Mifflin County Winter Challenge Novice

Mifflin County Middle School

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Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
MC (MC) 4.0 0 0 1 5 1 0 0
Altoona (Altn) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
BEA (BEA) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Bellefonte (Bllf) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Bellwood (Bllw) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Big Spring (BgSp) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Cameron County/BAGUBA Wrestling (CmCW) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Huntingdon (Hntn) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Juniata (Jnt) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
M2 (M2) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Midd-West (MddW) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Middleburg (Mddl) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Mifflinburg (Mffl) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Montoursville (Mntr) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Mount Union (MntU) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
N/a (N/a) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
PA Assassin’s (PAAs) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Papertown Pinners (PprP) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rebel wrestling (Rblw) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Redbank Valley (RdbV) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Siglerville (Sglr) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Southern Huntingdon (SthH) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Spring Cove (SprC) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
State College Youth Wrestling (SCYW) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Tussey Mtn (TssM) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

6 & under|38-40 (back to top)

5|Tucker Brownson (BEA)T. Brownson (BEA)
1from N:159
6|Jase Atherton (MC)M. Demastrie (MC)
from S:2
4|Eli Snyder (Bellefonte)J. Atherton (MC)
2from S:160
5|Michael Demastrie (MC)K. Swineford (MC)
from S:3
5|Easton Hurley (Papertown Pinners)E. Snyder (Bllf)
3from N:261
6|Kaleb Swineford (MC)E. Hurley (PprP)
from N:3
Round 1Round 2
T. Brownson (BEA)T. Brownson (BEA)T. Brownson (BEA)
from N:59117from N:117175from N:175214
K. Swineford (MC)E. Hurley (PprP)E. Snyder (Bllf)
from S:60from S:118from S:176
M. Demastrie (MC)K. Swineford (MC)E. Hurley (PprP)
from S:59118from S:117176from S:175215
E. Hurley (PprP)E. Snyder (Bllf)J. Atherton (MC)
from S:61from S:119from S:177
J. Atherton (MC)M. Demastrie (MC)K. Swineford (MC)
from N:60119from N:118177from N:176216
E. Snyder (Bllf)J. Atherton (MC)M. Demastrie (MC)
from N:61from N:119from N:177
Round 3Round 4Round 5

6 & under|40-44 (back to top)

5|Colton Varner (MC)C. Varner (MC)
4C. Varner (MC)from N:462
BYED. Peachey (Sglr)
from S:5
5|John Moeller (Siglerville)
5from S:463J. Fisher (Jnt)
6|Duke Peachey (Siglerville)J. Fisher (Jnt)BYE
from S:6
4|Xander Kunselman (Redbank Valley)J. Moeller (Sglr)
6from N:564
6|Jameson Fisher (Juniata)X. Kunselman (RdbV)
from N:6
Round 1Round 2
C. Varner (MC)C. Varner (MC)C. Varner (MC)
from N:62120from N:120178from N:178217
J. Fisher (Jnt)X. Kunselman (RdbV)J. Moeller (Sglr)
from S:63from S:121from S:179
D. Peachey (Sglr)J. Fisher (Jnt)X. Kunselman (RdbV)
from S:62121from S:120179from S:178218X. Kunselman (RdbV)
X. Kunselman (RdbV)J. Moeller (Sglr)BYE
from S:64from S:122from S:180
D. Peachey (Sglr)J. Fisher (Jnt)
from N:63122J. Moeller (Sglr)from N:121180D. Peachey (Sglr)from N:179219
J. Moeller (Sglr)BYEBYED. Peachey (Sglr)
from N:64from N:122from N:180
Round 3Round 4Round 5

6 & under|45-48 (back to top)

5|Liam Bender (MC)L. Bender (MC)
7from N:765
5|Elias Kifer (Juniata)B. Lay (BgSp)
from S:8
6|Colton Baumgardner (Siglerville)E. Kifer (Jnt)
8from S:766
6|Bode Lay (Big Spring)J. Druckenmiller (MC)
from S:9
5|Austin Ybarra (Juniata)C. Baumgardner (Sglr)
9from N:867
5|Jackson Druckenmiller (MC)A. Ybarra (Jnt)
from N:9
Round 1Round 2
L. Bender (MC)L. Bender (MC)L. Bender (MC)
from N:65123from N:123181from N:181220
J. Druckenmiller (MC)A. Ybarra (Jnt)C. Baumgardner (Sglr)
from S:66from S:124from S:182
B. Lay (BgSp)J. Druckenmiller (MC)A. Ybarra (Jnt)
from S:65124from S:123182from S:181221
A. Ybarra (Jnt)C. Baumgardner (Sglr)E. Kifer (Jnt)
from S:67from S:125from S:183
E. Kifer (Jnt)B. Lay (BgSp)J. Druckenmiller (MC)
from N:66125from N:124183from N:182222
C. Baumgardner (Sglr)E. Kifer (Jnt)B. Lay (BgSp)
from N:67from N:125from N:183
Round 3Round 4Round 5

6 & under|48-49 (back to top)

6|Reis Bennett (Huntingdon)R. Bennett (Hntn)
10from N:1068
4|Hunter Stringfellow (MC)A. Weaver (Sglr)
from S:11
4|Patrick Legare (MC)H. Stringfellow (MC)
11from S:1069
6|Alexander Weaver (Siglerville)D. Swineford (MC)
from S:12
6|Wyatt Hassinger (Siglerville)P. Legare (MC)
12from N:1170
6|Deitrich Swineford (MC)W. Hassinger (Sglr)
from N:12
Round 1Round 2
R. Bennett (Hntn)R. Bennett (Hntn)R. Bennett (Hntn)
from N:68126from N:126184from N:184223
D. Swineford (MC)W. Hassinger (Sglr)P. Legare (MC)
from S:69from S:127from S:185
A. Weaver (Sglr)D. Swineford (MC)W. Hassinger (Sglr)
from S:68127from S:126185from S:184224
W. Hassinger (Sglr)P. Legare (MC)H. Stringfellow (MC)
from S:70from S:128from S:186
H. Stringfellow (MC)A. Weaver (Sglr)D. Swineford (MC)
from N:69128from N:127186from N:185225
P. Legare (MC)H. Stringfellow (MC)A. Weaver (Sglr)
from N:70from N:128from N:186
Round 3Round 4Round 5

6 & under|50 (back to top)

5|Sean Ransom (Mount Union)S. Ransom (MntU)
13from N:1371
6|Colton Rauch (MC)F. Paige (Mddl)
from S:14
5|Reese Wilson (MC)C. Rauch (MC)
14from S:1372
6|Frankey Paige (Middleburg)K. Clouser (MC)
from S:15
6|Michael Boyd (Midd-West)R. Wilson (MC)
15from N:1473
6|Keagan Clouser (MC)M. Boyd (MddW)
from N:15
Round 1Round 2
S. Ransom (MntU)S. Ransom (MntU)S. Ransom (MntU)
from N:71129from N:129187from N:187226
K. Clouser (MC)M. Boyd (MddW)R. Wilson (MC)
from S:72from S:130from S:188
F. Paige (Mddl)K. Clouser (MC)M. Boyd (MddW)
from S:71130from S:129188from S:187227
M. Boyd (MddW)R. Wilson (MC)C. Rauch (MC)
from S:73from S:131from S:189
C. Rauch (MC)F. Paige (Mddl)K. Clouser (MC)
from N:72131from N:130189from N:188228
R. Wilson (MC)C. Rauch (MC)F. Paige (Mddl)
from N:73from N:131from N:189
Round 3Round 4Round 5

6 & under|52-56 (back to top)

6|Julian Altiery (MC)J. Altiery (MC)
16from N:1674
6|Clayton Cherry (Rebel wrestling)J. Boyd (Jnt)
from S:17
6|Jax McCartney (Mount Union)C. Cherry (Rblw)
17from S:1675
6|John Boyd (Juniata)O. Fultz (MC)
from S:18
6|Parker Walters (MC)J. McCartney (MntU)
18from N:1776
6|Owen Fultz (MC)P. Walters (MC)
from N:18
Round 1Round 2
J. Altiery (MC)J. Altiery (MC)J. Altiery (MC)
from N:74132from N:132190from N:190229
O. Fultz (MC)P. Walters (MC)J. McCartney (MntU)
from S:75from S:133from S:191
J. Boyd (Jnt)O. Fultz (MC)P. Walters (MC)
from S:74133from S:132191from S:190230
P. Walters (MC)J. McCartney (MntU)C. Cherry (Rblw)
from S:76from S:134from S:192
C. Cherry (Rblw)J. Boyd (Jnt)O. Fultz (MC)
from N:75134from N:133192from N:191231
J. McCartney (MntU)C. Cherry (Rblw)J. Boyd (Jnt)
from N:76from N:134from N:192
Round 3Round 4Round 5

6 & under|58-63 (back to top)

6|Cole Laughlin (MC)C. Laughlin (MC)
19from N:1977
6|Bentley Yohn (Southern Huntingdon)T. Ingle (Jnt)
from S:20
5|Hudson Wessels (MC)B. Yohn (SthH)
20from S:1978
6|Tanner Ingle (Juniata)P. Gaisior (MC)
from S:21
6|Kannon Moyer (MC)H. Wessels (MC)
21P. Gaisior (MC)from N:2079H. Wessels (MC)
6|Preston Gaisior (MC)ForfeitK Moyer (MC)Forfeit
from N:21
Round 1Round 2
C. Laughlin (MC)C. Laughlin (MC)C. Laughlin (MC)
from N:77135from N:135193C. Laughlin (MC)from N:193232
P. Gaisior (MC)K Moyer (MC)ForfeitH. Wessels (MC)
from S:78from S:136from S:194
T. Ingle (Jnt)P. Gaisior (MC)K Moyer (MC)
from S:77136T. Ingle (Jnt)from S:135194from S:193233B. Yohn (SthH)
K Moyer (MC)ForfeitH. Wessels (MC)B. Yohn (SthH)Forfeit
from S:79from S:137from S:195
B. Yohn (SthH)T. Ingle (Jnt)P. Gaisior (MC)
from N:78137from N:136195from N:194234
H. Wessels (MC)B. Yohn (SthH)T. Ingle (Jnt)
from N:79from N:137from N:195
Round 3Round 4Round 5

6 & under|68-70 (back to top)

6|Fenton Kress (MC)
22F. Kress (MC)
5|Bryce Pagan (Tussey Mtn)
6|Blake Cunningham (MC)
Round 1
F. Kress (MC)F. Kress (MC)
from N:2280from N:80138
B. Cunningham (MC)B. Pagan (TssM)
from S:23from S:81
B. Cunningham (MC)
from S:2281B. Pagan (TssM)from S:80139B. Cunningham (MC)
B. Pagan (TssM)BYEBYE
from N:23from N:81
Round 2Round 3

7-8|41-43 (back to top)

8|Nolan Walker (State College Youth Wrestling)
24N. Walker (SCYW)
7|Joel Schall (Juniata)
7|Ryker Dressler (MC)
Round 1
N. Walker (SCYW)N. Walker (SCYW)
from N:2482from N:82140
R. Dressler (MC)J. Schall (Jnt)
from S:25from S:83
R. Dressler (MC)
from S:2483J. Schall (Jnt)from S:82141R. Dressler (MC)
J. Schall (Jnt)BYEBYE
from N:25from N:83
Round 2Round 3

7-8|46-50 (back to top)

7|Evan Yackey (Juniata)E. Yackey (Jnt)
26E. Yackey (Jnt)from N:2684
BYEK. Swartzell (MC)
from S:27
7|Brooks Druckenmiller (Siglerville)
27from S:2685M. Treece (MC)
7|Kenneth Swartzell (MC)M. Treece (MC)BYE
from S:28
7|Brayden Hess (MC)B. Druckenmiller (Sglr)
28from N:2786
7|Madixx Treece (MC)B. Hess (MC)
from N:28
Round 1Round 2
E. Yackey (Jnt)E. Yackey (Jnt)E. Yackey (Jnt)
from N:84142from N:142196from N:196235
M. Treece (MC)B. Hess (MC)B. Druckenmiller (Sglr)
from S:85from S:143from S:197
K. Swartzell (MC)M. Treece (MC)B. Hess (MC)
from S:84143from S:142197from S:196236B. Hess (MC)
B. Hess (MC)B. Druckenmiller (Sglr)BYE
from S:86from S:144from S:198
K. Swartzell (MC)M. Treece (MC)
from N:85144B. Druckenmiller (Sglr)from N:143198K. Swartzell (MC)from N:197237
B. Druckenmiller (Sglr)BYEBYEK. Swartzell (MC)
from N:86from N:144from N:198
Round 3Round 4Round 5

7-8|51-54 (back to top)

7|Carter Moist (MC)C Moist (MC)
29from N:2987
8|Karben Boring (MC)Z. Searer (MC)
from S:30
8|Hale Snyder (Bellefonte)K. Boring (MC)
30from S:2988
7|Zane Searer (MC)E. Russler (M2)
from S:31
7|Luke Wise (MC)H. Snyder (Bllf)
31from N:3089
8|Evan Russler (M2)L. Wise (MC)
from N:31
Round 1Round 2
C Moist (MC)C Moist (MC)C Moist (MC)
from N:87145from N:145199from N:199238
E. Russler (M2)L. Wise (MC)H. Snyder (Bllf)
from S:88from S:146from S:200
Z. Searer (MC)E. Russler (M2)L. Wise (MC)
from S:87146from S:145200from S:199239
L. Wise (MC)H. Snyder (Bllf)K. Boring (MC)
from S:89from S:147from S:201
K. Boring (MC)Z. Searer (MC)E. Russler (M2)
from N:88147from N:146201from N:200240
H. Snyder (Bllf)K. Boring (MC)Z. Searer (MC)
from N:89from N:147from N:201
Round 3Round 4Round 5

7-8|55-58 (back to top)

8|Zander Fultz (MC)Z. Fultz (MC)
32from N:3290
8|Madix Mellott (Altoona)M. Roher (SthH)
from S:33
7|Sawyer Albert (Siglerville)M. Mellott (Altn)
33from S:3291
7|Mason Roher (Southern Huntingdon)R. Snowberger (Bllw)
from S:34
7|Alex Beard (Huntingdon)S. Albert (Sglr)
34from N:3392
7|Ryan Snowberger (Bellwood)A. Beard (Hntn)
from N:34
Round 1Round 2
Z. Fultz (MC)Z. Fultz (MC)Z. Fultz (MC)
from N:90148from N:148202from N:202241
R. Snowberger (Bllw)A. Beard (Hntn)S. Albert (Sglr)
from S:91from S:149from S:203
M. Roher (SthH)R. Snowberger (Bllw)A. Beard (Hntn)
from S:90149from S:148203from S:202242
A. Beard (Hntn)S. Albert (Sglr)M. Mellott (Altn)
from S:92from S:150from S:204
M. Mellott (Altn)M. Roher (SthH)R. Snowberger (Bllw)
from N:91150from N:149204from N:203243
S. Albert (Sglr)M. Mellott (Altn)M. Roher (SthH)
from N:92from N:150from N:204
Round 3Round 4Round 5

7-8|58-61 (back to top)

7|Brady Hartland (Juniata)
35B. Hartland (Jnt)
7|Haiden Jones (Spring Cove)
7|Blake Miller (Cameron County/BAGUBA Wrestling)
Round 1
B. Hartland (Jnt)B. Hartland (Jnt)
from N:3593from N:93151
B. Miller (CmCW)H. Jones (SprC)
from S:36from S:94
B. Miller (CmCW)
from S:3594H. Jones (SprC)from S:93152B. Miller (CmCW)
H. Jones (SprC)BYEBYE
from N:36from N:94
Round 2Round 3

7-8|65-71 (back to top)

8|Kenneth Shank (Siglerville)
8|Elise Gilfoil (N/a)
7|Brooks Williams (Midd-West)
7|Grant Peachey (MC)
Round 1
K. Shank (Sglr)K. Shank (Sglr)
from N:3795from N:95153
G. Peachey (MC)B. Williams (MddW)
from S:38from S:96
E. Gilfoil (N/a)G. Peachey (MC)
from S:3796from S:95154
B. Williams (MddW)E. Gilfoil (N/a)
from N:38from N:96
Round 2Round 3

7-8|72-75 (back to top)

7|Jakob Walters (MC)J. Walters (MC)
39J. Walters (MC)from N:3997
BYEP. Aumiller (MddW)
from S:40
7|Taelyn Ripka (N/a)
40from S:3998E. Ulrich (Mffl)
7|Preston Aumiller (Midd-West)E. Ulrich (Mffl)BYE
from S:41
8|Landon Cunningham (MC)T. Ripka (N/a)
41from N:4099
8|Evan Ulrich (Mifflinburg)L. Cunningham (MC)
from N:41
Round 1Round 2
J. Walters (MC)J. Walters (MC)J. Walters (MC)
from N:97155from N:155205from N:205244
E. Ulrich (Mffl)L. Cunningham (MC)T. Ripka (N/a)
from S:98from S:156from S:206
P. Aumiller (MddW)E. Ulrich (Mffl)L. Cunningham (MC)
from S:97156from S:155206from S:205245L. Cunningham (MC)
L. Cunningham (MC)T. Ripka (N/a)BYE
from S:99from S:157from S:207
P. Aumiller (MddW)E. Ulrich (Mffl)
from N:98157T. Ripka (N/a)from N:156207P. Aumiller (MddW)from N:206246
T. Ripka (N/a)BYEBYEP. Aumiller (MddW)
from N:99from N:157from N:207
Round 3Round 4Round 5

9-10|48-52 (back to top)

9|Kayden Walck (MC)
9|Silas Riden (MC)
Round 1
S. Riden (MC)
from S:42100from S:100158
K. Walck (MC)
from N:42from N:100
Round 2Round 3

9-10|55-59 (back to top)

9|Lyam Wise (MC)
9|Dexter Walker (State College Youth Wrestling)
10|Easton Matthews (Juniata)
10|Kyle Uberti (BEA)
Round 1
L. Wise (MC)L. Wise (MC)
from N:43101from N:101159
K. Uberti (BEA)E. Matthews (Jnt)
from S:44from S:102
D. Walker (SCYW)K. Uberti (BEA)
from S:43102from S:101160
E. Matthews (Jnt)D. Walker (SCYW)
from N:44from N:102
Round 2Round 3

9-10|61-66 (back to top)

9|Colt Bratton (MC)C. Bratton (MC)
45C. Bratton (MC)from N:45103
BYEC. Cherry (MC)
from S:46
10|Cassandra Andrews (Mount Union)
46from S:45104B. Cherry (Rblw)
9|Colton Cherry (MC)B. Cherry (Rblw)BYE
from S:47
9|Keagan Boughton (Montoursville)C. Andrews (MntU)
47from N:46105
10|Brooklyn Cherry (Rebel wrestling)K. Boughton (Mntr)
from N:47
Round 1Round 2
C. Bratton (MC)C. Bratton (MC)C. Bratton (MC)
from N:103161from N:161208from N:208247
B. Cherry (Rblw)K. Boughton (Mntr)C. Andrews (MntU)
from S:104from S:162from S:209
C. Cherry (MC)B. Cherry (Rblw)K. Boughton (Mntr)
from S:103162from S:161209from S:208248K. Boughton (Mntr)
K. Boughton (Mntr)C. Andrews (MntU)BYE
from S:105from S:163from S:210
C. Cherry (MC)B. Cherry (Rblw)
from N:104163C. Andrews (MntU)from N:162210C. Cherry (MC)from N:209249
C. Andrews (MntU)BYEBYEC. Cherry (MC)
from N:105from N:163from N:210
Round 3Round 4Round 5

9-10|70-75 (back to top)

9|Sebastian Snyder (MC)
10|Hayden Glace (Bellefonte)
9|Landon Pecht (Siglerville)
10|Coy Kerstetter (Juniata)
Round 1
S. Snyder (MC)S. Snyder (MC)
from N:48106from N:106164
C. Kerstetter (Jnt)L. Pecht (Sglr)
from S:49from S:107
H. Glace (Bllf)C. Kerstetter (Jnt)
from S:48107from S:106165
L. Pecht (Sglr)H. Glace (Bllf)
from N:49from N:107
Round 2Round 3

9-10|80-85 (back to top)

9|Travis Henry (Midd-West)
50T. Henry (MddW)
10|Michael Washburn (Altoona)
9|Brian Albert (Siglerville)
Round 1
T. Henry (MddW)T. Henry (MddW)
from N:50108from N:108166
B. Albert (Sglr)M. Washburn (Altn)
from S:51from S:109
B. Albert (Sglr)
from S:50109M. Washburn (Altn)from S:108167B. Albert (Sglr)
M. Washburn (Altn)BYEBYE
from N:51from N:109
Round 2Round 3

9-10|92-105 (back to top)

9|Lukas Shaffer (Mifflinburg)L. Shaffer (Mffl)
52L. Shaffer (Mffl)from N:52110
BYEO. Staver (BgSp)
from S:53
9|Brody Basom (MC)
53from S:52111D. Bonson (MC)
8|Owen Staver (Big Spring)D. Bonson (MC)BYE
from S:54
10|Conner Cole (MC)B. Basom (MC)
54from N:53112
10|Dominik Bonson (MC)C. Cole (MC)
from N:54
Round 1Round 2
L. Shaffer (Mffl)L. Shaffer (Mffl)L. Shaffer (Mffl)
from N:110168from N:168211from N:211250
D. Bonson (MC)C. Cole (MC)B. Basom (MC)
from S:111from S:169from S:212
O. Staver (BgSp)D. Bonson (MC)C. Cole (MC)
from S:110169from S:168212from S:211251C. Cole (MC)
C. Cole (MC)B. Basom (MC)BYE
from S:112from S:170from S:213
O. Staver (BgSp)D. Bonson (MC)
from N:111170B. Basom (MC)from N:169213O. Staver (BgSp)from N:212252
B. Basom (MC)BYEBYEO. Staver (BgSp)
from N:112from N:170from N:213
Round 3Round 4Round 5

11-12|51-69 (back to top)

11|Hart Oden (MC)
55H. Oden (MC)
11|Lilliyan Wise (MC)
12|Bailey Wilt (PA Assassin’s)
Round 1
H. Oden (MC)H. Oden (MC)
from N:55113from N:113171
B. Wilt (PAAs)L. Wise (MC)
from S:56from S:114
B. Wilt (PAAs)
from S:55114L. Wise (MC)from S:113172B. Wilt (PAAs)
from N:56from N:114
Round 2Round 3

11-12|72-75 (back to top)

11|Izaiah Vasquez (State College Youth Wrestling)
11|Preston Earnest (MC)
Round 1
P. Earnest (MC)
from S:57115from S:115173
I. Vasquez (SCYW)
from N:57from N:115
Round 2Round 3

11-12|97-101 (back to top)

11|Dakota Irvin (State College Youth Wrestling)
11|Kole Strawser (MC)
Round 1
K. Strawser (MC)
from S:58116from S:116174
D. Irvin (SCYW)
from N:58from N:116
Round 2Round 3