Murrieta Valley CA

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Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
Corona HS (CrnH) 138.5 4 6 25 13 18 0 0
Paloma Valley HS (PlVH) 121.0 2 4 27 18 21 0 0
Santa Ana HS (SnAH) 113.0 2 5 24 20 19 0 1
Beaumont HS (BmnH) 103.0 3 6 18 15 13 0 0
Carter HS (CrtH) 98.5 2 5 22 11 15 0 1
Moreno Valley HS (MrVH) 97.0 3 3 19 19 14 0 0
Cathedral City HS (CtCH) 92.0 1 4 20 17 15 0 0
Rancho Verde HS (RnVH) 65.0 2 3 13 6 6 0 0
Elsinore HS (ElsH) 43.0 2 2 7 8 4 0 0
Redlands East Valley HS (REVH) 42.0 0 2 10 4 6 0 0
Canyon HS (cynh) 39.0 0 1 11 10 9 0 1
Colton HS (CltH) 36.0 0 2 8 2 6 0 0
Norco HS (NrcH) 33.0 1 2 8 6 1 0 0
Sultana HS (SltH) 33.0 1 1 6 2 5 0 0
Santiago HS (SntH) 32.0 1 2 10 14 4 0 1
Murrieta Valley HS (Murrieta) 28.0 1 1 4 4 4 0 0
Barstow HS (BrsH) 24.0 1 1 4 0 2 0 0
Riverside Poly HS (RvPH) 21.0 0 2 5 4 1 0 0
Chaparral HS (ChpH) 10.0 0 0 3 4 2 0 0
Norco C (NrcC) 10.0 0 0 3 2 3 0 0
Paloma Valley B (PlVB) 10.0 0 0 3 4 2 0 0
Vista Del Lago (VsDL) 10.0 0 0 3 12 2 0 0
Santa Rosa Academy HS (SRAH) 8.0 0 0 2 8 2 0 0
Cathedral City B (CtCB) 6.0 0 0 2 4 1 0 0
Torrey Pines HS (TrPH) 4.0 0 0 2 2 0 0 0
West Valley Hs (WsVH) 4.0 0 0 2 4 0 0 0
Norco B (NrcB) 3.0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0
Santa Ana B (SnAB) 3.0 0 0 1 2 1 0 0
Moreno Valley B (MrVB) 0.0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0
Santa Ana C (SnAC) 0.0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0
Tahquitz HS (ThqH) 0.0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0

101 (back to top)

Pauline Granados (Carter HS)1. Pauline Granados (CrtH)
1P. Granados (CrtH)2. Unity Cordova (CrnH)
BYE3. Aerial Madrigal (BmnH)
98P. Granados (CrtH)4. Jayden Von Moos (PlVH)
Alyah Martinez (Moreno Valley HS)Pin 2:44
2K. Garnica (CtCH)
Kimberly Garnica (Cathedral City HS)Pin
246P. Granados (CrtH)
Isabelle Luu (Canyon HS)10-0
3I. Luu (cynh)
Jerryshza Cendana (Paloma Valley B)Pin 3:44
99E. Sway (TrPH)
4E. Sway (TrPH)
Emily Sway (Torrey Pines HS)BYEChampion
331P. Granados (CrtH)
Jayden Von Moos (Paloma Valley HS)Pin 3:38
5Jayden Von Moos (PlVH)
100Jayden Von Moos (PlVH)
Valerie Vazquez (Santa Ana HS)Pin 1:13
6M. Estrella (Murrieta)
Martinez Estrella (Murrieta Valley HS)Pin 3.26
247U. Cordova (CrnH)
Jaelyn Franks (Santiago HS)Pin 3:35
7A. Madrigal (BmnH)
Aerial Madrigal (Beaumont HS)Pin
101U. Cordova (CrnH)
Pin 1:49
8U. Cordova (CrnH)
Unity Cordova (Corona HS)BYE
E. Sway (TrPH)
A. Madrigal (BmnH)L:246
L:101195A. Madrigal (BmnH)294A. Madrigal (BmnH)
L:1102A. Martinez (MrVH)Pin 2:413-0
Alyah Martinez (Moreno Valley HS)BYE248A. Madrigal (BmnH)
L:2M. Estrella (Murrieta)Pin 2:53Third
Jerryshza Cendana (Paloma Valley B)L:100196J. Cendana (PlVB)320A. Madrigal (BmnH)
L:3103J. Cendana (PlVB)DQ4-0
BYEJayden Von Moos (PlVH)
L:4I. Luu (cynh)L:247
L:99197I. Luu (cynh)295Jayden Von Moos (PlVH)
L:5104V. Vazquez (SnAH)Pin 2:398-2
Valerie Vazquez (Santa Ana HS)BYE249I. Luu (cynh)
L:6K. Garnica (CtCH)Pin 1:08
Jaelyn Franks (Santiago HS)L:98198K. Garnica (CtCH)
L:7105J. Franks (SntH)Pin 1:22

106 (back to top)

Sugey Ceja (Corona HS)1. Sugey Ceja (CrnH)
9S. Ceja (CrnH)2. Onnalaya Aguilera (SnAH)
BYE3. Makayla Breceda (NrcH)
106S. Ceja (CrnH)4. Josephine Luu (cynh)
Rosalia Lungaro (Elsinore HS)Pin 1:38
10R. Lungaro (ElsH)
Melissa Estrada (Cathedral City HS)Pin .25
250S. Ceja (CrnH)
Makayla Breceda (Norco HS)Pin 1:04
11M. Breceda (NrcH)
107M. Breceda (NrcH)
Pin 1.26
12T. Henderson (SntH)
Trista Henderson (Santiago HS)BYEChampion
332S. Ceja (CrnH)
Josephine Luu (Canyon HS)Pin 1:24
13Josephine Luu (cynh)
108Josephine Luu (cynh)
Brianna Earl (Norco B)Pin 1:35
14S. Agguire (MrVH)
Sadie Agguire (Moreno Valley HS)Pin .52
251O. Aguilera (SnAH)
Alyssa Guardiola (Paloma Valley HS)Pin 3:41
15A. Sideti (NrcC)
Aaliya Sideti (Norco C)Pin 3:38
109O. Aguilera (SnAH)
Pin 1:29
16O. Aguilera (SnAH)
Onnalaya Aguilera (Santa Ana HS)BYE
M. Breceda (NrcH)
A. Sideti (NrcC)L:250
L:109199A. Sideti (NrcC)296M. Breceda (NrcH)
L:9110M. Estrada (CtCH)Pin :335-0
Melissa Estrada (Cathedral City HS)BYE252A. Sideti (NrcC)
L:10S. Agguire (MrVH)Pin :50Third
L:108200S. Agguire (MrVH)321M. Breceda (NrcH)
Josephine Luu (cynh)
L:12T. Henderson (SntH)L:251
L:107201B. Earl (NrcB)297Josephine Luu (cynh)
L:13112B. Earl (NrcB)ForfeitPin 4:24
Brianna Earl (Norco B)BYE253Alyssa Guardiola (PlVH)
L:14R. Lungaro (ElsH)Pin 1:36
Alyssa Guardiola (Paloma Valley HS)L:106202Alyssa Guardiola (PlVH)
L:15113Alyssa Guardiola (PlVH)Pin 4:22

111 (back to top)

Roslynn Chang (Corona HS)1. Roslynn Chang (CrnH)
17R. Chang (CrnH)2. Ashlee Fragoso (MrVH)
BYE3. Britney Garnica (CtCH)
114R. Chang (CrnH)4. Angel Delatorre (CrtH)
Nateelle Del Monte (Rancho Verde HS)Pin 1:04
18S. Zamora (SnAH)
Stephany Zamora (Santa Ana HS)Pin 4:29
254R. Chang (CrnH)
Sonya Nevis (Beaumont HS)Pin :51
19S. Nevis (BmnH)
115M. Della-Croce (SntH)
20M. Della-Croce (SntH)
Makayla Della-Croce (Santiago HS)BYEChampion
333R. Chang (CrnH)
Ashlee Fragoso (Moreno Valley HS)Pin 2:58
21A. Fragoso (MrVH)
116A. Fragoso (MrVH)
Julia Russell (Canyon HS)Pin
22A. Delatorre (CrtH)
Angel Delatorre (Carter HS)Pin 1:41
255A. Fragoso (MrVH)
Giovanna Loza (Vista Del Lago)Pin 4:44
23G. Loza (VsDL)
Gizzel Ortiz (Cathedral City B)Pin 2:32
117B. Garnica (CtCH)
Pin 3:35
24B. Garnica (CtCH)
Britney Garnica (Cathedral City HS)BYE
M. Della-Croce (SntH)
G. Loza (VsDL)L:254
L:117203G. Loza (VsDL)298A. Delatorre (CrtH)
L:17118N. D. Monte (RnVH)Pin 5:22Pin 4:29
Nateelle Del Monte (Rancho Verde HS)BYE256A. Delatorre (CrtH)
L:18A. Delatorre (CrtH)6-3Third
L:116204A. Delatorre (CrtH)322B. Garnica (CtCH)
L:19119BYEPin 1:57
B. Garnica (CtCH)
L:20S. Nevis (BmnH)L:255
L:115205J. Russell (cynh)299B. Garnica (CtCH)
L:21120J. Russell (cynh)PinPin :56
Julia Russell (Canyon HS)BYE257J. Russell (cynh)
L:22S. Zamora (SnAH)12-0
Gizzel Ortiz (Cathedral City B)L:114206G. Ortiz (CtCB)
L:23121G. Ortiz (CtCB)Pin 1:44

116 (back to top)

Elizabeth Wright (Barstow HS)1. Elizabeth Wright (BrsH)
25E. Wright (BrsH)2. Rebecca Drown (NrcH)
BYE3. Kate Quintana (SnAH)
122E. Wright (BrsH)4. Rhianna Torres (CtCH)
Evlynn Avila (Rancho Verde HS)Pin 1:38
26E. Avila (RnVH)
Jasmin Romo (West Valley Hs)Pin 4:32
258E. Wright (BrsH)
Rhianna Torres (Cathedral City HS)Pin :12
27R. Torres (CtCH)
Tahizz Lara (Santa Ana B)Pin 1:23
123R. Torres (CtCH)
Karina Balmaceda (Santa Ana C)Pin 1:38
28B. Chihuahua (CrnH)
Berenice Chihuahua (Corona HS)Pin .24Champion
334E. Wright (BrsH)
Kate Quintana (Santa Ana HS)5-2
29K. Quintana (SnAH)
Makennah Montes (Cathedral City B)Pin 2:58
124K. Quintana (SnAH)
Lauren Campos (Moreno Valley HS)Pin 3:40
30Kaity De Voe (PlVH)
Kaity De Voe (Paloma Valley HS)DQ
259R. Drown (NrcH)
Jackalyn Ballard (Santa Rosa Academy HS)3-0
31J. Ballard (SRAH)
Katherine Ruiz (Vista Del Lago)Pin 1:19
125R. Drown (NrcH)
Injury Default
32R. Drown (NrcH)
Rebecca Drown (Norco HS)BYE
R. Torres (CtCH)
J. Ballard (SRAH)L:258
L:125207J. Romo (WsVH)300R. Torres (CtCH)
L:25126J. Romo (WsVH)Injury DefaultPin :28
Jasmin Romo (West Valley Hs)BYE260Kaity De Voe (PlVH)
L:26Kaity De Voe (PlVH)Pin 3:28Third
Tahizz Lara (Santa Ana B)L:124208Kaity De Voe (PlVH)323K. Quintana (SnAH)
L:27127T. Lara (SnAB)Pin :40Pin .50
Karina Balmaceda (Santa Ana C)PinK. Quintana (SnAH)
L:28B. Chihuahua (CrnH)L:259
Makennah Montes (Cathedral City B)L:123209B. Chihuahua (CrnH)301K. Quintana (SnAH)
L:29128M. Montes (CtCB)Pin :38Pin :34
Lauren Campos (Moreno Valley HS)Forfeit261B. Chihuahua (CrnH)
L:30E. Avila (RnVH)Pin 4:42
Katherine Ruiz (Vista Del Lago)L:122210E. Avila (RnVH)
L:31129K. Ruiz (VsDL)Pin 5:10

121 (back to top)

Danielle Angeline Garcia (Sultana HS)1. Danielle Angeline Garcia (SltH)
33D. A. Garcia (SltH)2. Summer-Ray Baeza (SnAH)
BYE3. Karissa Ramirez (CltH)
130D. A. Garcia (SltH)4. Sereneia Nagum (RvPH)
Alexadra Barker (Santa Rosa Academy HS)Pin :57
34A. Barker (SRAH)
Aileen Martinez (Moreno Valley HS)Pin 3:20
262D. A. Garcia (SltH)
Sereneia Nagum (Riverside Poly HS)Pin 1:32
35S. Nagum (RvPH)
Sarah Sanchez (Carter HS)Pin 1:36
131S. Nagum (RvPH)
Injury Default
36K. Ramirez (CrnH)
Kimberly Ramirez (Corona HS)BYEChampion
335D. A. Garcia (SltH)
Karissa Ramirez (Colton HS)Pin 5:42
37K. Ramirez (CltH)
132K. Ramirez (CltH)
Melissa Covarrubias (Vista Del Lago)Pin 4:42
38Luisita Jara (PlVH)
Luisita Jara (Paloma Valley HS)Pin .07
263S. Baeza (SnAH)
Sariah Pollock (Redlands East Valley HS)Pin :51
39I. Perkins (cynh)
Isabella Perkins (Canyon HS)Pin 3:23
133S. Baeza (SnAH)
Pin 1:12
40S. Baeza (SnAH)
Summer-Ray Baeza (Santa Ana HS)BYE
S. Nagum (RvPH)
I. Perkins (cynh)L:262
L:133211I. Perkins (cynh)302S. Nagum (RvPH)
L:33134A. Martinez (MrVH)Pin 4:474-1
Aileen Martinez (Moreno Valley HS)BYE264S. Sanchez (CrtH)
L:34Luisita Jara (PlVH)Pin 4:07Third
Sarah Sanchez (Carter HS)L:132212S. Sanchez (CrtH)324K. Ramirez (CltH)
L:35135S. Sanchez (CrtH)3-0Pin 2:44
BYEK. Ramirez (CltH)
L:36K. Ramirez (CrnH)L:263
L:131213M. Covarrubias (VsDL)303K. Ramirez (CltH)
L:37136M. Covarrubias (VsDL)FMCPin :35
Melissa Covarrubias (Vista Del Lago)BYE265S. Pollock (REVH)
L:38A. Barker (SRAH)Pin :28
Sariah Pollock (Redlands East Valley HS)L:130214S. Pollock (REVH)
L:39137S. Pollock (REVH)Pin 2:08

126 (back to top)

Lelaina Navarro (Paloma Valley HS)1. Lelaina Navarro (PlVH)
41Lelaina Navarro (PlVH)2. Kassandra Flores (MrVH)
BYE3. Kassandra Valencia (SntH)
138Lelaina Navarro (PlVH)4. Alejandra Galindo (CtCH)
Karla Medina (Norco HS)Pin :28
42S. Brackenridge (CrtH)
Shaylin Brackenridge (Carter HS)Pin 4.23
266Lelaina Navarro (PlVH)
Destiny Furlong Mendevil (West Valley Hs)Pin 1:21
43J. Martinez (SnAH)
Josie Martinez (Santa Ana HS)Pin 3:58
139K. Valencia (SntH)
Pin 3:50
44K. Valencia (SntH)
Kassandra Valencia (Santiago HS)BYEChampion
336Lelaina Navarro (PlVH)
Kassandra Flores (Moreno Valley HS)Pin 2.:27
45K. Flores (MrVH)
140K. Flores (MrVH)
Leslie Solorio (Santa Ana HS)Pin 1:16
46L. Solorio (SnAH)
Rosibel Mendoza (Norco HS)3-2
267K. Flores (MrVH)
Devyn Dodge (Paloma Valley B)Pin 3:13
47D. Dodge (PlVB)
Reina Hastings (Chaparral HS)Pin 1:47
141A. Galindo (CtCH)
Pin 3:10
48A. Galindo (CtCH)
Alejandra Galindo (Cathedral City HS)BYE
K. Valencia (SntH)
D. Dodge (PlVB)L:266
L:141215D. Dodge (PlVB)304K. Valencia (SntH)
L:41142K. Medina (NrcH)Pin 1:256-4
Karla Medina (Norco HS)BYE268L. Solorio (SnAH)
L:42L. Solorio (SnAH)Pin 1:44Third
Destiny Furlong Mendevil (West Valley Hs)L:140216L. Solorio (SnAH)325K. Valencia (SntH)
L:43143Desiny (WsVH)Pin 5:13Pin 4:30
BYEA. Galindo (CtCH)
L:44J. Martinez (SnAH)L:267
L:139217R. Mendoza (NrcH)305A. Galindo (CtCH)
L:45144R. Mendoza (NrcH)8-6Pin 1:53
Rosibel Mendoza (Norco HS)BYE269S. Brackenridge (CrtH)
L:46S. Brackenridge (CrtH)Pin 3:46
Reina Hastings (Chaparral HS)L:138218S. Brackenridge (CrtH)
L:47145R. Hastings (ChpH)Pin 2:59

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Sabrina Bastideas (Rancho Verde HS)1. Sabrina Bastideas (RnVH)
49S. Bastideas (RnVH)2. Koraima Reyes (SntH)
BYE3. Laila Contreras (REVH)
146S. Bastideas (RnVH)4. Lea Mauhar (CrtH)
Katherine Montiel (Vista Del Lago)Pin 2:24
50Rachel Laird (PlVH)
Rachel Laird (Paloma Valley HS)Pin .14
270S. Bastideas (RnVH)
Alonna Preston (Moreno Valley HS)Pin 2:51
51A. Preston (MrVH)
Jaylene Wheatley (Santiago HS)Pin .25
147A. Preston (MrVH)
Ruby Rahman (Tahquitz HS)Pin
52K. Whamond (BmnH)
Karina Whamond (Beaumont HS)Pin 1:30Champion
337S. Bastideas (RnVH)
Laila Contreras (Redlands East Valley HS)Forfeit
53L. Contreras (REVH)
Brandee Greer (Murrieta Valley HS)DQ
148L. Contreras (REVH)
Sam Espitia (Elsinore HS)Pin :43
54L. Mauhar (CrtH)
Lea Mauhar (Carter HS)Pin 1:59
271K. Reyes (SntH)
Alexandria Garcia (Cathedral City HS)14-4
55A. Garcia (CtCH)
Mariah Ojeda (Vista Del Lago)Pin 3:03
149K. Reyes (SntH)
Pin 2:56
56K. Reyes (SntH)
Koraima Reyes (Santiago HS)BYE
A. Preston (MrVH)
A. Garcia (CtCH)L:270
L:149219A. Garcia (CtCH)306L. Mauhar (CrtH)
L:49150K. Montiel (VsDL)Pin 2:29Pin :30
Katherine Montiel (Vista Del Lago)BYE272L. Mauhar (CrtH)
L:50L. Mauhar (CrtH)Pin 2:56Third
Jaylene Wheatley (Santiago HS)L:148220L. Mauhar (CrtH)326L. Contreras (REVH)
L:51151J. Wheatley (SntH)Pin :561-0
Ruby Rahman (Tahquitz HS)Pin 5:18L. Contreras (REVH)
L:52K. Whamond (BmnH)L:271
Brandee Greer (Murrieta Valley HS)L:147221K. Whamond (BmnH)307L. Contreras (REVH)
L:53152S. Espitia (ElsH)6-2Pin 1:51
Sam Espitia (Elsinore HS)Forfeit273Rachel Laird (PlVH)
L:54Rachel Laird (PlVH)Pin :56
Mariah Ojeda (Vista Del Lago)L:146222Rachel Laird (PlVH)
L:55153M. Ojeda (VsDL)Pin :38

137 (back to top)

Genesis Miranda (Moreno Valley HS)1. Genesis Miranda (MrVH)
57G. Miranda (MrVH)2. Vanessa Gonzalez (RnVH)
BYE3. Anastasia Hardin (CltH)
154G. Miranda (MrVH)4. Mercedes Salazar (SnAH)
Briana Justine Rivera (Sultana HS)Pin 1:02
58B. J. Rivera (SltH)
Skyler Belleville (Santa Rosa Academy HS)Pin 3:30
274G. Miranda (MrVH)
Mercedes Salazar (Santa Ana HS)9-4
59M. Salazar (SnAH)
155A. Hardin (CltH)
Pin :50
60A. Hardin (CltH)
Anastasia Hardin (Colton HS)BYEChampion
338G. Miranda (MrVH)
Ashley Naranjo (Corona HS)Pin 3:25
61A. Naranjo (CrnH)
156A. Gonzalez (CtCH)
62A. Gonzalez (CtCH)
Alondra Gonzalez (Cathedral City HS)BYE
275V. Gonzalez (RnVH)
Leila Fonbuena (Chaparral HS)2-0
63L. Fonbuena (ChpH)
Arianna Raymond (Paloma Valley HS)Pin 2:38
157V. Gonzalez (RnVH)
Pin 4:48
64V. Gonzalez (RnVH)
Vanessa Gonzalez (Rancho Verde HS)BYE
A. Hardin (CltH)
L. Fonbuena (ChpH)L:274
L:157223L. Fonbuena (ChpH)308A. Hardin (CltH)
L:57158S. Belleville (SRAH)Pin 2:31Pin 3:11
Skyler Belleville (Santa Rosa Academy HS)BYE276L. Fonbuena (ChpH)
L:58A. Naranjo (CrnH)DQThird
L:156224A. Naranjo (CrnH)327A. Hardin (CltH)
L:59159BYEPin 3:25
A. Gonzalez (CtCH)
L:60M. Salazar (SnAH)L:275
L:155225M. Salazar (SnAH)309M. Salazar (SnAH)
L:61160BYEPin 2:00
277M. Salazar (SnAH)
L:62B. J. Rivera (SltH)Pin 1:27
Arianna Raymond (Paloma Valley HS)L:154226B. J. Rivera (SltH)
L:63161Arianna Raymond (PlVH)Pin 3:39

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Myriya Ramirez (Beaumont HS)1. Angela Inprom (CtCH)
65M. Ramirez (BmnH)2. Myriya Ramirez (BmnH)
BYE3. Tiera Jimerson (RnVH)
162M. Ramirez (BmnH)4. Alexus Ramirez (CrnH)
Fatima Saldana (Moreno Valley B)Pin 2:22
66M. Casa (MrVH)
Marisela Casa (Moreno Valley HS)Pin 2:45
278M. Ramirez (BmnH)
Alanna Baker (Santiago HS)Pin 4:59
67A. Baker (SntH)
163A. Ramirez (CrnH)
Pin 3:40
68A. Ramirez (CrnH)
Alexus Ramirez (Corona HS)BYEChampion
339A. Inprom (CtCH)
Tiera Jimerson (Rancho Verde HS)Pin :48
69T. Jimerson (RnVH)
164T. Jimerson (RnVH)
Pin 1:20
70A. Woody (BmnH)
Alana Woody (Beaumont HS)BYE
279A. Inprom (CtCH)
Lauren Tate (Santiago HS)Pin
71Maya Cruz (PlVH)
Maya Cruz (Paloma Valley HS)Pin .57
165A. Inprom (CtCH)
Pin 3;20
72A. Inprom (CtCH)
Angela Inprom (Cathedral City HS)BYE
A. Ramirez (CrnH)
Maya Cruz (PlVH)L:278
L:165227Maya Cruz (PlVH)310A. Ramirez (CrnH)
L:65166F. Saldana (MrVB)Pin 1:436-2
Fatima Saldana (Moreno Valley B)BYE280Maya Cruz (PlVH)
L:66A. Woody (BmnH)Pin :24Third
L:164228A. Woody (BmnH)328T. Jimerson (RnVH)
T. Jimerson (RnVH)
L:68A. Baker (SntH)L:279
L:163229A. Baker (SntH)311T. Jimerson (RnVH)
281M. Casa (MrVH)
L:70M. Casa (MrVH)DQ
Lauren Tate (Santiago HS)L:162230M. Casa (MrVH)
L:71169L. Tate (SntH)Pin 2:05

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Juliana Bricarello (Beaumont HS)1. Juliana Bricarello (BmnH)
73J. Bricarello (BmnH)2. Kayla Cortez (ElsH)
BYE3. Daisy Juerez (BmnH)
170J. Bricarello (BmnH)4. Angelina Andrade (RvPH)
Pin :38
74Brianna Garcia (PlVH)
Brianna Garcia (Paloma Valley HS)BYE
282J. Bricarello (BmnH)
Sydney DeVilla (Canyon HS)Pin :39
75S. DeVilla (cynh)
171S. DeVilla (cynh)
Pin 1:11
76D. George (SRAH)
Daisy George (Santa Rosa Academy HS)BYEChampion
340J. Bricarello (BmnH)
Daisy Juerez (Beaumont HS)Pin :34
77D. Juerez (BmnH)
172D. Juerez (BmnH)
78A. Andrade (RvPH)
Angelina Andrade (Riverside Poly HS)BYE
283K. Cortez (ElsH)
Kayla Cortez (Elsinore HS)Pin 1:41
79K. Cortez (ElsH)
173K. Cortez (ElsH)
Pin :55
80L. Waldrip (CrnH)
Lindsay Waldrip (Corona HS)BYE
S. DeVilla (cynh)
L. Waldrip (CrnH)L:282
L:173231L. Waldrip (CrnH)312A. Andrade (RvPH)
284A. Andrade (RvPH)
L:74A. Andrade (RvPH)DQThird
L:172232A. Andrade (RvPH)329D. Juerez (BmnH)
L:75175BYEPin 4:45
D. Juerez (BmnH)
L:76D. George (SRAH)L:283
L:171233D. George (SRAH)313D. Juerez (BmnH)
L:77176BYEPin 4:37
285Brianna Garcia (PlVH)
L:78Brianna Garcia (PlVH)Pin 2:05
L:170234Brianna Garcia (PlVH)

160 (back to top)

Abbi Turner (Corona HS)1. Abbi Turner (CrnH)
81A. Turner (CrnH)2. Samantha Lucero (CrtH)
Melanie Ruiz (Beaumont HS)Pin :203. Ana Salinas (SnAH)
4. Melanie Ruiz (BmnH)
Ana Salinas (Santa Ana HS)
82S. Lucero (CrtH)
Samantha Lucero (Carter HS)Pin 1:53
A. Turner (CrnH)A. Turner (CrnH)
from N:81178A. Turner (CrnH)from N:178235A. Turner (CrnH)
S. Lucero (CrtH)Pin 1:32A. Salinas (SnAH)Pin
from S:82from S:179
M. Ruiz (BmnH)S. Lucero (CrtH)
from S:81179A. Salinas (SnAH)from S:178236S. Lucero (CrtH)
A. Salinas (SnAH)Pin 2:15M. Ruiz (BmnH)DQ
from N:82from N:179

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Joanna Hendricks (Beaumont HS)1. Kiri Schell (Murrieta)
83J. Hendricks (BmnH)2. Joanna Hendricks (BmnH)
BYE3. Miranda Koppi (CrnH)
180J. Hendricks (BmnH)4. Gabriella Espinoza (PlVH)
Jessica Ortiz (Cathedral City HS)Pin 4:45
84Gabriella Espinoza (PlVH)
Gabriella Espinoza (Paloma Valley HS)DQChampion
314K. Schell (Murrieta)
Miranda Koppi (Corona HS)Pin
85M. Koppi (CrnH)
181K. Schell (Murrieta)
Alondra Carrillo (Elsinore HS)Pin 1:58
86K. Schell (Murrieta)
Kiri Schell (Murrieta Valley HS)Pin :29
M. Koppi (CrnH)
L:181237M. Koppi (CrnH)
L:83182J. Ortiz (CtCH)ForfeitThird
Jessica Ortiz (Cathedral City HS)BYE286M. Koppi (CrnH)
L:84Gabriella Espinoza (PlVH)Pin 1:48
L:180238Gabriella Espinoza (PlVH)
L:85183A. Carrillo (ElsH)Pin 2:08
Alondra Carrillo (Elsinore HS)BYE

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Amara Devericks (Corona HS)A. Devericks (CrnH)
87A. Devericks (CrnH)from N:87184A. Devericks (CrnH)
BYER. Casas (MrVH)Pin :43
from S:88
Samantha Aguilera (Santa Ana HS)
88R. Casas (MrVH)from S:87185
Rosalia Casas (Moreno Valley HS)Pin 1:50Alexis Kozar (PlVH)
from S:89
Emerald Patino (Beaumont HS)S. Aguilera (SnAH)
89Alexis Kozar (PlVH)from N:88186S. Aguilera (SnAH)
Alexis Kozar (Paloma Valley HS)Pin 2:43E. Patino (BmnH)14-2
from N:89
A. Devericks (CrnH)
from N:184239from N:239287from N:287315
from S:185from S:240from S:288
R. Casas (MrVH)
from S:184240from S:239288from S:287316
E. Patino (BmnH)
from S:186from S:241from S:289
from N:185241from N:240289from N:288317
S. Aguilera (SnAH)
from N:186from N:241from N:289

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Annalee Hernandez (Elsinore HS)1. Kassandra Ayard (PlVH)
90A. Hernandez (ElsH)2. Annalee Hernandez (ElsH)
BYE3. Daniela Galvez (REVH)
187A. Hernandez (ElsH)4. Kalista Banales (CrtH)
Adriana Platas (Moreno Valley HS)Pin 2:24
91A. Platas (MrVH)
Valerie Gomez (Vista Del Lago)Pin 1:00
290A. Hernandez (ElsH)
Brittany Cuevas (Corona HS)1-0
92B. Cuevas (CrnH)
188D. Galvez (REVH)
Pin 3:50
93D. Galvez (REVH)
Daniela Galvez (Redlands East Valley HS)BYEChampion
341Kassandra Ayard (PlVH)
Kalista Banales (Carter HS)Pin
94K. Banales (CrtH)
189K. Banales (CrtH)
Evelyn Garza (Cathedral City HS)Pin :22
95R. Gutierrez (SnAH)
Rose Gutierrez (Santa Ana HS)Pin 3:28
291Kassandra Ayard (PlVH)
Jacquline Lueras (Moreno Valley HS)Pin :41
96M. Franco (SnAH)
Mayra Franco (Santa Ana HS)Pin 2:57
190Kassandra Ayard (PlVH)
Pin 1:30
97Kassandra Ayard (PlVH)
Kassandra Ayard (Paloma Valley HS)BYE
D. Galvez (REVH)
M. Franco (SnAH)L:290
L:190242M. Franco (SnAH)318D. Galvez (REVH)
L:90191V. Gomez (VsDL)Pin :47Pin 2:54
Valerie Gomez (Vista Del Lago)BYE292M. Franco (SnAH)
L:91R. Gutierrez (SnAH)Pin 16Third
L:189243R. Gutierrez (SnAH)330D. Galvez (REVH)
K. Banales (CrtH)
L:93B. Cuevas (CrnH)L:291
L:188244B. Cuevas (CrnH)319K. Banales (CrtH)
L:94193E. Garza (CtCH)1-0Pin :21
Evelyn Garza (Cathedral City HS)BYE293B. Cuevas (CrnH)
L:95A. Platas (MrVH)Pin :30
Jacquline Lueras (Moreno Valley HS)L:187245A. Platas (MrVH)
L:96194J. Lueras (MrVH)Pin 4:54