Rodeo Girls Wrestling Challenge

Norco CA

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Award winners (back to top)

Name of the award Awarded to
MVP Upper
MVP Lower
1st Place Team
2nd Place Team
3rd Place Team

Team scores (back to top)

Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
Beaumont HS (Beaumont) 143.0 4 7 27 12 20 0 0
El Monte HS (ElMH) 101.0 3 6 16 10 13 0 0
Corona HS (Corona) 85.0 2 6 15 12 12 0 0
Norco HS (NORCO) 64.0 2 3 11 7 7 0 1
Perris HS (Perris) 63.0 1 4 12 19 7 0 0
Eisenhower HS (EISENHOWER) 61.0 1 3 13 10 8 0 0
Santiago HS (Santiago) 61.0 2 3 11 7 6 0 2
Murrieta Valley HS (Murrieta) 56.0 2 2 9 2 8 0 0
Redlands East Valley HS (RedlandsEV) 55.0 2 2 10 4 5 0 0
Lake Elsinore HS (LakeElsinore) 51.0 1 4 9 12 6 0 1
Serrano HS (Serrano) 48.0 2 3 7 3 4 0 0
San Jacinto HS (SanJacinto) 43.0 1 2 8 5 6 0 1
Don Lugo HS (DNLH) 39.0 0 2 9 7 9 0 0
Etiwanda HS (Etiwanda) 36.0 1 1 8 4 6 0 0
Palm Desert HS (PalmDesert) 31.0 1 1 6 9 3 0 0
Colton High School (Colton) 30.0 1 2 5 2 3 0 0
Yucca Valley HS (YuccaV) 28.0 0 2 6 12 5 0 0
Redlands (Redlands) 24.0 1 1 4 5 2 0 0
Chino Hills HS (Chino) 20.0 1 1 3 1 2 0 0
Rubidoux HS (Rubidoux) 20.0 0 1 5 14 4 0 0
Arlington HS (Arlington) 0.0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0
Simi HS (Simi) 0.0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0
West Covina HS (WestCovaina) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

101 (back to top)

Estrella Martinez (Murrieta Valley HS)1. Estrella Martinez (Murrieta)
1E. Martinez (Murrieta)2. Aerial Madgrial (Beaumont)
Kaileah Gutierrez (Perris HS)Pin3. Amarilys Torres (LakeElsinore)
77E. Martinez (Murrieta)4. Desteny Carranza (YuccaV)
Ana Cornego (Rubidoux HS)Pin 2:35
2S. Lopez (PalmDesert)
Serena Lopez (Palm Desert HS)Pin q.27Champion
192E. Martinez (Murrieta)
Aerial Madgrial (Beaumont HS)Pin 4:14
3A. Madgrial (Beaumont)
Amarilys Torres (Lake Elsinore HS)Pin 1.07
78A. Madgrial (Beaumont)
Esmeralda Alba (San Jacinto HS)Pin 1:17
4D. Carranza (YuccaV)
Desteny Carranza (Yucca Valley HS)Pin .58
Round 1Round 2Round 4
D. Carranza (YuccaV)
Kaileah Gutierrez (Perris HS)L:78153D. Carranza (YuccaV)
L:179K. Gutierrez (Perris)Pin 2:59Third
Ana Cornego (Rubidoux HS)Injury Def.191A. Torres (LakeElsinore)
L:2S. Lopez (PalmDesert)Pin 3:42
Amarilys Torres (Lake Elsinore HS)L:77154A. Torres (LakeElsinore)
L:380A. Torres (LakeElsinore)Pin 2:02
Esmeralda Alba (San Jacinto HS)12-1
Round 2Round 3Round 4

106 (back to top)

Julia Peters (Etiwanda HS)1. Sandra Cortez (SanJacinto)
5J. Peters (Etiwanda)2. Maya Souza (ElMH)
BYE3. Trista Henderson (Santiago)
81M. Souza (ElMH)4. Frankie Baker (Corona)
Jaelyn Franks (Santiago HS)Pin .40
6M. Souza (ElMH)
Maya Souza (El Monte HS)Pin 1.17
193M. Souza (ElMH)
Jasmin Garcia (Corona HS)Pin .30
7J. Garcia (Corona)
82D. Martinez (PalmDesert)
Pin 1:54
8D. Martinez (PalmDesert)
Daisy Martinez (Palm Desert HS)BYEChampion
240S. Cortez (SanJacinto)
Rosalia Lungaro (Lake Elsinore HS)12-4
9R. Lungaro (LakeElsinore)
83T. Henderson (Santiago)
Pin 1:39
10T. Henderson (Santiago)
Trista Henderson (Santiago HS)BYE
194S. Cortez (SanJacinto)
Frankie Baker (Corona HS)Pin 4:43
11F. Baker (Corona)
84S. Cortez (SanJacinto)
Pin .50
12S. Cortez (SanJacinto)
Sandra Cortez (San Jacinto HS)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4Round 6
D. Martinez (PalmDesert)
F. Baker (Corona)L:193
L:84155F. Baker (Corona)229F. Baker (Corona)
L:585J. Franks (Santiago)Pin 3.24Pin 3:42
Jaelyn Franks (Santiago HS)BYE195F. Baker (Corona)
L:6R. Lungaro (LakeElsinore)Pin 2:52Third
L:83156R. Lungaro (LakeElsinore)239T. Henderson (Santiago)
L:786BYEPin .46
T. Henderson (Santiago)
L:8J. Garcia (Corona)L:194
L:82157J. Garcia (Corona)230T. Henderson (Santiago)
L:987BYEPin .53
196J. Peters (Etiwanda)
L:10J. Peters (Etiwanda)Pin 3:24
L:81158J. Peters (Etiwanda)
Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6

111 (back to top)

Adriana Mejia (Perris HS)1. Makeayla Della-Croce (Santiago)
13A. Mejia (Perris)2. Jocelyn Camacho (EISENHOWER)
BYE3. Adriana Mejia (Perris)
89J. Camacho (EISENHOWER)4. Helen Zamarripa (LakeElsinore)
Brianna Earl (Norco HS)Pin 2:12
14J. Camacho (EISENHOWER)
Jocelyn Camacho (Eisenhower HS)Pin .58Champion
198M. Della-Croce (Santiago)
Monica Zavaia (Rubidoux HS)10-0
15M. Della-Croce (Santiago)
Makeayla Della-Croce (Santiago HS)Pin 1.27
90M. Della-Croce (Santiago)
16H. Zamarripa (LakeElsinore)
Helen Zamarripa (Lake Elsinore HS)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
H. Zamarripa (LakeElsinore)
L:90159H. Zamarripa (LakeElsinore)
L:1391B. Earl (NORCO)Pin 2:50Third
Brianna Earl (Norco HS)BYE197A. Mejia (Perris)
L:14A. Mejia (Perris)7-3
Monica Zavaia (Rubidoux HS)L:89160A. Mejia (Perris)
L:1592M. Zavaia (Rubidoux)Pin 1:08
Round 2Round 3Round 4

116 (back to top)

Berenice Chihuahua (Corona HS)1. Kayla Breceda (NORCO)
17B. Chihuahua (Corona)2. Berenice Chihuahua (Corona)
BYE3. Kristina Leslie (SanJacinto)
93B. Chihuahua (Corona)4. Julia Cueva (ElMH)
Aaliyah Sidoti (Norco HS)Pin 3:07
18A. Sidoti (NORCO)
Maricel Ramirez (El Monte HS)PinChampion
200K. Breceda (NORCO)
Julia Cueva (El Monte HS)6-1
19J. Cueva (ElMH)
Cianna Lopez (Rubidoux HS)Pin
94K. Breceda (NORCO)
Kristina Leslie (San Jacinto HS)Pin 1:08
20K. Breceda (NORCO)
Kayla Breceda (Norco HS)Pin
Round 1Round 2Round 4
J. Cueva (ElMH)
L:94161J. Cueva (ElMH)
L:1795M. Ramirez (ElMH)Pin 3:47Third
Maricel Ramirez (El Monte HS)BYE199K. Leslie (SanJacinto)
L:18A. Sidoti (NORCO)Pin .42
Cianna Lopez (Rubidoux HS)L:93162K. Leslie (SanJacinto)
L:1996K. Leslie (SanJacinto)Pin 2:16
Kristina Leslie (San Jacinto HS)Pin .48
Round 2Round 3Round 4

121 (back to top)

Kary Phillips (Chino Hills HS)1. Rebecca Drown (NORCO)
21K. Phillips (Chino)2. Kary Phillips (Chino)
BYE3. Magdalena Miranda (EISENHOWER)
97K. Phillips (Chino)4. Genesis Rialmo (YuccaV)
Maria Rodrigues (Rubidoux HS)Pin .40
22M. Rodrigues (Rubidoux)
Veronica Barrios (Perris HS)Pin 1:02
201K. Phillips (Chino)
Flor Hernandez (Don Lugo HS)Pin 3:42
23F. Hernandez (DNLH)
Cynthia Navarro (Lake Elsinore HS)Pin .38
98G. Rialmo (YuccaV)
Pin .32
24G. Rialmo (YuccaV)
Genesis Rialmo (Yucca Valley HS)BYEChampion
242R. Drown (NORCO)
Magdalena Miranda (Eisenhower HS)7-0
25M. Miranda (EISENHOWER)
99M. Miranda (EISENHOWER)
Karina Rodriquez (Perris HS)Pin 4:29
26S. Nevis (Beaumont)
Sonya Nevis (Beaumont HS)Pin 1:55
202R. Drown (NORCO)
Yadira Trujillo (Arlington HS)10-0
27S. Pollock (RedlandsEV)
Saiah Pollock (Redlands East Valley HS)Forfeit
100R. Drown (NORCO)
Pin .11
28R. Drown (NORCO)
Rebecca Drown (Norco HS)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4Round 6
G. Rialmo (YuccaV)
S. Pollock (RedlandsEV)L:201
L:100163S. Pollock (RedlandsEV)231G. Rialmo (YuccaV)
L:21101V. Barrios (Perris)Pin 0-6 1:Pin .56
Veronica Barrios (Perris HS)BYE203S. Nevis (Beaumont)
L:22S. Nevis (Beaumont)Pin 2:09Third
Cynthia Navarro (Lake Elsinore HS)L:99164S. Nevis (Beaumont)241M. Miranda (EISENHOWER)
L:23102C. Navarro (LakeElsinore)Pin 2:09Pin .27
L:24F. Hernandez (DNLH)L:202
L:98165F. Hernandez (DNLH)232M. Miranda (EISENHOWER)
L:25103K. Rodriquez (Perris)Pin .40Pin 3:29
Karina Rodriquez (Perris HS)BYE204F. Hernandez (DNLH)
L:26M. Rodrigues (Rubidoux)Pin 2:40
Yadira Trujillo (Arlington HS)L:97166M. Rodrigues (Rubidoux)
L:27104Y. Trujillo (Arlington)Forfeit
Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6

126 (back to top)

Karissa Ramirez (Colton High School)1. Karissa Ramirez (Colton)
29K. Ramirez (Colton)2. Niclole Contreras (PalmDesert)
BYE3. Karla Medina (NORCO)
105K. Ramirez (Colton)4. Wendy Noj-Caballeros (EISENHOWER)
Johanna Carmona (Palm Desert HS)Pin .15
30K. Medina (NORCO)
Karla Medina (Norco HS)Pin 1:32Champion
206K. Ramirez (Colton)
Dominique Rodriquez (Corona HS)Pin 1:35
31N. Contreras (PalmDesert)
Niclole Contreras (Palm Desert HS)Forfeit
106N. Contreras (PalmDesert)
Wendy Noj-Caballeros (Eisenhower HS)Pin 1:08
32W. Noj-Caballeros (EISENHOWER)
Rosario Pena (Palm Desert HS)Pin 1:59
Round 1Round 2Round 4
W. Noj-Caballeros (EISENHOWER)
L:106167W. Noj-Caballeros (EISENHOWER)
L:29107J. Carmona (PalmDesert)Pin 2:39Third
Johanna Carmona (Palm Desert HS)BYE205K. Medina (NORCO)
L:30K. Medina (NORCO)Pin 2:40
Dominique Rodriquez (Corona HS)L:105168K. Medina (NORCO)
L:31108R. Pena (PalmDesert)Pin 2:22
Rosario Pena (Palm Desert HS)Forfeit
Round 2Round 3Round 4

131 (back to top)

Carah Tekahashi (Yucca Valley HS)
33C. Tekahashi (YuccaV)
109N. Servin (Corona)
Mia Godinez (Don Lugo HS)Pin 3:10
34N. Servin (Corona)
Natalie Servin (Corona HS)Pin .42
207K. Reyes (Santiago)
Lizette Rodriquez (Perris HS)Pin .19
35K. Chavez (EISENHOWER)
Kathia Chavez (Eisenhower HS)Pin 1.31
110K. Reyes (Santiago)
Pin 3:50
36K. Reyes (Santiago)
Koraima Reyes (Santiago HS)BYEChampion
Magda Betancourt (Eisenhower HS)
37M. Betancourt (EISENHOWER)
111M. Betancourt (EISENHOWER)
Cheyenne Hallabrin (Yucca Valley HS)2-1
38C. Hallabrin (YuccaV)
Kassandra Valencia (Santiago HS)Pin
208K. Whamond (Beaumont)
Daisy Gonzalez (Perris HS)Pin 1:01
39C. Rios (Etiwanda)
Chealsea Rios (Etiwanda HS)Pin .47
112K. Whamond (Beaumont)
40K. Whamond (Beaumont)
Karina Whamond (Beaumont HS)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4Round 6
N. Servin (Corona)
C. Rios (Etiwanda)L:207
L:112169C. Rios (Etiwanda)233N. Servin (Corona)
L:33113M. Godinez (DNLH)Pin 2:30Pin 4:55
Mia Godinez (Don Lugo HS)BYE209C. Rios (Etiwanda)
L:34C. Hallabrin (YuccaV)Pin 2:46Third
Lizette Rodriquez (Perris HS)L:111170L. Rodriquez (Perris)243N. Servin (Corona)
L:35114L. Rodriquez (Perris)ForfeitPin 2:54
L:36K. Chavez (EISENHOWER)L:208
L:110171K. Valencia (Santiago)234D. Gonzalez (Perris)
L:37115K. Valencia (Santiago)13-8Pin .54
Kassandra Valencia (Santiago HS)BYE210D. Gonzalez (Perris)
L:38C. Tekahashi (YuccaV)Injury Def.
Daisy Gonzalez (Perris HS)L:109172D. Gonzalez (Perris)
L:39116D. Gonzalez (Perris)Pin 3:53
Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6

137 (back to top)

Laila Contreras (Redlands East Valley HS)1. Laila Contreras (RedlandsEV)
41L. Contreras (RedlandsEV)2. Perla Gonsalez (ElMH)
BYE3. Hermina Estrada (ElMH)
117L. Contreras (RedlandsEV)4. Melissa Paredes (DNLH)
Adriana Reyes (Rubidoux HS)4-3
42H. Estrada (ElMH)
Hermina Estrada (El Monte HS)Pin 1:02Champion
212L. Contreras (RedlandsEV)
Melissa Paredes (Don Lugo HS)Pin 4:35
43M. Paredes (DNLH)
Haley Miller (Yucca Valley HS)Pin .51
118P. Gonsalez (ElMH)
Alreana Morales (Rubidoux HS)Pin 5:45
44P. Gonsalez (ElMH)
Perla Gonsalez (El Monte HS)Pin .25
Round 1Round 2Round 4
M. Paredes (DNLH)
L:118173M. Paredes (DNLH)
L:41119A. Reyes (Rubidoux)Pin .28Third
Adriana Reyes (Rubidoux HS)BYE211H. Estrada (ElMH)
L:42H. Estrada (ElMH)9-4
Haley Miller (Yucca Valley HS)L:117174H. Estrada (ElMH)
L:43120A. Morales (Rubidoux)Pin .35
Alreana Morales (Rubidoux HS)Pin 2:57
Round 2Round 3Round 4

143 (back to top)

12|Maeve Matthews (Serrano HS)1. Jen Garcia (ElMH)
45M. Matthews (Serrano)2. Maeve Matthews (Serrano)
BYE3. Myriya Ramierez (Beaumont)
121M. Matthews (Serrano)4. Leilani Rodriquez (Beaumont)
Isabella Hernadez (San Jacinto HS)Pin 2:50
46B. Greer (Murrieta)
Brandee Greer (Murrieta Valley HS)Pin
213M. Matthews (Serrano)
Daisey Juarez (Beaumont HS)Pin 1:38
47D. Juarez (Beaumont)
122D. Jerez (RedlandsEV)
Pin .57
48D. Jerez (RedlandsEV)
Daisy Jerez (Redlands East Valley HS)BYEChampion
246J. Garcia (ElMH)
Leilani Rodriquez (Beaumont HS)Pin 5;32
49L. Rodriquez (Beaumont)
123M. Ramierez (Beaumont)
50M. Ramierez (Beaumont)
Myriya Ramierez (Beaumont HS)BYE
214J. Garcia (ElMH)
Romana Perez-Ortiz (Redlands)10-5
51R. Perez-Ortiz (Redlands)
Alanna Baker (Santiago HS)7-0
124J. Garcia (ElMH)
Pin .50
52J. Garcia (ElMH)
Jen Garcia (El Monte HS)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4Round 6
D. Jerez (RedlandsEV)
R. Perez-Ortiz (Redlands)L:213
L:124175I. Hernadez (SanJacinto)235L. Rodriquez (Beaumont)
L:45125I. Hernadez (SanJacinto)Pin .13Pin .28
Isabella Hernadez (San Jacinto HS)BYE215L. Rodriquez (Beaumont)
L:46L. Rodriquez (Beaumont)Pin 1:56Third
L:123176L. Rodriquez (Beaumont)245M. Ramierez (Beaumont)
L:47126BYEPin 3:10
M. Ramierez (Beaumont)
L:48D. Juarez (Beaumont)L:214
L:122177D. Juarez (Beaumont)236M. Ramierez (Beaumont)
L:49127BYEPin 2:46
216B. Greer (Murrieta)
L:50B. Greer (Murrieta)Pin .56
Alanna Baker (Santiago HS)L:121178B. Greer (Murrieta)
L:51128A. Baker (Santiago)Pin 2:16
Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6

150 (back to top)

Naomy Diaz (El Monte HS)1. Juliana Bricarello (Beaumont)
53N. Diaz (ElMH)2. Shea Campbell (Redlands)
BYE3. Naomy Diaz (ElMH)
129J. Bricarello (Beaumont)4. Anastasis Hardin (Colton)
Juliana Bricarello (Beaumont HS)Pin 1:51
54J. Bricarello (Beaumont)
Anastasis Hardin (Colton High School)PinChampion
218J. Bricarello (Beaumont)
Shea Campbell (Redlands)Pin 1:15
55S. Campbell (Redlands)
Alana Woody (Beaumont HS)Pin 1:45
130S. Campbell (Redlands)
Daniela Leal (Perris HS)Pin 1:06
56D. Leal (Perris)
Hayley Ross (Simi HS)Pin .53
Round 1Round 2Round 4
D. Leal (Perris)
L:130179A. Hardin (Colton)
L:53131A. Hardin (Colton)Pin 3:25Third
Anastasis Hardin (Colton High School)BYE217N. Diaz (ElMH)
L:54N. Diaz (ElMH)Pin 5:00
Alana Woody (Beaumont HS)L:129180N. Diaz (ElMH)
L:55132A. Woody (Beaumont)Pin 3:59
Hayley Ross (Simi HS)Pin .43
Round 2Round 3Round 4

160 (back to top)

12|Sierra Alfonso (Serrano HS)1. Jodie Hartlein (Etiwanda)
57S. Alfonso (Serrano)2. Sierra Alfonso (Serrano)
BYE3. Keila Pacheco (Perris)
133S. Alfonso (Serrano)4. Kayla Cortez (LakeElsinore)
Keila Pacheco (Perris HS)Pin 1:11
58K. Cortez (LakeElsinore)
Kayla Cortez (Lake Elsinore HS)12-9Champion
220J. Hartlein (Etiwanda)
Jodie Hartlein (Etiwanda HS)Pin 3:46
59J. Hartlein (Etiwanda)
134J. Hartlein (Etiwanda)
Pin 4:22
60S. Ross (Simi)
Summer Ross (Simi HS)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
S. Ross (Simi)
L:134181K. Pacheco (Perris)
L:57135K. Pacheco (Perris)Pin 2:21Third
Keila Pacheco (Perris HS)BYE219K. Pacheco (Perris)
L:58K. Cortez (LakeElsinore)Pin 2:06
L:133182K. Cortez (LakeElsinore)
Round 2Round 3Round 4

170 (back to top)

Miranda Koppi (Corona HS)1. Kiri Schell (Murrieta)
61M. Koppi (Corona)2. Friday Mastache (Perris)
BYE3. Justine Matson (Serrano)
137F. Mastache (Perris)4. Miranda Koppi (Corona)
Friday Mastache (Perris HS)Forfeit
62F. Mastache (Perris)
Samantha Gabdardo (El Monte HS)Pin 1:49Champion
222K. Schell (Murrieta)
11|Justine Matson (Serrano HS)Pin .45
63J. Matson (Serrano)
138K. Schell (Murrieta)
Pin 3:41
64K. Schell (Murrieta)
Kiri Schell (Murrieta Valley HS)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4
J. Matson (Serrano)
L:138183J. Matson (Serrano)
L:61139S. Gabdardo (ElMH)Pin 2:02Third
Samantha Gabdardo (El Monte HS)BYE221J. Matson (Serrano)
L:62M. Koppi (Corona)Forfeit
L:137184M. Koppi (Corona)
Round 2Round 3Round 4

189 (back to top)

Joanna Hendricks (Beaumont HS)1. Joanna Hendricks (Beaumont)
65J. Hendricks (Beaumont)2. Sarah Callahan (Corona)
BYE3. Jaeleen Robledo (DNLH)
141J. Hendricks (Beaumont)4. Emerald Patino (Beaumont)
Jaeleen Robledo (Don Lugo HS)Pin 1:04
66E. Patino (Beaumont)
Emerald Patino (Beaumont HS)Pin
223J. Hendricks (Beaumont)
Jasmine Borjas (Eisenhower HS)Pin .22
67J. Borjas (EISENHOWER)
142J. Borjas (EISENHOWER)
68D. Hurtado (Perris)
Daniela Hurtado (Perris HS)BYEChampion
248J. Hendricks (Beaumont)
Sarah Callahan (Corona HS)Pin 1:45
69S. Callahan (Corona)
143S. Callahan (Corona)
Pin 2:26
70M. Cuevas (Perris)
Maricruz Cuevas (Perris HS)BYE
224S. Callahan (Corona)
Alondra Felix-Carrillo (Lake Elsinore HS)Pin 2:23
71A. Felix-Carrillo (LakeElsinore)
144A. Felix-Carrillo (LakeElsinore)
Pin 1:57
72V. Flores (NORCO)
Vanessa Flores (Norco HS)BYE
Round 1Round 2Round 4Round 6
V. Flores (NORCO)L:223
L:144185J. Robledo (DNLH)237J. Robledo (DNLH)
L:65145J. Robledo (DNLH)Pin .40Pin .49
Jaeleen Robledo (Don Lugo HS)BYE225J. Robledo (DNLH)
L:66M. Cuevas (Perris)Pin 4:31Third
L:143186M. Cuevas (Perris)247J. Robledo (DNLH)
A. Felix-Carrillo (LakeElsinore)
L:68D. Hurtado (Perris)L:224
L:142187D. Hurtado (Perris)238E. Patino (Beaumont)
L:69147BYEPin 2:45
226E. Patino (Beaumont)
L:70E. Patino (Beaumont)Forfeit
L:141188E. Patino (Beaumont)
Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6

235 (back to top)

Daniela Galvez (Redlands East Valley HS)1. Daniela Galvez (RedlandsEV)
73D. Galvez (RedlandsEV)2. Annalee Hernandez (LakeElsinore)
BYE3. Jennifer Sanchez (Corona)
149D. Galvez (RedlandsEV)4. Alanis Yanez (Rubidoux)
Danielle Mercadel (Arlington HS)Pin 1:20
74A. Aguayo (Redlands)
Angelina Aguayo (Redlands)ForfeitChampion
228D. Galvez (RedlandsEV)
Jennifer Sanchez (Corona HS)Pin 2:26
75J. Sanchez (Corona)
Arruyena Renquist (Yucca Valley HS)Pin .37
150A. Hernandez (LakeElsinore)
Alanis Yanez (Rubidoux HS)Pin 1:52
76A. Hernandez (LakeElsinore)
Annalee Hernandez (Lake Elsinore HS)Pin 2:52
Round 1Round 2Round 4
J. Sanchez (Corona)
L:150189J. Sanchez (Corona)
L:73151D. Mercadel (Arlington)ForfeitThird
Danielle Mercadel (Arlington HS)BYE227J. Sanchez (Corona)
L:74A. Aguayo (Redlands)Pin 2:03
Arruyena Renquist (Yucca Valley HS)L:149190A. Yanez (Rubidoux)
L:75152A. Yanez (Rubidoux)Pin 3:30
Alanis Yanez (Rubidoux HS)Pin 1:35
Round 2Round 3Round 4