Dante O'Brien (ESM)
14C. Hancock (Cart)
Dante O'Brien (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)Pin 2:26Champion
184T. Amato (IR)
Michael Monica (Central Square Redhawks)Pin 2:43
15M. Monica (Cen Sq)
74A. DeMauro (Ful)
Pin 1:54
16A. DeMauro (Ful)
Adam DeMauro (Fulton Red Raiders)BYE
M. Monica (Cen Sq)
L:74127M. Monica (Cen Sq)
L:1375D. O'Brien (ESM)Pin 1:23Third
Dante O'Brien (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)BYE158M. Monica (Cen Sq)
L:14C. Hancock (Cart)10-8
L:73128C. Hancock (Cart)
D. O'Brien (ESM)Fifth
L:16L:127157D. O'Brien (ESM)

126 (back to top)

Mitch Woodworth (Fulton Red Raiders)1. Mitch Woodworth (Ful)
17M. Woodworth (Ful)2. Jeff Marraffa (Whbo)
BYE3. Stefan Colbert (IR)
77M. Woodworth (Ful)4. Jacob Garrow (Cen Sq)
Mark Wilson (Carthage Coments)TF 17-2 4:505. Mark Wilson (Cart)
18J. Garrow (Cen Sq)6. Garren Kuney (ESM)
Jacob Garrow (Central Square Redhawks)Pin 4:20Champion
185M. Woodworth (Ful)
Jeff Marraffa (Whitesboro Warriors)10-1
19J. Marraffa (Whbo)
Garren Kuney (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)TF 20-4 5:59
78J. Marraffa (Whbo)
20S. Colbert (IR)
Stefan Colbert (Indian River Warriors)BYE
S. Colbert (IR)
L:78129S. Colbert (IR)
L:1779M. Wilson (Cart)6-0Third
Mark Wilson (Carthage Coments)BYE160S. Colbert (IR)
L:18J. Garrow (Cen Sq)2-0
Garren Kuney (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)L:77130J. Garrow (Cen Sq)
L:1980G. Kuney (ESM)Pin 1:31
BYEM. Wilson (Cart)Fifth
L:20L:129159M. Wilson (Cart)
G. Kuney (ESM)Pin 2:24

132 (back to top)

Dempsey King (New Hartford Spartans)1. Dempsey King (New H)
21D. King (New H)2. Dylan Wallace (Cen Sq)
BYE3. Garett Putman (IR)
81D. King (New H)4. Dylan DeMauro (Ful)
John Hager (Carthage Coments)TF 17-2 1:555. John Hager (Cart)
22D. DeMauro (Ful)
Dylan DeMauro (Fulton Red Raiders)Pin 1:01Champion
186D. King (New H)
Dylan Wallace (Central Square Redhawks)Pin 1:46
23D. Wallace (Cen Sq)
82D. Wallace (Cen Sq)
24G. Putman (IR)
Garett Putman (Indian River Warriors)BYE
G. Putman (IR)
L:82131G. Putman (IR)
L:2183J. Hager (Cart)Pin :26Third
John Hager (Carthage Coments)BYE162G. Putman (IR)
L:22D. DeMauro (Ful)15-3
L:81132D. DeMauro (Ful)
J. Hager (Cart)Fifth
L:24L:131161J. Hager (Cart)

138 (back to top)

Nick Toutant (Indian River Warriors)1. Nick Toutant (IR)
25N. Toutant (IR)2. Tim Holden (Ful)
BYE3. Kaden Brown (IR)
85N. Toutant (IR)4. Jeff Loder (ESM)
Kaden Brown (Indian River Warriors)10-05. James Lamson (Wat)
26J. Lamson (Wat)6. Austin Coleman (Osw)
James Lamson (Watertown Cyclones)Pin 3:27Champion
187N. Toutant (IR)
Austin Coleman (Oswego Buccaneers)Pin 5:27
27A. Coleman (Osw)
Jeff Loder (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)5-0
86T. Holden (Ful)
Christopher Garcia (Carthage Coments)1-0
28T. Holden (Ful)
Tim Holden (Fulton Red Raiders)Pin 1:45
A. Coleman (Osw)
L:86133K. Brown (IR)
L:2587K. Brown (IR)Pin 2:45Third
Kaden Brown (Indian River Warriors)BYE164K. Brown (IR)
L:26J. Lamson (Wat)3-2
Jeff Loder (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)L:85134J. Loder (ESM)
L:2788J. Loder (ESM)10-3
Christopher Garcia (Carthage Coments)Pin 2:28A. Coleman (Osw)Fifth
L:28L:133163J. Lamson (Wat)
J. Lamson (Wat)Pin :29

145 (back to top)

Collin Flynn (Fulton Red Raiders)1. Collin Flynn (Ful)
29C. Flynn (Ful)2. Zach Hunt (Wat)
BYE3. Nick Lavan (Wat)
89C. Flynn (Ful)4. Joe Cocozza (Ful)
Joe Cocozza (Fulton Red Raiders)8-15. Alexander Regan (ESM)
30J. Cocozza (Ful)6. Aaron Bernal (Cart)
Alexander Regan (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)Pin 5:51Champion
188C. Flynn (Ful)
Nick Lavan (Watertown Cyclones)3-2
31N. Lavan (Wat)
Aaron Bernal (Carthage Coments)6-0
90Z. Hunt (Wat)
Brendan Spaeth (Indian River Warriors)1-0
32Z. Hunt (Wat)
Zach Hunt (Watertown Cyclones)Pin 1:55
N. Lavan (Wat)
L:90135N. Lavan (Wat)
L:2991A. Regan (ESM)Pin 2:59Third
Alexander Regan (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)BYE166N. Lavan (Wat)
L:30J. Cocozza (Ful)5-3
Aaron Bernal (Carthage Coments)L:89136J. Cocozza (Ful)
L:3192A. Bernal (Cart)Pin 4:59
Brendan Spaeth (Indian River Warriors)7-5A. Regan (ESM)Fifth
L:32L:135165A. Regan (ESM)
A. Bernal (Cart)7-0

152 (back to top)

Blake Engebretsen (Central Square Redhawks)1. Blake Engebretsen (Cen Sq)
33B. Engebretsen (Cen Sq)2. Daesean Williams (Wat)
BYE3. Tommy Zegarelli (New H)
93B. Engebretsen (Cen Sq)4. Jacob Bailey (Ful)
Jacob Bailey (Fulton Red Raiders)Pin 1:225. Stephen Demong (Osw)
34T. Zegarelli (New H)6. Austin Snyder (Cart)
Tommy Zegarelli (New Hartford Spartans)7-2Champion
189B. Engebretsen (Cen Sq)
Stephen Demong (Oswego Buccaneers)3-2
35S. Demong (Osw)
Austin Snyder (Carthage Coments)Pin 4:48
94D. Williams (Wat)
Frank Dahar (Oswego Buccaneers)TF 16-0 5:40
36D. Williams (Wat)
Daesean Williams (Watertown Cyclones)Pin 2:25
S. Demong (Osw)
L:94137J. Bailey (Ful)
L:3395J. Bailey (Ful)5-4Third
Jacob Bailey (Fulton Red Raiders)BYE168T. Zegarelli (New H)
L:34T. Zegarelli (New H)5-1
Austin Snyder (Carthage Coments)L:93138T. Zegarelli (New H)
L:3596A. Snyder (Cart)12-2
Frank Dahar (Oswego Buccaneers)Pin 1:16S. Demong (Osw)Fifth
L:36L:137167S. Demong (Osw)
A. Snyder (Cart)Pin 2:40

160 (back to top)

Phoenix Webb (Central Square Redhawks)1. Jerrett Norton (Cen Sq)
37P. Webb (Cen Sq)2. Phoenix Webb (Cen Sq)
BYE3. Jordan Perchway (Osw)
97P. Webb (Cen Sq)4. Kyle Kuty (New H)
Kyle Kuty (New Hartford Spartans)3-15. Sam LeGro (ESM)
38J. Perchway (Osw)6. Akhror Yuldashev (Cart)
Jordan Perchway (Oswego Buccaneers)3-2Champion
190J. Norton (Cen Sq)
Sam LeGro (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)5-3
39S. LeGro (ESM)
Vic Runeare (Fulton Red Raiders)Pin 4:58
98J. Norton (Cen Sq)
Akhror Yuldashev (Carthage Coments)Pin :44
40J. Norton (Cen Sq)
Jerrett Norton (Central Square Redhawks)Pin 1:03
S. LeGro (ESM)
L:98139K. Kuty (New H)
L:3799K. Kuty (New H)4-3Third
Kyle Kuty (New Hartford Spartans)BYE170J. Perchway (Osw)
L:38J. Perchway (Osw)1-0
Vic Runeare (Fulton Red Raiders)L:97140J. Perchway (Osw)
L:39100A. Yuldashev (Cart)4-0
Akhror Yuldashev (Carthage Coments)Pin 1:27S. LeGro (ESM)Fifth
L:40L:139169S. LeGro (ESM)
A. Yuldashev (Cart)Pin 3:20

170 (back to top)

Travis Race (Fulton Red Raiders)1. Travis Race (Ful)
41T. Race (Ful)2. Sonny McPherson (IR)
BYE3. Max Emond (Cen Sq)
101T. Race (Ful)4. Dylan Ellingsworth (Cart)
Darian Crossman (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)Pin :465. Darian Crossman (ESM)
42D. Ellingsworth (Cart)
Dylan Ellingsworth (Carthage Coments)Pin 3:17Champion
191T. Race (Ful)
Max Emond (Central Square Redhawks)Inj Def
43M. Emond (Cen Sq)
102S. McPherson (IR)
44S. McPherson (IR)
Sonny McPherson (Indian River Warriors)BYE
M. Emond (Cen Sq)
L:102141M. Emond (Cen Sq)
L:41103D. Crossman (ESM)Pin 1:38Third
Darian Crossman (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)BYE172M. Emond (Cen Sq)
L:42D. Ellingsworth (Cart)Pin 1:30
L:101142D. Ellingsworth (Cart)
D. Crossman (ESM)Fifth
L:44L:141171D. Crossman (ESM)

182 (back to top)

Bryce Reed (Carthage Coments)1. Bryce Reed (Cart)
45B. Reed (Cart)2. Walter Grzesik (Whbo)
BYE3. Isaac Havens (Cen Sq)
105B. Reed (Cart)4. Dylan Gorman (Ful)
Chris Todd (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)Pin 2:295. Chris Davis (IR)
46C. Davis (IR)6. Chris Todd (ESM)
Chris Davis (Indian River Warriors)9-6Champion
192B. Reed (Cart)
Walter Grzesik (Whitesboro Warriors)13-0
47W. Grzesik (Whbo)
Deshawn Yearby (Whitesboro Warriors)Pin 3:20
106W. Grzesik (Whbo)
Dylan Gorman (Fulton Red Raiders)14-11
48I. Havens (Cen Sq)
Isaac Havens (Central Square Redhawks)Pin 3:38
I. Havens (Cen Sq)
L:106143I. Havens (Cen Sq)
L:45107C. Todd (ESM)Pin 3:51Third
Chris Todd (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)BYE174I. Havens (Cen Sq)
L:46C. Davis (IR)Pin 2:30
Deshawn Yearby (Whitesboro Warriors)L:105144D. Gorman (Ful)
L:47108D. Gorman (Ful)5-3
Dylan Gorman (Fulton Red Raiders)Pin 4:47C. Todd (ESM)Fifth
L:48L:143173C. Davis (IR)
C. Davis (IR)2-0

195 (back to top)

Kade Andrews (Carthage Coments)1. Kade Andrews (Cart)
49K. Andrews (Cart)2. Noah Gates (Ful)
Zach Berg (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)Pin 1:583. Joseph Monteleone (ESM)
109K. Andrews (Cart)4. Nathan Rogers (Cen Sq)
Zac Caruso (Oswego Buccaneers)11-25. Zac Caruso (Osw)
50Z. Caruso (Osw)6. Andrew Davis (IR)
Andrew Davis (Indian River Warriors)Pin 1:26Champion
193K. Andrews (Cart)
Noah Gates (Fulton Red Raiders)3-2
51N. Gates (Ful)
Joseph Monteleone (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)10-2
110N. Gates (Ful)
Tyler Seoanne (Central Square Redhawks)4-3
52N. Rogers (Cen Sq)
Nathan Rogers (Central Square Redhawks)1-0
N. Rogers (Cen Sq)
Zach Berg (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)L:110145N. Rogers (Cen Sq)
L:49111A. Davis (IR)5-0Third
Andrew Davis (Indian River Warriors)4-3176J. Monteleone (ESM)
L:50Z. Caruso (Osw)4-2
Joseph Monteleone (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)L:109146J. Monteleone (ESM)
L:51112J. Monteleone (ESM)8-6
Tyler Seoanne (Central Square Redhawks)Pin 3:02A. Davis (IR)Fifth
L:52L:145175Z. Caruso (Osw)
Z. Caruso (Osw)Pin 1:04

220 (back to top)

Tyler Hudson (Whitesboro Warriors)1. Tyler Hudson (Whbo)
53T. Hudson (Whbo)2. Caleb Null (Cart)
BYE3. Matt Marshall (Ful)
113T. Hudson (Whbo)4. Mason Hausler (ESM)
Mack West (Central Square Redhawks)Pin :175. Eric Korn (Cart)
54M. Hausler (ESM)6. Mack West (Cen Sq)
Mason Hausler (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)Pin 3:36Champion
194T. Hudson (Whbo)
Matt Marshall (Fulton Red Raiders)7-4
55M. Marshall (Ful)
Brenden Reed (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)Pin :26
114C. Null (Cart)
Eric Korn (Carthage Coments)2-1
56C. Null (Cart)
Caleb Null (Carthage Coments)Pin 1:56
M. Marshall (Ful)
L:114147M. Marshall (Ful)
L:53115M. West (Cen Sq)Pin :37Third
Mack West (Central Square Redhawks)BYE178M. Marshall (Ful)
L:54M. Hausler (ESM)Pin 1:26
Brenden Reed (East Syracuse-Minoa Spartans)L:113148M. Hausler (ESM)
L:55116E. Korn (Cart)5-1
Eric Korn (Carthage Coments)Pin 2:26M. West (Cen Sq)Fifth
L:56L:147177E. Korn (Cart)
E. Korn (Cart)Inj Def

285 (back to top)

Erik Jessell (Carthage Coments)1. Erik Jessell (Cart)
57E. Jessell (Cart)2. Joe Madonia (Whbo)
BYE3. Dylan Ashwood (IR)
117E. Jessell (Cart)4. Jared Crucitti (Ful)
Jacob Eldred (Central Square Redhawks)Pin 2:195. Jacob Eldred (Cen Sq)
58J. Crucitti (Ful)
Jared Crucitti (Fulton Red Raiders)Pin :35Champion
195E. Jessell (Cart)
Dylan Ashwood (Indian River Warriors)5-1
59D. Ashwood (IR)
118J. Madonia (Whbo)
Pin 4:49
60J. Madonia (Whbo)
Joe Madonia (Whitesboro Warriors)BYE
D. Ashwood (IR)
L:118149D. Ashwood (IR)
L:57119J. Eldred (Cen Sq)Pin 1:50Third
Jacob Eldred (Central Square Redhawks)BYE180D. Ashwood (IR)
L:58J. Crucitti (Ful)Pin 1:42
L:117150J. Crucitti (Ful)
J. Eldred (Cen Sq)Fifth
L:60L:149179J. Eldred (Cen Sq)