JV Intercity Parkside 2016

Parkside Jr. High Normal, IL

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Team scores (back to top)

Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
Parkside (Prks) 210.0 5 12 31 15 21 0 1
Evans (Evns) 178.0 7 9 23 12 12 0 3
Kingsley (Kngs) 164.83 5 10 23 20 14 0 0
Bloomington (Blmn) 153.83 5 10 23 17 12 1 1
Chiddix (Chdd) 133.5 2 10 23 17 9 2 3

75 (back to top)

Aidan Schuring (Bloomington)——┐                                                                              1. Aidan Schuring (Blmn)
                          AA1 ├—A. Schuring (Blmn)—————┐                                                     2. Matt Bicknell (Evns)
——————————————————————————————┘ BYE                    │                                                     3. Ethan Warmbir (Blmn)
                                                   AA5 ├—A. Schuring (Blmn)—————┐                            4. Harper Wood (Prks)
Nathan Wilson-Spires (Chiddix)┐                        │ Pin                    │                            5. Malcolm Griffiths (Chdd)
                          AA2 ├—H. Wood (Prks)—————————┘                        │                            6. Nathan Wilson-Spires (Chdd)
Harper Wood (Parkside)————————┘ Pin                                             │ Champion
                                                                           AA13 ├—A. Schuring (Blmn)
Ethan Warmbir (Bloomington)———┐                                                 │ 9-4 DEC
                          AA3 ├—E. Warmbir (Blmn)——————┐                        │
Malcolm Griffiths (Chiddix)———┘ Pin                    │                        │
                                                   AA6 ├—M. Bicknell (Evns)—————┘
——————————————————————————————┐                        │ 7-1 DEC
                          AA4 ├—M. Bicknell (Evns)—————┘
Matt Bicknell (Evans)—————————┘ BYE

                                E. Warmbir (Blmn)——————┐
——————————————————————————————┐  L-AA6             AA9 ├—E. Warmbir (Blmn)——————┐
 L-AA1                    AA7 ├—N. Wilson-Spires (Chdd)┘ Pin                    │ Third
Nathan Wilson-Spires (Chiddix)┘ BYE                                        AA12 ├—E. Warmbir (Blmn)
 L-AA2                          H. Wood (Prks)—————————┐                        │ 4-1 dec
Malcolm Griffiths (Chiddix)———┐  L-AA5            AA10 ├—H. Wood (Prks)—————————┘
 L-AA3                    AA8 ├—M. Griffiths (Chdd)————┘ 9-8 DEC
——————————————————————————————┘ BYE
                                                N. Wilson-Spires (Chdd)┐ Fifth
                                                 L-AA9            AA11 ├—M. Griffiths (Chdd)
                                                M. Griffiths (Chdd)————┘ Forfeit

80 (back to top)

Eric Trujillo (Kingsley)——————┐                                             1. Will Sonetz (Prks)
                          AB1 ├—E. Trujillo (Kngs)—┐                        2. Eric Trujillo (Kngs)
——————————————————————————————┘ BYE                │                        3. CJ Banks (Chdd)
                                               AB5 ├—E. Trujillo (Kngs)—┐   4. Jordan Plattner (Kngs)
Austin Oganovich (Bloomington)┐                    │ Pin                │   5. Austin Oganovich (Blmn)
                          AB2 ├—J. Plattner (Kngs)—┘                    │
Jordan Plattner (Kingsley)————┘ Pin                                     │ Champion
                                                                   AB13 ├—W. Sonetz (Prks)
CJ Banks (Chiddix)————————————┐                                         │ 4-0 DEC
                          AB3 ├—CJ Banks (Chdd)————┐                    │
——————————————————————————————┘ BYE                │                    │
                                               AB6 ├—W. Sonetz (Prks)———┘
——————————————————————————————┐                    │ Pin
                          AB4 ├—W. Sonetz (Prks)———┘
Will Sonetz (Parkside)————————┘ BYE

                                CJ Banks (Chdd)————┐
——————————————————————————————┐  L-AB6         AB9 ├—CJ Banks (Chdd)————┐
 L-AB1                    AB7 ├—A. Oganovich (Blmn)┘ 9-3 DEC            │ Third
Austin Oganovich (Bloomington)┘ BYE                                AB12 ├—CJ Banks (Chdd)
 L-AB2                          J. Plattner (Kngs)—┐                    │ 4-1 dec
——————————————————————————————┐  L-AB5        AB10 ├—J. Plattner (Kngs)—┘
 L-AB3                    AB8 ├————————————————————┘ BYE
                                        A. Oganovich (Blmn)┐ Fifth
                                         L-AB9        AB11 ├—A. Oganovich (Blmn)
                                        ———————————————————┘ BYE

85 (back to top)

Nick Sajavec (Chiddix)———┐                                                            1. Cody Sears (Kngs)
                     AC1 ├—N. Sajavec (Chdd)┐                                         2. Dylan Watts (Blmn)
Carter Cannon (Kingsley)—┘ 7-1 DEC          │                                         3. Austin Johnson (Kngs)
                                        AC5 ├—C. Sears (Kngs)——┐                      4. Xavier Edwards (Chdd)
Cody Sears (Kingsley)————┐                  │ Pin              │                      5. Carter Cannon (Kngs)
                     AC2 ├—C. Sears (Kngs)——┘                  │                      6. Nick Sajavec (Chdd)
Mason Painter (Evans)————┘ Pin                                 │ Champion
                                                          AC13 ├—C. Sears (Kngs)
Austin Johnson (Kingsley)┐                                     │ Pin
                     AC3 ├—D. Watts (Blmn)——┐                  │
Dylan Watts (Bloomington)┘ 10-7 DEC         │                  │
                                        AC6 ├—D. Watts (Blmn)——┘
Xavier Edwards (Chiddix)—┐                  │ 10-4 DEC
                     AC4 ├—X. Edwards (Chdd)┘
Wayne Hosea (Parkside)———┘ Pin

                           X. Edwards (Chdd)┐
Carter Cannon (Kingsley)—┐  L-AC6       AC9 ├—X. Edwards (Chdd)┐
 L-AC1               AC7 ├—C. Cannon (Kngs)—┘ Pin              │ Third
Mason Painter (Evans)————┘ 10-3 DEC                       AC12 ├—A. Johnson (Kngs)
 L-AC2                     N. Sajavec (Chdd)┐                  │ Pin
Austin Johnson (Kingsley)┐  L-AC5      AC10 ├—A. Johnson (Kngs)┘
 L-AC3               AC8 ├—A. Johnson (Kngs)┘ Pin
Wayne Hosea (Parkside)———┘ 10-0 MDEC
                                    C. Cannon (Kngs)—┐ Fifth
                                     L-AC9      AC11 ├—C. Cannon (Kngs)
                                    N. Sajavec (Chdd)┘ 15-12 DEC

90 (back to top)

TJ Gill (Kingsley)———————————————┐                                                                        1. TJ Gill (Kngs)
                             AD1 ├—TJ Gill (Kngs)———————┐                                                 2. Kaden Crawford (Evns)
—————————————————————————————————┘ BYE                  │                                                 3. Matthew Hernandez (Prks)
                                                    AD9 ├—TJ Gill (Kngs)———————┐                          4. Steven Darnall (Kngs)
Trayton Stone (Chiddix)——————————┐                      │ Pin                  │                          5. Grant Alexander (Kngs)
                             AD2 ├—L. Leverton (Evns)———┘                      │                          6. Nick Mendoza (Prks)
Luke Leverton (Evans)————————————┘ 6-5 DEC                                     │
                                                                          AD21 ├—TJ Gill (Kngs)———————┐
Matthew Hernandez (Parkside)—————┐                                             │ 9-5 DEC              │
                             AD3 ├—M. Hernandez (Prks)——┐                      │                      │
—————————————————————————————————┘ BYE                  │                      │                      │
                                                   AD10 ├—M. Hernandez (Prks)——┘                      │
—————————————————————————————————┐                      │ Pin                                         │
                             AD4 ├—J. R. Concklin (Blmn)┘                                             │
James Ryan Concklin (Bloomington)┘ BYE                                                                │ Champion
                                                                                                 AD29 ├—TJ Gill (Kngs)
Henry Rush (Bloomington)—————————┐                                                                    │ 6-4 DEC
                             AD5 ├—H. Rush (Blmn)———————┐                                             │
—————————————————————————————————┘ BYE                  │                                             │
                                                   AD11 ├—K. Crawford (Evns)———┐                      │
Steven Darnall (Kingsley)————————┐                      │ Pin                  │                      │
                             AD6 ├—K. Crawford (Evns)———┘                      │                      │
Kaden Crawford (Evans)———————————┘ 7-1 DEC                                     │                      │
                                                                          AD22 ├—K. Crawford (Evns)———┘
Grant Alexander (Kingsley)———————┐                                             │ 8-2 DEC
                             AD7 ├—G. Alexander (Kngs)——┐                      │
—————————————————————————————————┘ BYE                  │                      │
                                                   AD12 ├—G. Alexander (Kngs)——┘
—————————————————————————————————┐                      │ 8-5 DEC
                             AD8 ├—N. Mendoza (Prks)————┘
Nick Mendoza (Parkside)——————————┘ BYE

                                                                                 M. Hernandez (Prks)——┐
                                   N. Mendoza (Prks)————┐                         L-AD21              │
—————————————————————————————————┐  L-AD12         AD17 ├—N. Mendoza (Prks)————┐                 AD25 ├—M. Hernandez (Prks)——┐
 L-AD1                      AD13 ├—T. Stone (Chdd)——————┘ Pin                  │                      │ 11-3 MDEC            │
Trayton Stone (Chiddix)——————————┘ BYE                                    AD23 ├—N. Mendoza (Prks)————┘                      │
 L-AD2                             H. Rush (Blmn)———————┐                      │ 14-6 MDEC                                   │ Third
—————————————————————————————————┐  L-AD11         AD18 ├—H. Rush (Blmn)———————┘                                        AD28 ├—M. Hernandez (Prks)
 L-AD3                      AD14 ├——————————————————————┘ BYE                                                                │ Pin
—————————————————————————————————┘                                               G. Alexander (Kngs)——┐                      │
 L-AD4                             J. R. Concklin (Blmn)┐                         L-AD22              │                      │
—————————————————————————————————┐  L-AD10         AD19 ├—S. Darnall (Kngs)————┐                 AD26 ├—S. Darnall (Kngs)————┘
 L-AD5                      AD15 ├—S. Darnall (Kngs)————┘ Pin                  │                      │ Pin
Steven Darnall (Kingsley)————————┘ BYE                                    AD24 ├—S. Darnall (Kngs)————┘
 L-AD6                             L. Leverton (Evns)———┐                      │ Pin
—————————————————————————————————┐  L-AD9          AD20 ├—L. Leverton (Evns)———┘
 L-AD7                      AD16 ├——————————————————————┘ BYE
                                                                                        N. Mendoza (Prks)————┐ Fifth
                                                                                         L-AD25         AD27 ├—G. Alexander (Kngs)
                                                                                        G. Alexander (Kngs)——┘ Pin

95 (back to top)

Nasir Knox (Bloomington)——┐                                                               1. Cyrus Muirhead (Chdd)
                      AE1 ├—N. Knox (Blmn)————┐                                           2. Nasir Knox (Blmn)
——————————————————————————┘ BYE               │                                           3. Caden Ayers (Blmn)
                                          AE9 ├—N. Knox (Blmn)————┐                       4. Nick Leonard (Chdd)
Jake Goldman (Evans)——————┐                   │ Pin               │                       5. Jordan Darm (Prks)
                      AE2 ├—N. Leonard (Chdd)—┘                   │                       6. Kamar Banks (Chdd)
Nick Leonard (Chiddix)————┘ 10-0 MDEC                             │
                                                             AE21 ├—N. Knox (Blmn)————┐
Caden Ayers (Bloomington)—┐                                       │ 8-2 DEC           │
                      AE3 ├—C. Ayers (Blmn)———┐                   │                   │
——————————————————————————┘ BYE               │                   │                   │
                                         AE10 ├—C. Ayers (Blmn)———┘                   │
——————————————————————————┐                   │ 9-0 MDEC                              │
                      AE4 ├—P. Tomman (Evns)——┘                                       │
Payton Tomman (Evans)—————┘ BYE                                                       │ Champion
                                                                                 AE29 ├—C. Muirhead (Chdd)
Jordan Darm (Parkside)————┐                                                           │ Tech Fall
                      AE5 ├—J. Darm (Prks)————┐                                       │
——————————————————————————┘ BYE               │                                       │
                                         AE11 ├—J. Darm (Prks)————┐                   │
——————————————————————————┐                   │ Pin               │                   │
                      AE6 ├—B. Robinson (Chdd)┘                   │                   │
Braedon Robinson (Chiddix)┘ BYE                                   │                   │
                                                             AE22 ├—C. Muirhead (Chdd)┘
Kamar Banks (Chiddix)—————┐                                       │ 16-4 MDEC
                      AE7 ├—K. Banks (Chdd)———┐                   │
——————————————————————————┘ BYE               │                   │
                                         AE12 ├—C. Muirhead (Chdd)┘
——————————————————————————┐                   │ Pin
                      AE8 ├—C. Muirhead (Chdd)┘
Cyrus Muirhead (Chiddix)——┘ BYE

                                                                    C. Ayers (Blmn)———┐
                            K. Banks (Chdd)———┐                      L-AE21           │
——————————————————————————┐  L-AE12      AE17 ├—K. Banks (Chdd)———┐              AE25 ├—C. Ayers (Blmn)———┐
 L-AE1               AE13 ├—J. Goldman (Evns)—┘ 9-3 DEC           │                   │ 13-6 DEC          │
Jake Goldman (Evans)——————┘ BYE                              AE23 ├—K. Banks (Chdd)———┘                   │
 L-AE2                      B. Robinson (Chdd)┐                   │ 16-1 TFALL                            │ Third
——————————————————————————┐  L-AE11      AE18 ├—B. Robinson (Chdd)┘                                  AE28 ├—C. Ayers (Blmn)
 L-AE3               AE14 ├———————————————————┘ BYE                                                       │ Pin
——————————————————————————┘                                         J. Darm (Prks)————┐                   │
 L-AE4                      P. Tomman (Evns)——┐                      L-AE22           │                   │
——————————————————————————┐  L-AE10      AE19 ├—P. Tomman (Evns)——┐              AE26 ├—N. Leonard (Chdd)—┘
 L-AE5               AE15 ├———————————————————┘ BYE               │                   │ Pin
——————————————————————————┘                                  AE24 ├—N. Leonard (Chdd)—┘
 L-AE6                      N. Leonard (Chdd)—┐                   │ Forfeit
——————————————————————————┐  L-AE9       AE20 ├—N. Leonard (Chdd)—┘
 L-AE7               AE16 ├———————————————————┘ BYE
                                                                            K. Banks (Chdd)———┐ Fifth
                                                                             L-AE25      AE27 ├—J. Darm (Prks)
                                                                            J. Darm (Prks)————┘ 14-7 DEC

100 (back to top)

Sam Haggerty (Evans)———————┐                                                                  1. Brock Leenerman (Prks)
                       AF1 ├—S. Haggerty (Evns)—┐                                             2. Nolan McCrary (Prks)
———————————————————————————┘ BYE                │                                             3. Zachary Charlett (Prks)
                                            AF9 ├—S. Haggerty (Evns)—┐                        4. Sam Haggerty (Evns)
Angel Bateson (Bloomington)┐                    │ 3-2 DEC            │                        5. Matthew Huddleson (Chdd)
                       AF2 ├—A. Bateson (Blmn)——┘                    │                        6. Angel Bateson (Blmn)
Evan Alvarez (Chiddix)—————┘ Forfeit                                 │
                                                                AF21 ├—B. Leenerman (Prks)┐
Anthony Miller (Kingsley)——┐                                         │ Pin                │
                       AF3 ├—A. Miller (Kngs)———┐                    │                    │
———————————————————————————┘ BYE                │                    │                    │
                                           AF10 ├—B. Leenerman (Prks)┘                    │
———————————————————————————┐                    │ 2-0 DEC                                 │
                       AF4 ├—B. Leenerman (Prks)┘                                         │
Brock Leenerman (Parkside)—┘ BYE                                                          │ Champion
                                                                                     AF29 ├—B. Leenerman (Prks)
Matthew Huddleson (Chiddix)┐                                                              │ 10-4 DEC
                       AF5 ├—M. Huddleson (Chdd)┐                                         │
———————————————————————————┘ BYE                │                                         │
                                           AF11 ├—N. McCrary (Prks)——┐                    │
———————————————————————————┐                    │ Pin                │                    │
                       AF6 ├—N. McCrary (Prks)——┘                    │                    │
Nolan McCrary (Parkside)———┘ BYE                                     │                    │
                                                                AF22 ├—N. McCrary (Prks)——┘
Zachary Charlett (Parkside)┐                                         │ Pin
                       AF7 ├—Z. Charlett (Prks)—┐                    │
———————————————————————————┘ BYE                │                    │
                                           AF12 ├—Z. Charlett (Prks)—┘
———————————————————————————┐                    │ Pin
                       AF8 ├—J. Rood (Prks)—————┘
Jack Rood (Parkside)———————┘ BYE

                                                                       S. Haggerty (Evns)—┐
                             J. Rood (Prks)—————┐                       L-AF21            │
———————————————————————————┐  L-AF12       AF17 ├—J. Rood (Prks)—————┐               AF25 ├—S. Haggerty (Evns)—┐
 L-AF1                AF13 ├—E. Alvarez (Chdd)——┘ Pin                │                    │ 9-0 MDEC           │
Evan Alvarez (Chiddix)—————┘ BYE                                AF23 ├—M. Huddleson (Chdd)┘                    │
 L-AF2                       M. Huddleson (Chdd)┐                    │ 13-8 DEC                                │ Third
———————————————————————————┐  L-AF11       AF18 ├—M. Huddleson (Chdd)┘                                    AF28 ├—Z. Charlett (Prks)
 L-AF3                AF14 ├————————————————————┘ BYE                                                          │ Pin
———————————————————————————┘                                           Z. Charlett (Prks)—┐                    │
 L-AF4                       A. Miller (Kngs)———┐                       L-AF22            │                    │
———————————————————————————┐  L-AF10       AF19 ├—A. Miller (Kngs)———┐               AF26 ├—Z. Charlett (Prks)—┘
 L-AF5                AF15 ├————————————————————┘ BYE                │                    │ Pin
———————————————————————————┘                                    AF24 ├—A. Bateson (Blmn)——┘
 L-AF6                       A. Bateson (Blmn)——┐                    │ Pin
———————————————————————————┐  L-AF9        AF20 ├—A. Bateson (Blmn)——┘
 L-AF7                AF16 ├————————————————————┘ BYE
                                                                                M. Huddleson (Chdd)┐ Fifth
                                                                                 L-AF25       AF27 ├—M. Huddleson (Chdd)
                                                                                A. Bateson (Blmn)——┘ 7-4 DEC

105 (back to top)

Chance Bonds (Parkside)—————┐                                                                           1. Chris Ken-Martenez (Evns)
                        AG1 ├—C. Bonds (Prks)———————┐                                                   2. Chance Bonds (Prks)
————————————————————————————┘ BYE                   │                                                   3. Matthew Marsaglia (Prks)
                                                AG5 ├—C. Bonds (Prks)———————┐                           4. Hanz Fritzen (Chdd)
Jett Davis (Parkside)———————┐                       │ Pin                   │                           5. Brenton Sargent (Chdd)
                        AG2 ├—B. Sargent (Chdd)—————┘                       │                           6. Jett Davis (Prks)
Brenton Sargent (Chiddix)———┘ 8-4 DEC                                       │ Champion
                                                                       AG13 ├—C. Ken-Martenez (Evns)
Matthew Marsaglia (Parkside)┐                                               │ Pin
                        AG3 ├—C. Ken-Martenez (Evns)┐                       │
Chris Ken-Martenez (Evans)——┘ Pin                   │                       │
                                                AG6 ├—C. Ken-Martenez (Evns)┘
Avery Fleming (Kingsley)————┐                       │ Pin
                        AG4 ├—H. Fritzen (Chdd)—————┘
Hanz Fritzen (Chiddix)——————┘ 8-3 DEC

                              H. Fritzen (Chdd)—————┐
————————————————————————————┐  L-AG6            AG9 ├—H. Fritzen (Chdd)—————┐
 L-AG1                  AG7 ├—J. Davis (Prks)———————┘ 4-0 DEC               │ Third
Jett Davis (Parkside)———————┘ BYE                                      AG12 ├—M. Marsaglia (Prks)
 L-AG2                        B. Sargent (Chdd)—————┐                       │ Pin
Matthew Marsaglia (Parkside)┐  L-AG5           AG10 ├—M. Marsaglia (Prks)———┘
 L-AG3                  AG8 ├—M. Marsaglia (Prks)———┘ Pin
Avery Fleming (Kingsley)————┘ Pin
                                              J. Davis (Prks)———————┐ Fifth
                                               L-AG9           AG11 ├—B. Sargent (Chdd)
                                              B. Sargent (Chdd)—————┘ 7-1 DEC

112 (back to top)

Kepi Guither (Kingsley)————————┐                                                            1. Joacobi Johnson (Blmn)
                           AH1 ├—K. Guither (Kngs)┐                                         2. Kepi Guither (Kngs)
Isaac Vitell (Evans)———————————┘ Pin              │                                         3. Justin Boose (Chdd)
                                              AH5 ├—K. Guither (Kngs)┐                      4. Payton Bledsoe (Prks)
Rigoberto Alvarez (Bloomington)┐                  │ 16-10 DEC        │                      5. Matthew Miller (Prks)
                           AH2 ├—R. Alvarez (Blmn)┘                  │                      6. Rigoberto Alvarez (Blmn)
Matthew Miller (Parkside)——————┘ Pin                                 │ Champion
                                                                AH13 ├—J. Johnson (Blmn)
Justin Boose (Chiddix)—————————┐                                     │ Tech Fall
                           AH3 ├—P. Bledsoe (Prks)┐                  │
Payton Bledsoe (Parkside)——————┘ 3-1 DEC          │                  │
                                              AH6 ├—J. Johnson (Blmn)┘
Joacobi Johnson (Bloomington)——┐                  │ Pin
                           AH4 ├—J. Johnson (Blmn)┘
Nick Ortery (Kingsley)—————————┘ 14-1 MDEC

                                 P. Bledsoe (Prks)┐
Isaac Vitell (Evans)———————————┐  L-AH6       AH9 ├—P. Bledsoe (Prks)┐
 L-AH1                     AH7 ├—M. Miller (Prks)—┘ Pin              │ Third
Matthew Miller (Parkside)——————┘ Pin                            AH12 ├—J. Boose (Chdd)
 L-AH2                           R. Alvarez (Blmn)┐                  │ 10-3 DEC
Justin Boose (Chiddix)—————————┐  L-AH5      AH10 ├—J. Boose (Chdd)——┘
 L-AH3                     AH8 ├—J. Boose (Chdd)——┘ 7-1 DEC
Nick Ortery (Kingsley)—————————┘ Pin
                                    M. Miller (Prks)—┐ Fifth
                                     L-AH9      AH11 ├—M. Miller (Prks)
                                    R. Alvarez (Blmn)┘ Forfeit

119 (back to top)

Crawford Davonte (Evans)—————┐                                                                  1. Crawford Davonte (Evns)
                         AI1 ├—C. Davonte (Evns)——┐                                             2. Alex Wolford (Evns)
—————————————————————————————┘ BYE                │                                             3. Tyler Toft (Prks)
                                              AI9 ├—C. Davonte (Evns)——┐                        4. Brian Fuss (Evns)
Jarrett Dolan (Parkside)—————┐                    │ 11-6 DEC           │                        5. Carter McClure (Chdd)
                         AI2 ├—M. Zeller (Kngs)———┘                    │                        6. Aidan Fernandes (Blmn)
Mateo Zeller (Kingsley)——————┘ Pin                                     │
                                                                  AI21 ├—C. Davonte (Evns)——┐
Brian Fuss (Evans)———————————┐                                         │ 12-3 MDEC          │
                         AI3 ├—B. Fuss (Evns)—————┐                    │                    │
—————————————————————————————┘ BYE                │                    │                    │
                                             AI10 ├—B. Fuss (Evns)—————┘                    │
—————————————————————————————┐                    │ Pin                                     │
                         AI4 ├—C. McClure (Chdd)——┘                                         │
Carter McClure (Chiddix)—————┘ BYE                                                          │ Champion
                                                                                       AI29 ├—C. Davonte (Evns)
Alex Wolford (Evans)—————————┐                                                              │ 8-3 DEC
                         AI5 ├—A. Wolford (Evns)——┐                                         │
—————————————————————————————┘ BYE                │                                         │
                                             AI11 ├—A. Wolford (Evns)——┐                    │
—————————————————————————————┐                    │ Pin                │                    │
                         AI6 ├—M. Daiya (Chdd)————┘                    │                    │
Mohammed Daiya (Chiddix)—————┘ BYE                                     │                    │
                                                                  AI22 ├—A. Wolford (Evns)——┘
Ian Jirik (Kingsley)—————————┐                                         │ Injury Default
                         AI7 ├—A. Fernandes (Blmn)┐                    │
Aidan Fernandes (Bloomington)┘ Pin                │                    │
                                             AI12 ├—T. Toft (Prks)—————┘
—————————————————————————————┐                    │ Pin
                         AI8 ├—T. Toft (Prks)—————┘
Tyler Toft (Parkside)————————┘ BYE

                                                                         B. Fuss (Evns)—————┐
                               A. Fernandes (Blmn)┐                       L-AI21            │
—————————————————————————————┐  L-AI12       AI17 ├—A. Fernandes (Blmn)┐               AI25 ├—B. Fuss (Evns)—————┐
 L-AI1                  AI13 ├—J. Dolan (Prks)————┘ 9-8 DEC            │                    │ Pin                │
Jarrett Dolan (Parkside)—————┘ BYE                                AI23 ├—A. Fernandes (Blmn)┘                    │
 L-AI2                         M. Daiya (Chdd)————┐                    │ Pin                                     │ Third
—————————————————————————————┐  L-AI11       AI18 ├—M. Daiya (Chdd)————┘                                    AI28 ├—T. Toft (Prks)
 L-AI3                  AI14 ├————————————————————┘ BYE                                                          │ Pin
—————————————————————————————┘                                           T. Toft (Prks)—————┐                    │
 L-AI4                         C. McClure (Chdd)——┐                       L-AI22            │                    │
—————————————————————————————┐  L-AI10       AI19 ├—C. McClure (Chdd)——┐               AI26 ├—T. Toft (Prks)—————┘
 L-AI5                  AI15 ├————————————————————┘ BYE                │                    │ Pin
—————————————————————————————┘                                    AI24 ├—C. McClure (Chdd)——┘
 L-AI6                         M. Zeller (Kngs)———┐                    │ Pin
Ian Jirik (Kingsley)—————————┐  L-AI9        AI20 ├—M. Zeller (Kngs)———┘
 L-AI7                  AI16 ├—I. Jirik (Kngs)————┘ Pin
—————————————————————————————┘ BYE
                                                                                A. Fernandes (Blmn)┐ Fifth
                                                                                 L-AI25       AI27 ├—C. McClure (Chdd)
                                                                                C. McClure (Chdd)——┘ Pin

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Philip Merrill (Kingsley)┐                                                            1. Damien Harris (Evns)
                     AJ1 ├—J. Rush (Blmn)———┐                                         2. Ben Smith (Kngs)
Jacob Rush (Bloomington)—┘ Pin              │                                         3. Victor Fuentez (Prks)
                                        AJ5 ├—D. Harris (Evns)—┐                      4. Jacob Rush (Blmn)
Damien Harris (Evans)————┐                  │ 11-2 MDEC        │                      5. Keaton Clark (Prks)
                     AJ2 ├—D. Harris (Evns)—┘                  │                      6. Philip Merrill (Kngs)
Keliel Stone (Kingsley)——┘ Pin                                 │ Champion
                                                          AJ13 ├—D. Harris (Evns)
Victor Fuentez (Parkside)┐                                     │ 6-3 DEC
                     AJ3 ├—V. Fuentez (Prks)┐                  │
Jaylen Jones (Evans)—————┘ Pin              │                  │
                                        AJ6 ├—B. Smith (Kngs)——┘
Ben Smith (Kingsley)—————┐                  │ 9-4 dec
                     AJ4 ├—B. Smith (Kngs)——┘
Keaton Clark (Parkside)——┘ Pin

                           V. Fuentez (Prks)┐
Philip Merrill (Kingsley)┐  L-AJ6       AJ9 ├—V. Fuentez (Prks)┐
 L-AJ1               AJ7 ├—P. Merrill (Kngs)┘ Pin              │ Third
Keliel Stone (Kingsley)——┘ Pin                            AJ12 ├—V. Fuentez (Prks)
 L-AJ2                     J. Rush (Blmn)———┐                  │ 6-4 DEC
Jaylen Jones (Evans)—————┐  L-AJ5      AJ10 ├—J. Rush (Blmn)———┘
 L-AJ3               AJ8 ├—K. Clark (Prks)——┘ Pin
Keaton Clark (Parkside)——┘ Pin
                                    P. Merrill (Kngs)┐ Fifth
                                     L-AJ9      AJ11 ├—K. Clark (Prks)
                                    K. Clark (Prks)——┘ Pin

135 (back to top)

Braydon Dever-Zoeller (Evans)┐                                                                              1. Braydon Dever-Zoeller (Evns)
                         AK1 ├—B. Dever-Zoeller (Evns)┐                                                     2. Will McGaugh (Evns)
—————————————————————————————┘ BYE                    │                                                     3. Zeric Weaver (Blmn)
                                                  AK9 ├—B. Dever-Zoeller (Evns)┐                            4. Grayson Newcomer (Evns)
Tristan Ameday (Bloomington)—┐                        │ 5-0 DEC                │                            5. Spencer Moore (Kngs)
                         AK2 ├—S. Moore (Kngs)————————┘                        │                            6. Faith Jones (Chdd)
Spencer Moore (Kingsley)—————┘ Pin                                             │
                                                                          AK21 ├—B. Dever-Zoeller (Evns)┐
Jackson Cochran (Parkside)———┐                                                 │ Pin                    │
                         AK3 ├—F. Jones (Chdd)————————┐                        │                        │
Faith Jones (Chiddix)————————┘ 13-1 MDEC              │                        │                        │
                                                 AK10 ├—F. Jones (Chdd)————————┘                        │
—————————————————————————————┐                        │ Pin                                             │
                         AK4 ├—B. Reed (Blmn)—————————┘                                                 │
Brandon Reed (Bloomington)———┘ BYE                                                                      │ Champion
                                                                                                   AK29 ├—B. Dever-Zoeller (Evns)
Grayson Newcomer (Evans)—————┐                                                                          │ Pin
                         AK5 ├—G. Newcomer (Evns)—————┐                                                 │
—————————————————————————————┘ BYE                    │                                                 │
                                                 AK11 ├—Z. Weaver (Blmn)———————┐                        │
Zeric Weaver (Bloomington)———┐                        │ 7-1 DEC                │                        │
                         AK6 ├—Z. Weaver (Blmn)———————┘                        │                        │
Trenton Schultz (Chiddix)————┘ Pin                                             │                        │
                                                                          AK22 ├—W. McGaugh (Evns)——————┘
EJ King (Chiddix)————————————┐                                                 │ Pin
                         AK7 ├—EJ King (Chdd)—————————┐                        │
Max Roth (Evans)—————————————┘ Pin                    │                        │
                                                 AK12 ├—W. McGaugh (Evns)——————┘
—————————————————————————————┐                        │ Pin
                         AK8 ├—W. McGaugh (Evns)——————┘
Will McGaugh (Evans)—————————┘ BYE

                                                                                 F. Jones (Chdd)————————┐
                               EJ King (Chdd)—————————┐                           L-AK21                │
—————————————————————————————┐  L-AK12           AK17 ├—EJ King (Chdd)—————————┐                   AK25 ├—G. Newcomer (Evns)—————┐
 L-AK1                  AK13 ├—T. Ameday (Blmn)———————┘ Pin                    │                        │ Pin                    │
Tristan Ameday (Bloomington)—┘ BYE                                        AK23 ├—G. Newcomer (Evns)—————┘                        │
 L-AK2                         G. Newcomer (Evns)—————┐                        │ Pin                                             │ Third
Jackson Cochran (Parkside)———┐  L-AK11           AK18 ├—G. Newcomer (Evns)—————┘                                            AK28 ├—Z. Weaver (Blmn)
 L-AK3                  AK14 ├—J. Cochran (Prks)——————┘ Pin                                                                      │ 9-2 DEC
—————————————————————————————┘ BYE                                               Z. Weaver (Blmn)———————┐                        │
 L-AK4                         B. Reed (Blmn)—————————┐                           L-AK22                │                        │
—————————————————————————————┐  L-AK10           AK19 ├—T. Schultz (Chdd)——————┐                   AK26 ├—Z. Weaver (Blmn)———————┘
 L-AK5                  AK15 ├—T. Schultz (Chdd)——————┘ Pin                    │                        │ Pin
Trenton Schultz (Chiddix)————┘ BYE                                        AK24 ├—S. Moore (Kngs)————————┘
 L-AK6                         S. Moore (Kngs)————————┐                        │ Pin
Max Roth (Evans)—————————————┐  L-AK9            AK20 ├—S. Moore (Kngs)————————┘
 L-AK7                  AK16 ├—M. Roth (Evns)—————————┘ Pin
—————————————————————————————┘ BYE
                                                                                                F. Jones (Chdd)————————┐ Fifth
                                                                                                 L-AK25           AK27 ├—S. Moore (Kngs)
                                                                                                S. Moore (Kngs)————————┘ 7-0 DEC

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Lenelle Higgens (Chiddix)—┐                        L. Higgens (Chdd)——┐                          1. Cam Hughes (Chdd)
                      AL1 ├—L. Higgens (Chdd)       A-AL1         AL4 ├—J. Albertson (Prks)      2. Jacob Albertson (Prks)
——————————————————————————┘ BYE                    J. Albertson (Prks)┘ Pin                      3. Lenelle Higgens (Chdd)
                                                    B-AL2                                        4. Kenlon McCall (Kngs)
Michael Love (Kingsley)———┐                        ———————————————————┐                          5. Michael Love (Kngs)
                      AL2 ├—J. Albertson (Prks)     B-AL1         AL5 ├—C. Hughes (Chdd)
Jacob Albertson (Parkside)┘ Pin                    C. Hughes (Chdd)———┘ BYE
Kenlon McCall (Kingsley)——┐                        M. Love (Kngs)—————┐
                      AL3 ├—C. Hughes (Chdd)        A-AL2         AL6 ├—K. McCall (Kngs)
Cam Hughes (Chiddix)——————┘ Pin                    K. McCall (Kngs)———┘ 6-4 DEC

L. Higgens (Chdd)——┐                        L. Higgens (Chdd)——┐                        L. Higgens (Chdd)——┐
 A-AL4         AL7 ├—C. Hughes (Chdd)        A-AL7        AL10 ├—L. Higgens (Chdd)       A-AL10       AL13 ├—L. Higgens (Chdd)
C. Hughes (Chdd)———┘ 10-2 MDEC              K. McCall (Kngs)———┘ 4-0 DEC                M. Love (Kngs)—————┘ 6-0 DEC
 B-AL5                                       B-AL8                                       B-AL11
J. Albertson (Prks)┐                        C. Hughes (Chdd)———┐                        K. McCall (Kngs)———┐
 B-AL4         AL8 ├—J. Albertson (Prks)     B-AL7        AL11 ├—C. Hughes (Chdd)        B-AL10       AL14 ├—K. McCall (Kngs)
K. McCall (Kngs)———┘ Pin                    M. Love (Kngs)—————┘ Pin                    ———————————————————┘ BYE
 B-AL6                                       B-AL9                                       B-AL12
———————————————————┐                        J. Albertson (Prks)┐                        C. Hughes (Chdd)———┐
 A-AL5         AL9 ├—M. Love (Kngs)          A-AL8        AL12 ├—J. Albertson (Prks)     A-AL11       AL15 ├—C. Hughes (Chdd)
M. Love (Kngs)—————┘ BYE                    ———————————————————┘ BYE                    J. Albertson (Prks)┘ Tech Fall
 A-AL6                                       A-AL9                                       A-AL12

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Olivia Cherry (Kingsley)——┐                        O. Cherry (Kngs)———┐                          1. Andrew Ruiz (Prks)
                      AM1 ├—J. Perschall (Prks)     A-AM1         AM3 ├—O. Cherry (Kngs)         2. Jacob Perschall (Prks)
Jacob Perschall (Parkside)┘ 10-1 MDEC              R. Mancias (Kngs)——┘ Pin                      3. Olivia Cherry (Kngs)
                                                    B-AM2                                        4. Raquel Mancias (Kngs)
Andrew Ruiz (Parkside)————┐                        J. Perschall (Prks)┐
                      AM2 ├—A. Ruiz (Prks)          B-AM1         AM4 ├—A. Ruiz (Prks)
Raquel Mancias (Kingsley)—┘ Pin                    A. Ruiz (Prks)—————┘ Pin

O. Cherry (Kngs)———┐
 A-AM3         AM5 ├—A. Ruiz (Prks)
A. Ruiz (Prks)—————┘ Pin
R. Mancias (Kngs)——┐
 B-AM3         AM6 ├—J. Perschall (Prks)
J. Perschall (Prks)┘ Pin

185 (back to top)

Dakota Gray (Parkside)—————┐                                                            1. Dakota Gray (Prks)
                       AN1 ├—D. Gray (Prks)———┐                                         2. Samantha Wilburn (Prks)
———————————————————————————┘ BYE              │                                         3. Kevin Van Hook (Evns)
                                          AN5 ├—D. Gray (Prks)———┐                      4. Andy Ficek (Kngs)
Isaiah Im (Parkside)———————┐                  │ 5-0 DEC          │                      5. Isaiah Im (Prks)
                       AN2 ├—I. Im (Prks)—————┘                  │                      6. Gavin Jonson (Kngs)
Gavin Jonson (Kingsley)————┘ Pin                                 │ Champion
                                                            AN13 ├—D. Gray (Prks)
Andy Ficek (Kingsley)——————┐                                     │ 8-6 DEC
                       AN3 ├—A. Ficek (Kngs)——┐                  │
Kevin Van Hook (Evans)—————┘ 8-4 DEC          │                  │
                                          AN6 ├—S. Wilburn (Prks)┘
———————————————————————————┐                  │ Pin
                       AN4 ├—S. Wilburn (Prks)┘
Samantha Wilburn (Parkside)┘ BYE

                             A. Ficek (Kngs)——┐
———————————————————————————┐  L-AN6       AN9 ├—A. Ficek (Kngs)——┐
 L-AN1                 AN7 ├—G. Jonson (Kngs)—┘ Pin              │ Third
Gavin Jonson (Kingsley)————┘ BYE                            AN12 ├—K. V. Hook (Evns)
 L-AN2                       I. Im (Prks)—————┐                  │ Pin
Kevin Van Hook (Evans)—————┐  L-AN5      AN10 ├—K. V. Hook (Evns)┘
 L-AN3                 AN8 ├—K. V. Hook (Evns)┘ Pin
———————————————————————————┘ BYE
                                    G. Jonson (Kngs)—┐ Fifth
                                     L-AN9      AN11 ├—I. Im (Prks)
                                    I. Im (Prks)—————┘ 13-0 MDEC

215 (back to top)

Brayden McCall (Kingsley)——————┐                       B. McCall (Kngs)——┐                         1. Jose Sanabria (Evns)
                           AO1 ├—B. McCall (Kngs)       A-AO1        AO4 ├—B. McCall (Kngs)        2. Lawrence Buchanan (Blmn)
———————————————————————————————┘ BYE                   L. Buchanan (Blmn)┘ 5-0 DEC                 2. Jalen Trussell (Blmn)
                                                        B-AO2                                      2. Brayden McCall (Kngs)
Jose Sanabria (Evans)——————————┐                       ——————————————————┐                         5. Joseph Castro (Kngs)
                           AO2 ├—L. Buchanan (Blmn)     B-AO1        AO5 ├—J. Castro (Kngs)
Lawrence Buchanan (Bloomington)┘ Pin                   J. Castro (Kngs)——┘ BYE
Jalen Trussell (Bloomington)———┐                       J. Sanabria (Evns)┐
                           AO3 ├—J. Trussell (Blmn)     A-AO2        AO6 ├—J. Sanabria (Evns)
Joseph Castro (Kingsley)———————┘ Pin                   J. Trussell (Blmn)┘ Pin

B. McCall (Kngs)——┐                       B. McCall (Kngs)——┐                       B. McCall (Kngs)——┐
 A-AO4        AO7 ├—B. McCall (Kngs)       A-AO7       AO10 ├—J. Trussell (Blmn)     A-AO10      AO13 ├—J. Sanabria (Evns)
J. Castro (Kngs)——┘ 2-0 DEC               J. Trussell (Blmn)┘ Pin                   J. Sanabria (Evns)┘ Pin
 B-AO5                                     B-AO8                                     B-AO11
L. Buchanan (Blmn)┐                       J. Castro (Kngs)——┐                       J. Trussell (Blmn)┐
 B-AO4        AO8 ├—L. Buchanan (Blmn)     B-AO7       AO11 ├—J. Sanabria (Evns)     B-AO10      AO14 ├—J. Trussell (Blmn)
J. Trussell (Blmn)┘ Pin                   J. Sanabria (Evns)┘ Pin                   ——————————————————┘ BYE
 B-AO6                                     B-AO9                                     B-AO12
——————————————————┐                       L. Buchanan (Blmn)┐                       J. Castro (Kngs)——┐
 A-AO5        AO9 ├—J. Sanabria (Evns)     A-AO8       AO12 ├—L. Buchanan (Blmn)     A-AO11      AO15 ├—J. Castro (Kngs)
J. Sanabria (Evns)┘ BYE                   ——————————————————┘ BYE                   L. Buchanan (Blmn)┘ Pin
 A-AO6                                     A-AO9                                     A-AO12