2015 King of the Jungle.EndRound5

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Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
Haverford (HAV) 128.5 7 7 46 43 29 1 2
Methacton (MET) 99.0 8 8 36 26 22 1 3
Upper Darby (UD) 92.5 9 9 35 31 20 0 2
Downingtown East (DE) 67.0 5 5 26 16 18 0 1
Penncrest (PC) 66.0 5 5 25 25 15 0 2
Phoenixville (PHX) 22.0 2 2 11 11 4 0 2
West Chester East (WCE) 20.0 1 1 9 32 5 0 1
Penn Wood (PW) 10.0 1 1 5 5 2 0 2

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Corey Blue (Methacton)C. Blue (MET)1. Corey Blue (MET)
1C. Blue (MET)from N:151C. Blue (MET)2. Trevor Beresford (PC)
Michael Greenwald (Haverford)6-4J. Delp (HAV)Fall :51
from S:2
M. Greenwald (HAV)
2J. Delp (HAV)from S:152M. Davido (PHX)
Jack Delp (Haverford)BYEM. Davido (PHX)5-0
from S:3
Trevor Beresford (Penncrest)
3T. Beresford (PC)from N:253T. Beresford (PC)
Miles Davido (Phoenixville)Fall 1:47T. Beresford (PC)BYE
from N:3
C. Blue (MET)C. Blue (MET)C. Blue (MET)
from N:51101C. Blue (MET)from N:101151C. Blue (MET)from N:151187C. Blue (MET)
M. Davido (PHX)15-4T. Beresford (PC)10-8BYE
from S:52from S:102from S:152
J. Delp (HAV)M. Davido (PHX)T. Beresford (PC)
from S:51102T. Beresford (PC)from S:101152M. Davido (PHX)from S:151188T. Beresford (PC)
T. Beresford (PC)Fall :38BYEM. Greenwald (HAV)Inj Default
from S:53from S:103from S:153
M. Greenwald (HAV)J. Delp (HAV)M. Davido (PHX)
from N:52103M. Greenwald (HAV)from N:102153M. Greenwald (HAV)from N:152189M. Davido (PHX)
BYEM. Greenwald (HAV)TF 15-0J. Delp (HAV)Fall 1:29
from N:53from N:103from N:153

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Owen Stein (West Chester East)1. Jarrett Hansen (DE)
4J. Hansen (DE)2. Christian Gallagher (PC)
Jarrett Hansen (Downingtown East)Fall 1:35
Seth Cortez (Haverford)
5C. Gallagher (PC)
Christian Gallagher (Penncrest)Fall 1:45
O. Stein (WCE)O. Stein (WCE)
from N:454C. Gallagher (PC)from N:54104O. Stein (WCE)
C. Gallagher (PC)Fall 2:52S. Cortez (HAV)Fall 1:30
from S:5from S:55
J. Hansen (DE)C. Gallagher (PC)
from S:455J. Hansen (DE)from S:54105J. Hansen (DE)
S. Cortez (HAV)Fall :40J. Hansen (DE)Fall 1:10
from N:5from N:55

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Connor Birzes (Downingtown East)C. Birzes (DE)1. Cole Wellington (HAV)
6C. Birzes (DE)from N:656C. Birzes (DE)2. Connor Birzes (DE)
Devin DelViscio (Penncrest)Fall 3:36G. Gelband (MET)Fall 3:54
from S:7
Joshua Dweh (Upper Darby)D. DelViscio (PC)
7J. Dweh (UD)from S:657C. Wellington (HAV)
Gage Gelband (Methacton)Fall 1:45C. Wellington (HAV)2-0
from S:8
Mike Sweitzer (Haverford)J. Dweh (UD)
8C. Wellington (HAV)from N:758J. Dweh (UD)
Cole Wellington (Haverford)10-0M. Sweitzer (HAV)8-0
from N:8
C. Birzes (DE)C. Birzes (DE)C. Birzes (DE)
from N:56106C. Wellington (HAV)from N:106154C. Birzes (DE)from N:154190C. Birzes (DE)
C. Wellington (HAV)4-2M. Sweitzer (HAV)Inj DefaultJ. Dweh (UD)8-0
from S:57from S:107from S:155
G. Gelband (MET)C. Wellington (HAV)M. Sweitzer (HAV)
from S:56107from S:106155C. Wellington (HAV)from S:154191D. DelViscio (PC)
M. Sweitzer (HAV)J. Dweh (UD)12-4D. DelViscio (PC)Inj. Default
from S:58from S:108from S:156
D. DelViscio (PC)G. Gelband (MET)C. Wellington (HAV)
from N:57108D. DelViscio (PC)from N:107156D. DelViscio (PC)from N:155192C. Wellington (HAV)
J. Dweh (UD)13-4D. DelViscio (PC)Inj. DefaultG. Gelband (MET)Inj. Default
from N:58from N:108from N:156

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Nick Venuti (Upper Darby)1. Nick Venuti (UD)
9N. Venuti (UD)2. Jake Johnson (UD)
Hank Kahl (West Chester East)2-0
Jake Johnson (Upper Darby)
10J. Johnson (UD)
Shea Milligan (Downingtown East)7-4
N. Venuti (UD)N. Venuti (UD)
from N:959N. Venuti (UD)from N:59109N. Venuti (UD)
S. Milligan (DE)10-1J. Johnson (UD)14-0
from S:10from S:60
H. Kahl (WCE)S. Milligan (DE)
from S:960J. Johnson (UD)from S:59110H. Kahl (WCE)
J. Johnson (UD)6-0H. Kahl (WCE)11-1
from N:10from N:60

126A (back to top)

Jack Lawton (Downingtown East)1. Sam Rose (PC)
11M. Hall (HAV)2. Max Hall (HAV)
Max Hall (Haverford)Fall 3:57
Caiser Bravo (Upper Darby)
12S. Rose (PC)
Sam Rose (Penncrest)Fall 3:40
J. Lawton (DE)J. Lawton (DE)
from N:1161S. Rose (PC)from N:61111J. Lawton (DE)
S. Rose (PC)Fall 2:50C. Bravo (UD)Fall 3:57
from S:12from S:62
M. Hall (HAV)S. Rose (PC)
from S:1162M. Hall (HAV)from S:61112S. Rose (PC)
C. Bravo (UD)8-0M. Hall (HAV)Fall :54
from N:12from N:62

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Tommy Boyle (West Chester East)T. Boyle (WCE)1. Hunter Henning (UD)
13K. Taylor (PC)from N:1363J. Gormley (UD)2. Joe Gormley (UD)
Kyle Taylor (Penncrest)Fall 1:42J. Gormley (UD)Fall 1:15
from S:14
Praneeth Ramesh (Downingtown East)K. Taylor (PC)
14J. Gormley (UD)from S:1364K. Taylor (PC)
Joe Gormley (Upper Darby)Fall 1:58M. Clark (UD)15-4
from S:15
Hunter Henning (Upper Darby)P. Ramesh (DE)
15H. Henning (UD)from N:1465H. Henning (UD)
Myles Clark (Upper Darby)Fall 1:38H. Henning (UD)Fall :27
from N:15
T. Boyle (WCE)T. Boyle (WCE)T. Boyle (WCE)
from N:63113M. Clark (UD)from N:113157H. Henning (UD)from N:157193P. Ramesh (DE)
M. Clark (UD)Fall :42H. Henning (UD)Fall :35P. Ramesh (DE)4-2
from S:64from S:114from S:158
J. Gormley (UD)M. Clark (UD)H. Henning (UD)
from S:63114H. Henning (UD)from S:113158P. Ramesh (DE)from S:157194H. Henning (UD)
H. Henning (UD)10-1P. Ramesh (DE)9-8K. Taylor (PC)2-0
from S:65from S:115from S:159
K. Taylor (PC)J. Gormley (UD)M. Clark (UD)
from N:64115K. Taylor (PC)from N:114159J. Gormley (UD)from N:158195J. Gormley (UD)
P. Ramesh (DE)Fall 3:46K. Taylor (PC)2-0J. Gormley (UD)Fall :33
from N:65from N:115from N:159

138 (back to top)

Alek Getman (West Chester East)A. Getman (WCE)1. Andrew Lee (HAV)
16A. Getman (WCE)from N:1666A. Lee (HAV)2. Santino Campese (HAV)
BYEA. Lee (HAV)12-5
from S:17
Santino Campese (Haverford)
17A. Lee (HAV)from S:1667T. Avis (HAV)
Andrew Lee (Haverford)6-3T. Avis (HAV)BYE
from S:18
Ishmael Tarawallie (Upper Darby)S. Campese (HAV)
18T. Avis (HAV)from N:1768S. Campese (HAV)
Thayer Avis (Haverford)Fall 3:45I. Tarawallie (UD)15-0
from N:18
A. Getman (WCE)A. Getman (WCE)A. Getman (WCE)
from N:66116T. Avis (HAV)from N:116160I. Tarawallie (UD)from N:160196S. Campese (HAV)
T. Avis (HAV)Fall :54I. Tarawallie (UD)Fall :37S. Campese (HAV)Fall 4:00
from S:67from S:117from S:161
A. Lee (HAV)T. Avis (HAV)I. Tarawallie (UD)
from S:66117A. Lee (HAV)from S:116161S. Campese (HAV)from S:160197I. Tarawallie (UD)
I. Tarawallie (UD)Fall 1:24S. Campese (HAV)4-0BYE
from S:68from S:118from S:162
A. Lee (HAV)T. Avis (HAV)
from N:67118S. Campese (HAV)from N:117162A. Lee (HAV)from N:161198A. Lee (HAV)
S. Campese (HAV)BYEBYEA. Lee (HAV)Fall 2:34
from N:68from N:118from N:162

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Jack Varallo (West Chester East)J. Varallo (WCE)1. Steven Denner (MET)
19J. Varallo (WCE)from N:1969W. Salt (DE)2. Tim Kinnard (PC)
BYEW. Salt (DE)2-0
from S:20
Steven Denner (Methacton)
20S. Denner (MET)from S:1970F. Thomas (HAV)
Wayne Salt (Downingtown East)Fall 1:02F. Thomas (HAV)BYE
from S:21
Tim Kinnard (Penncrest)S. Denner (MET)
21T. Kinnard (PC)from N:2071S. Denner (MET)
Frank Thomas (Haverford)Fall 2:55T. Kinnard (PC)5-0
from N:21
J. Varallo (WCE)J. Varallo (WCE)J. Varallo (WCE)
from N:69119J. Varallo (WCE)from N:119163T. Kinnard (PC)from N:163199S. Denner (MET)
F. Thomas (HAV)6-5T. Kinnard (PC)4-0S. Denner (MET)Fall 1:25
from S:70from S:120from S:164
W. Salt (DE)F. Thomas (HAV)T. Kinnard (PC)
from S:69120T. Kinnard (PC)from S:119164S. Denner (MET)from S:163200T. Kinnard (PC)
T. Kinnard (PC)4-3S. Denner (MET)Fall :42BYE
from S:71from S:121from S:165
W. Salt (DE)F. Thomas (HAV)
from N:70121S. Denner (MET)from N:120165W. Salt (DE)from N:164201W. Salt (DE)
S. Denner (MET)BYEBYEW. Salt (DE)Fall 3:15
from N:71from N:121from N:165

145A (back to top)

Sumana Kromah (Penn Wood)S. Kromah (PW)1. Sumana Kromah (PW)
22L. Moran (DE)from N:2272S. Kromah (PW)2. Kyle Fleming (MET)
Luke Moran (Downingtown East)7-5K. Fleming (MET)8-0
from S:23
Glen Volpe (Penncrest)L. Moran (DE)
23K. Fleming (MET)from S:2273K. Dougherty (HAV)
Kyle Fleming (Methacton)Fall 3:48K. Dougherty (HAV)11-4
from S:24
Adam Fornwalt (Haverford)G. Volpe (PC)
24K. Dougherty (HAV)from N:2374G. Volpe (PC)
Kevin Dougherty (Haverford)TF 19-1A. Fornwalt (HAV)Fall 1:02
from N:24
S. Kromah (PW)S. Kromah (PW)S. Kromah (PW)
from N:72122S. Kromah (PW)from N:122166S. Kromah (PW)from N:166202S. Kromah (PW)
K. Dougherty (HAV)8-5A. Fornwalt (HAV)Fall :40G. Volpe (PC)Fall 1:34
from S:73from S:123from S:167
K. Fleming (MET)K. Dougherty (HAV)A. Fornwalt (HAV)
from S:72123K. Fleming (MET)from S:122167G. Volpe (PC)from S:166203L. Moran (DE)
A. Fornwalt (HAV)Fall 1:00G. Volpe (PC)3-0L. Moran (DE)Fall 2:59
from S:74from S:124from S:168
L. Moran (DE)K. Fleming (MET)K. Dougherty (HAV)
from N:73124L. Moran (DE)from N:123168K. Fleming (MET)from N:167204K. Fleming (MET)
G. Volpe (PC)Fall 4:00L. Moran (DE)5-4K. Fleming (MET)Fall 3:59
from N:74from N:124from N:168

152 (back to top)

Nick Greene (Haverford)N. Greene (HAV)1. Alex Mong (HAV)
25A. Ramos (HAV)from N:2575A. Mong (HAV)2. Salaam McNair (MET)
Alex Ramos (Haverford)Fall 3:25A. Mong (HAV)7-0
from S:26
Marcus Brogsdale (Penn Wood)A. Ramos (HAV)
26A. Mong (HAV)from S:2576A. Ramos (HAV)
Alex Mong (Haverford)Fall 2:40N. Duff (PHX)Fall :40
from S:27
Salaam McNair (Methacton)M. Brogsdale (PW)
27S. McNair (MET)from N:2677S. McNair (MET)
Nate Duff (Phoenixville)TF 3:40S. McNair (MET)9-0
from N:27
N. Greene (HAV)N. Greene (HAV)N. Greene (HAV)
from N:75125N. Greene (HAV)from N:125169S. McNair (MET)from N:169205N. Greene (HAV)
N. Duff (PHX)Fall 1:40S. McNair (MET)7-0M. Brogsdale (PW)3-1
from S:76from S:126from S:170
A. Mong (HAV)N. Duff (PHX)S. McNair (MET)
from S:75126A. Mong (HAV)from S:125170M. Brogsdale (PW)from S:169206S. McNair (MET)
S. McNair (MET)6-4M. Brogsdale (PW)8-0A. Ramos (HAV)8-4
from S:77from S:127from S:171
A. Ramos (HAV)A. Mong (HAV)N. Duff (PHX)
from N:76127A. Ramos (HAV)from N:126171A. Mong (HAV)from N:170207A. Mong (HAV)
M. Brogsdale (PW)7-0A. Ramos (HAV)11-4A. Mong (HAV)Fall 3:50
from N:77from N:127from N:171

152A (back to top)

Thomas Fell (Phoenixville)T. Fell (PHX)1. Jarett O'Boyle (HAV)
28J. O'Boyle (HAV)from N:2878T. Fell (PHX)2. Thomas Fell (PHX)
Jarett O'Boyle (Haverford)2-0I. Nolan (PC)9-0
from S:29
Alessandro DiProspero (Haverford)J. O'Boyle (HAV)
29A. DiProspero (HAV)from S:2879J. O'Boyle (HAV)
Ian Nolan (Penncrest)Fall 1:28G. Delgadillo (WCE)Fall :20
from S:30
Sadequr Rahman (Upper Darby)A. DiProspero (HAV)
30S. Rahman (UD)from N:2980A. DiProspero (HAV)
Gonzalo Delgadillo (West Chester East)Fall 1:15S. Rahman (UD)Fall 2:32
from N:30
T. Fell (PHX)T. Fell (PHX)T. Fell (PHX)
from N:78128T. Fell (PHX)from N:128172T. Fell (PHX)from N:172208T. Fell (PHX)
G. Delgadillo (WCE)Fall 1:10S. Rahman (UD)Fall 1:33A. DiProspero (HAV)13-5
from S:79from S:129from S:173
I. Nolan (PC)G. Delgadillo (WCE)S. Rahman (UD)
from S:78129S. Rahman (UD)from S:128173A. DiProspero (HAV)from S:172209J. O'Boyle (HAV)
S. Rahman (UD)6-0A. DiProspero (HAV)7-0J. O'Boyle (HAV)Fall 1:42
from S:80from S:130from S:174
J. O'Boyle (HAV)I. Nolan (PC)G. Delgadillo (WCE)
from N:79130J. O'Boyle (HAV)from N:129174J. O'Boyle (HAV)from N:173210I. Nolan (PC)
A. DiProspero (HAV)Fall :40J. O'Boyle (HAV)Fall 1:35I. Nolan (PC)3-1
from N:80from N:130from N:174

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1. Mike Manieri (WCE)
31M. Manieri (WCE)2. AJ Covington (UD)
Mike Manieri (West Chester East)BYE
AJ Covington (Upper Darby)
32AJ Covington (UD)
Johnny Nguyen (Methacton)7-0
from N:3181J. Nguyen (MET)from N:81131AJ Covington (UD)
J. Nguyen (MET)BYEAJ Covington (UD)BYE
from S:32from S:82
M. Manieri (WCE)J. Nguyen (MET)
from S:3182M. Manieri (WCE)from S:81132M. Manieri (WCE)
AJ Covington (UD)1-0M. Manieri (WCE)Fall :55
from N:32from N:82

160A (back to top)

Pierce Bradley (Methacton)1. Pierce Bradley (MET)
33P. Bradley (MET)2. Jamail Turner (UD)
Jamail Turner (Upper Darby)Fall 1:49
Corey Washington (Phoenixville)
34C. Washington (PHX)
Matt Cava (West Chester East)8-1
P. Bradley (MET)P. Bradley (MET)
from N:3383P. Bradley (MET)from N:83133P. Bradley (MET)
M. Cava (WCE)6-0C. Washington (PHX)9-7
from S:34from S:84
J. Turner (UD)M. Cava (WCE)
from S:3384J. Turner (UD)from S:83134J. Turner (UD)
C. Washington (PHX)7-3J. Turner (UD)7-5
from N:34from N:84

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Justin Parico (Upper Darby)1. Yusef Qawasmy (MET)
35Y. Qawasmy (MET)2. Justin Parico (UD)
Yusef Qawasmy (Methacton)Fall :38
Khalil Campfield (Methacton)
36M. Weir (HAV)
Matt Weir (Haverford)Fall 1:42
J. Parico (UD)J. Parico (UD)
from N:3585J. Parico (UD)from N:85135J. Parico (UD)
M. Weir (HAV)6-5K. Campfield (MET)Fall :28
from S:36from S:86
Y. Qawasmy (MET)M. Weir (HAV)
from S:3586Y. Qawasmy (MET)from S:85136M. Weir (HAV)
K. Campfield (MET)Fall 1:05Y. Qawasmy (MET)7-2
from N:36from N:86

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Bryce Thompson (Phoenixville)B. Thompson (PHX)1. Phips Jules (DE)
37B. Thompson (PHX)from N:3787B. Thompson (PHX)2. Bryce Thompson (PHX)
Pat Maloney (Methacton)5-4M. Smith (PC)6-3
from S:38
Max Dougan (Methacton)P. Maloney (MET)
38M. Dougan (MET)from S:3788P. Maloney (MET)
Marshall Smith (Penncrest)Fall 2:45T. Fredericks (HAV)Fall 1:01
from S:39
Phips Jules (Downingtown East)M. Dougan (MET)
39P. Jules (DE)from N:3889M. Dougan (MET)
Tommy Fredericks (Haverford)Fall :29P. Jules (DE)6-2
from N:39
B. Thompson (PHX)B. Thompson (PHX)B. Thompson (PHX)
from N:87137B. Thompson (PHX)from N:137175P. Jules (DE)from N:175211B. Thompson (PHX)
T. Fredericks (HAV)Fall 1:26P. Jules (DE)2-1M. Dougan (MET)1-0
from S:88from S:138from S:176
M. Smith (PC)T. Fredericks (HAV)P. Jules (DE)
from S:87138P. Jules (DE)from S:137176M. Dougan (MET)from S:175212P. Jules (DE)
P. Jules (DE)Fall 2:45M. Dougan (MET)Fall 1:15P. Maloney (MET)1-0
from S:89from S:139from S:177
P. Maloney (MET)M. Smith (PC)T. Fredericks (HAV)
from N:88139P. Maloney (MET)from N:138177P. Maloney (MET)from N:176213M. Smith (PC)
M. Dougan (MET)2-0P. Maloney (MET)Fall :25M. Smith (PC)Fall 3:54
from N:89from N:139from N:177

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1. Mike Romanofsky (HAV)
40J. Salazar (UD)from N:4090M. Romanofsky (HAV)2. Josh Wileczek (DE)
Jean Salazar (Upper Darby)BYEM. Romanofsky (HAV)BYE
from S:41
Josh Wileczek (Downingtown East)J. Salazar (UD)
41M. Romanofsky (HAV)from S:4091B. Williams (UD)
Mike Romanofsky (Haverford)3-2B. Williams (UD)Fall 1:10
from S:42
Connor Sullivan (Methacton)J. Wileczek (DE)
42B. Williams (UD)from N:4192J. Wileczek (DE)
Brandon Williams (Upper Darby)Fall 1:28C. Sullivan (MET)Fall 2:30
from N:42
from N:90140B. Williams (UD)from N:140178C. Sullivan (MET)from N:178214J. Wileczek (DE)
B. Williams (UD)BYEC. Sullivan (MET)BYEJ. Wileczek (DE)BYE
from S:91from S:141from S:179
M. Romanofsky (HAV)B. Williams (UD)C. Sullivan (MET)
from S:90141M. Romanofsky (HAV)from S:140179J. Wileczek (DE)from S:178215C. Sullivan (MET)
C. Sullivan (MET)Fall 1:00J. Wileczek (DE)Fall :54J. Salazar (UD)Fall 1:49
from S:92from S:142from S:180
J. Salazar (UD)M. Romanofsky (HAV)B. Williams (UD)
from N:91142J. Wileczek (DE)from N:141180M. Romanofsky (HAV)from N:179216M. Romanofsky (HAV)
J. Wileczek (DE)Fall 1:52J. Salazar (UD)5-0M. Romanofsky (HAV)Fall 1:25
from N:92from N:142from N:180

195A (back to top)

Jeff Turner (Upper Darby)1. Jeff Turner (UD)
43J. Turner (UD)2. Steven Rhoads (MET)
Dom Monteiro (West Chester East)Fall 1:00
Steven Rhoads (Methacton)
44S. Rhoads (MET)
Chris Jacque (Penncrest)1-0
J. Turner (UD)J. Turner (UD)
from N:4393J. Turner (UD)from N:93143J. Turner (UD)
C. Jacque (PC)10-8S. Rhoads (MET)4-2
from S:44from S:94
D. Monteiro (WCE)C. Jacque (PC)
from S:4394S. Rhoads (MET)from S:93144C. Jacque (PC)
S. Rhoads (MET)10-0D. Monteiro (WCE)4-1
from N:44from N:94

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Liam McCullough (Haverford)L. McCullough (HAV)1. Joe Donahue (MET)
45L. McCullough (HAV)from N:4595J. Donahue (MET)2. Brendan McGinley (DE)
Craig Metcalf (West Chester East)Fall 1:30J. Donahue (MET)Fall :46
from S:46
Victor Sesay (Upper Darby)C. Metcalf (WCE)
46J. Donahue (MET)from S:4596C. Metcalf (WCE)
Joe Donahue (Methacton)Fall 1:10T. McGowan (MET)Fall 4:20
from S:47
Brendan McGinley (Downingtown East)V. Sesay (UD)
47B. McGinley (DE)from N:4697B. McGinley (DE)
Tom McGowan (Methacton)Fall :40B. McGinley (DE)Fall :53
from N:47
L. McCullough (HAV)L. McCullough (HAV)L. McCullough (HAV)
from N:95145L. McCullough (HAV)from N:145181B. McGinley (DE)from N:181217L. McCullough (HAV)
T. McGowan (MET)1-0B. McGinley (DE)Fall :48V. Sesay (UD)Fall 3:11
from S:96from S:146from S:182
J. Donahue (MET)T. McGowan (MET)B. McGinley (DE)
from S:95146J. Donahue (MET)from S:145182V. Sesay (UD)from S:181218B. McGinley (DE)
B. McGinley (DE)Fall 1:57V. Sesay (UD)Fall 1:48C. Metcalf (WCE)Fall 2:15
from S:97from S:147from S:183
C. Metcalf (WCE)J. Donahue (MET)T. McGowan (MET)
from N:96147C. Metcalf (WCE)from N:146183J. Donahue (MET)from N:182219J. Donahue (MET)
V. Sesay (UD)7-2C. Metcalf (WCE)Fall 3:30J. Donahue (MET)Fall 3:45
from N:97from N:147from N:183

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Joe Timm (West Chester East)J. Timm (WCE)1. Dante Daniels (UD)
48J. Timm (WCE)from N:4898J. Timm (WCE)2. Sean Hoffman (PC)
BYEJ. Quarles (MET)Fall 2:34
from S:49
Dante Daniels (Upper Darby)
49D. Daniels (UD)from S:4899J. Gunn (PC)
James Quarles (Methacton)3-0J. Gunn (PC)BYE
from S:50
Sean Hoffman (Penncrest)D. Daniels (UD)
50S. Hoffman (PC)from N:49100D. Daniels (UD)
Jim Gunn (Penncrest)Fall :16S. Hoffman (PC)Fall 2:30
from N:50
J. Timm (WCE)J. Timm (WCE)J. Timm (WCE)
from N:98148J. Timm (WCE)from N:148184S. Hoffman (PC)from N:184220D. Daniels (UD)
J. Gunn (PC)Fall :14S. Hoffman (PC)Fall :25D. Daniels (UD)Fall 2:20
from S:99from S:149from S:185
J. Quarles (MET)J. Gunn (PC)S. Hoffman (PC)
from S:98149S. Hoffman (PC)from S:148185D. Daniels (UD)from S:184221S. Hoffman (PC)
S. Hoffman (PC)Fall :45D. Daniels (UD)Fall 3:30BYE
from S:100from S:150from S:186
J. Quarles (MET)J. Gunn (PC)
from N:99150D. Daniels (UD)from N:149186J. Quarles (MET)from N:185222J. Quarles (MET)
D. Daniels (UD)BYEBYEJ. Quarles (MET)Fall :30
from N:100from N:150from N:186