Brian Wiley Memorial Tournament -Session1- Div.1,2,3 on 3/24/2018

Pine Bush, NY

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Award winners (back to top)

Name of the award Awarded to
Most Outstanding Wrestler - D1 Evan Gomez - Valley Central
Most Outstanding Wrestler - D2 Michael Viafore - Gorilla Grapplers
Most Outstanding Wrestler - D3 Brighton Karvoski - Newtown, CT
Team Champion - Session 1 Newtown, CT (200.5 pts)
Team 2nd Place - Session 1 Gorilla Grapplers (116.5 pts)
Team 3rd Place - Session 1 Valley Central (91.5 pts)

Team scores (back to top)

Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
Newtown (Nwtw) 200.5 9 13 31 10 17 1 0
Gorilla Grapplers (GrlG) 116.5 6 6 16 2 7 2 0
Valley Central (VllC) 91.5 2 7 15 14 7 0 4
Danbury (Dnbr) 91.0 3 7 13 7 6 0 2
Rednose (Rdns) 88.0 3 7 13 8 6 0 0
Bethel (Bthl) 66.0 2 5 9 13 7 0 0
NY Wrestling Academy (NYWA) 49.5 1 3 8 11 3 0 2
BYAA (BYAA) 43.0 2 2 6 0 2 0 1
Spartans (Sprt) 33.5 2 2 4 2 2 1 0
Tri State (TrSt) 33.0 0 3 7 6 4 0 2
none (none) 33.0 1 5 4 17 0 0 0
FLOW (FLOW) 30.0 2 2 4 2 0 0 2
Walton (Wltn) 29.5 2 2 3 5 2 0 0
Wappingers Warriors (WppW) 29.0 1 3 4 11 2 0 0
Bear Cave (BrCv) 28.0 2 2 4 1 3 0 0
RoughHouse (RghH) 27.0 1 2 5 1 0 0 1
WildCats (WldC) 27.0 1 3 2 8 2 0 0
The Edge (ThEd) 26.0 1 2 4 2 0 0 1
HudValley Wrstlg Acad (HdWA) 25.0 1 2 4 2 1 0 0
Drillmasters (Drll) 24.0 1 2 3 2 1 0 1
Monroe (Mnr) 23.0 1 2 2 5 1 0 0
Deposit Youth Wrestling (DpYW) 22.0 1 1 2 0 2 0 0
New Canaan (NwCn) 22.0 1 1 3 0 2 0 0
Delaware Valley (DlwV) 19.5 1 1 2 0 1 0 0
Elite (Elt) 19.5 1 1 3 2 0 1 0
Caldwell (Cldw) 15.0 1 1 2 3 0 0 1
Pine Bush (PnBs) 14.0 0 2 1 4 1 0 0
Wallkill (Wllk) 13.5 0 1 3 1 1 1 0
Chenango Valley (ChnV) 12.0 0 1 3 5 1 0 0
Minisink Valley (MnsV) 10.0 1 1 0 2 0 0 0
South Windsor (SthW) 10.0 0 1 2 1 1 0 0
Scorpions (Scrp) 6.5 0 1 1 2 0 1 0
Ellenville (Elln) 0.0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0
Emerson (Emrs) 0.0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0
MarcAurele (Mrcr) 0.0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0
Mat Warriors (MtWr) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
New London Youth Wrestling (NLYW) 0.0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0
Pascack Valley (PscV) 0.0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0
Rondout (Rndt) 0.0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0
SAS (SAS) 0.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

1|40-42 (back to top)

B|Jake Oizerowitz (Elite)1. Jake Oizerowitz (Elt)
AA1J. Oizerowitz (Elt)2. Joshua Perez (Sprt)
BYE3. Cameron Norcross (NYWA)
AA5J. Oizerowitz (Elt)4. Giannoni Dominic (VllC)
B|Cameron Norcross (NY Wrestling Academy)9-3
AA2C. Norcross (NYWA)
B|Jeffrey Pushman (none)Fall :31Champion
AA12J. Oizerowitz (Elt)
B|Giannoni Dominic (Valley Central)Tech Fall 2:10
AA3G. Dominic (VllC)
AA6J. Perez (Sprt)
Tech Fall 2:43
AA4J. Perez (Sprt)
B|Joshua Perez (Spartans)BYE
G. Dominic (VllC)
L:AA6AA9G. Dominic (VllC)
L:AA1AA7J. Pushman (none)15-7Third
B|Jeffrey Pushman (none)BYEAA11C. Norcross (NYWA)
L:AA2C. Norcross (NYWA)11-0 Major
L:AA5AA10C. Norcross (NYWA)

1|45-47 (back to top)

A|Evan Gomez (Valley Central)1. Evan Gomez (VllC)
AB1E. Gomez (VllC)2. Gavin Guy (GrlG)
B|Ryan Rodriguez (Rednose)Fall :143. Preston Firestine (WldC)
4. Ryan Rodriguez (Rdns)
B|Gavin Guy (Gorilla Grapplers)
AB2G. Guy (GrlG)
B|Preston Firestine (WildCats)4-3
E. Gomez (VllC)E. Gomez (VllC)
from N:AB1AB3E. Gomez (VllC)from N:AB3AB5E. Gomez (VllC)
P. Firestine (WldC)Fall :58G. Guy (GrlG)11-2
from S:AB2from S:AB4
R. Rodriguez (Rdns)P. Firestine (WldC)
from S:AB1AB4G. Guy (GrlG)from S:AB3AB6P. Firestine (WldC)
G. Guy (GrlG)2-0R. Rodriguez (Rdns)Fall :36
from N:AB2from N:AB4

1|49-53 (back to top)

B|Peyton McCormick (WildCats)1. Santino Caserto (NYWA)
AC1P. McCormick (WldC)2. Peyton McCormick (WldC)
B|Matthew mahoney (Monroe)Fall :523. Matthew mahoney (Mnr)
AC2S. Caserto (NYWA)
B|Santino Caserto (NY Wrestling Academy)BYE
P. McCormick (WldC)P. McCormick (WldC)
from N:AC1AC3S. Caserto (NYWA)from N:AC3AC5P. McCormick (WldC)
S. Caserto (NYWA)11-2 MajorBYE
from S:AC2from S:AC4
M. mahoney (Mnr)S. Caserto (NYWA)
from S:AC1AC4M. mahoney (Mnr)from S:AC3AC6S. Caserto (NYWA)
BYEM. mahoney (Mnr)Fall :33
from N:AC2from N:AC4

1|53 (back to top)

Bg|Hailey DeGraw (Walton)1. NOAH GENTILE (DlwV)
AD1N. GENTILE (DlwV)2. Hailey DeGraw (Wltn)
A|NOAH GENTILE (Delaware Valley)6-03. Charlie Del Pilar (none)
AD2C. D. Pilar (none)
B|Charlie Del Pilar (none)BYE
H. DeGraw (Wltn)H. DeGraw (Wltn)
from N:AD1AD3H. DeGraw (Wltn)from N:AD3AD5H. DeGraw (Wltn)
C. D. Pilar (none)Fall 1:01BYE
from S:AD2from S:AD4
N. GENTILE (DlwV)C. D. Pilar (none)
from S:AD1AD4N. GENTILE (DlwV)from S:AD3AD6N. GENTILE (DlwV)
BYEN. GENTILE (DlwV)Fall 1:01
from N:AD2from N:AD4

1|60-65 (back to top)

B|Brady Zabriskie (Minisink Valley)1. Benjamin Sayers (DpYW)
AE1B. Sayers (DpYW)2. Brady Zabriskie (MnsV)
B|Benjamin Sayers (Deposit Youth Wrestling)Fall :39
B. Sayers (DpYW)
from S:AE1AE2B. Sayers (DpYW)from S:AE2N/R
B. Zabriskie (MnsV)Fall :30
from N:AE1from N:AE2

2|48-50 (back to top)

Bg|Aubreigh werner (none)1. Michael Viafore (GrlG)
AF1A. werner (none)2. Kohl Muller (Wltn)
BYE3. Charlie Atkinson (Dnbr)
AF5K. Muller (Wltn)4. Aubreigh werner (none)
A|Kiernan Delaney (MarcAurele)Fall :49
AF2K. Muller (Wltn)
B|Kohl Muller (Walton)5-0Champion
AF12M. Viafore (GrlG)
B|Charlie Atkinson (Danbury)Fall :43
AF3C. Atkinson (Dnbr)
AF6M. Viafore (GrlG)
Fall 1:10
AF4M. Viafore (GrlG)
A|Michael Viafore (Gorilla Grapplers)BYE
C. Atkinson (Dnbr)
L:AF6AF9C. Atkinson (Dnbr)
L:AF1AF7K. Delaney (Mrcr)ForfeitThird
A|Kiernan Delaney (MarcAurele)BYEAF11C. Atkinson (Dnbr)
L:AF2A. werner (none)Fall 1-42
L:AF5AF10A. werner (none)

2|53-54 (back to top)

B|Jake DellaPia (Wappingers Warriors)1. Maxwell Malitsky (Nwtw)
AG1J. DellaPia (WppW)2. Luke Riker (Cldw)
BYE3. Justin jones (TrSt)
AG5M. Malitsky (Nwtw)4. Jake DellaPia (WppW)
A|Justin jones (Tri State)Fall :29
AG2M. Malitsky (Nwtw)
A|Maxwell Malitsky (Newtown)6-3Champion
AG12M. Malitsky (Nwtw)
A|Matteo Walsh (Rondout)Fall 1:01
AG3M. Walsh (Rndt)
AG6L. Riker (Cldw)
8-0 Major
AG4L. Riker (Cldw)
B|Luke Riker (Caldwell)BYE
M. Walsh (Rndt)
L:AG6AG9J. jones (TrSt)
L:AG1AG7J. jones (TrSt)Fall :43Third
A|Justin jones (Tri State)BYEAG11J. jones (TrSt)
L:AG2J. DellaPia (WppW)Fall :23
L:AG5AG10J. DellaPia (WppW)

2|54-55 (back to top)

B|Patrick Reznicek (Wappingers Warriors)1. Sally Trezza (BYAA)
AH1P. Reznicek (WppW)2. Gail Sullivan (Mnr)
BYE3. Cortland Norcross (NYWA)
AH5S. Trezza (BYAA)4. Jacob Nicholson (VllC)
A|Sally Trezza (BYAA)Fall 1:12
AH2S. Trezza (BYAA)
B|Kiernan Delaney_1 (MarcAurele)6-0Champion
AH12S. Trezza (BYAA)
B|Cortland Norcross (NY Wrestling Academy)10-0
AH3C. Norcross (NYWA)
B|Jacob Green (Valley Central)Forfeit
AH6G. Sullivan (Mnr)
B|Jacob Nicholson (Valley Central)Fall 2:50
AH4G. Sullivan (Mnr)
Bg|Gail Sullivan (Monroe)6-0
C. Norcross (NYWA)
L:AH6AH9C. Norcross (NYWA)
L:AH1AH7K. Delaney_1 (Mrcr)ForfeitThird
B|Kiernan Delaney_1 (MarcAurele)BYEAH11C. Norcross (NYWA)
L:AH2P. Reznicek (WppW)Fall :28
B|Jacob Green (Valley Central)L:AH5AH10J. Nicholson (VllC)
L:AH3AH8J. Nicholson (VllC)Fall :59
B|Jacob Nicholson (Valley Central)Forfeit

2|55-60 (back to top)

B|Collin Rucano (NY Wrestling Academy)1. Gavin Stempkowski (ThEd)
AI1C. Rucano (NYWA)2. Anthony Noboa (BrCv)
BYE3. Ronnie Rodriguez (Rdns)
AI5A. Noboa (BrCv)
A|Ronnie Rodriguez (Rednose)Fall 1:42
AI2A. Noboa (BrCv)
A|Anthony Noboa (Bear Cave)4-1Champion
AI12G. Stempkowski (ThEd)
B|Gavin DeGraw (Walton)Forfeit
AI3G. Stempkowski (ThEd)
A|Gavin Stempkowski (The Edge)9-2
AI6G. Stempkowski (ThEd)
AI4A. Capicchioni (VllC)
B|Andrew Capicchioni (Valley Central)BYE
A. Capicchioni (VllC)
L:AI6AI9R. Rodriguez (Rdns)
L:AI1AI7R. Rodriguez (Rdns)5-0Third
A|Ronnie Rodriguez (Rednose)BYEAI11R. Rodriguez (Rdns)
L:AI2C. Rucano (NYWA)BYE
B|Gavin DeGraw (Walton)L:AI5AI10
L:AI3AI8G. DeGraw (Wltn)Forfeit Doble

2|63-69 (back to top)

A|Carmine De Lucia (Rednose)1. Matthew Stoerzinger (Nwtw)
AJ1C. De Lucia (Rdns)2. Carmine De Lucia (Rdns)
BYE3. Giannoni Michael (VllC)
AJ5C. De Lucia (Rdns)4. Benjamin Rivera (TrSt)
B|Kyle Ward (Pascack Valley)7-0
AJ2B. Rivera (TrSt)
B|Benjamin Rivera (Tri State)14-0 MJChampion
AJ12M. Stoerzinger (Nwtw)
A|Matthew Stoerzinger (Newtown)Fall 1:01
AJ3M. Stoerzinger (Nwtw)
A|Robert Sommers (New London Youth Wrestling)Fall :55
AJ6M. Stoerzinger (Nwtw)
AJ4G. Michael (VllC)
A|Giannoni Michael (Valley Central)BYE
G. Michael (VllC)
L:AJ6AJ9G. Michael (VllC)
L:AJ1AJ7K. Ward (PscV)Fall 1:01Third
B|Kyle Ward (Pascack Valley)BYEAJ11G. Michael (VllC)
L:AJ2B. Rivera (TrSt)Forfeit
A|Robert Sommers (New London Youth Wrestling)L:AJ5AJ10B. Rivera (TrSt)
L:AJ3AJ8R. Sommers (NLYW)Fall :43

2|70-73 (back to top)

A|Anthony Tarzia (Bethel)1. Nick DeMercurio (BYAA)
AK1A. Tarzia (Bthl)2. Antonio Arguello (Nwtw)
BYE3. John Meyer (Drll)
AK5A. Arguello (Nwtw)4. Anthony Tarzia (Bthl)
A|Antonio Arguello (Newtown)Fall :41
AK2A. Arguello (Nwtw)
B|John Meyer (Drillmasters)2-0Champion
AK12N. DeMercurio (BYAA)
B|Brian Stewart (Wappingers Warriors)Forfeit
AK3B. Stewart (WppW)
Bg|Noelle Weisman (NY Wrestling Academy)Injury Def. 1:10
AK6N. DeMercurio (BYAA)
Fall 1:33
AK4N. DeMercurio (BYAA)
A|Nick DeMercurio (BYAA)BYE
B. Stewart (WppW)
L:AK6AK9J. Meyer (Drll)
L:AK1AK7J. Meyer (Drll)10-0Third
B|John Meyer (Drillmasters)BYEAK11J. Meyer (Drll)
L:AK2A. Tarzia (Bthl)Forfeit
Bg|Noelle Weisman (NY Wrestling Academy)L:AK5AK10A. Tarzia (Bthl)
L:AK3AK8N. Weisman (NYWA)Forfeit

2|76-81 (back to top)

B|Anthony Stewart (Wappingers Warriors)1. Brennen Riquier (VllC)
AL1A. Stewart (WppW)2. Gideon Gonzalez (FLOW)
BYE3. Lanah holeman (RghH)
AL5G. Gonzalez (FLOW)4. Anthony Stewart (WppW)
A|Gideon Gonzalez (FLOW)8-0 Major
AL2G. Gonzalez (FLOW)
AL12B. Riquier (VllC)
B|Brock Pinkerous (Ellenville)2-1
AL3B. Riquier (VllC)
A|Brennen Riquier (Valley Central)2-0
AL6B. Riquier (VllC)
AL4L. holeman (RghH)
Bg|Lanah holeman (RoughHouse)BYE
L. holeman (RghH)
L:AL6AL9L. holeman (RghH)
AL11L. holeman (RghH)
L:AL2A. Stewart (WppW)14-2 Major
B|Brock Pinkerous (Ellenville)L:AL5AL10A. Stewart (WppW)
L:AL3AL8B. Pinkerous (Elln)Fall 1:17

3|50-55 (back to top)

A|Zack Dixon (South Windsor)1. Brighton Karvoski (Nwtw)
AM1Z. Dixon (SthW)2. Kastner Chase (Sprt)
BYE3. Zack Dixon (SthW)
AM5K. Chase (Sprt)4. robert barry (Dnbr)
B|Kastner Chase (Spartans)Fall 1:00
AM2K. Chase (Sprt)
A|ERIC BOCANEGRA Jr (Elite)Fall :47Champion
AM12B. Karvoski (Nwtw)
B|Atorious Scott (Tri State)Fall :54
AM3B. Karvoski (Nwtw)
A|Brighton Karvoski (Newtown)Fall :33
AM6B. Karvoski (Nwtw)
Fall 1:01
AM4r. barry (Dnbr)
A|robert barry (Danbury)BYE
r. barry (Dnbr)
L:AM6AM9r. barry (Dnbr)
L:AM1AM7E. BOCANEGRA Jr (Elt)4-2Third
L:AM2Z. Dixon (SthW)Fall :41
B|Atorious Scott (Tri State)L:AM5AM10Z. Dixon (SthW)
L:AM3AM8A. Scott (TrSt)12-5

3|58-60 (back to top)

A|Brighton Karvoski_1 (Newtown)1. Joey Rondinelli (Rdns)
AN1B. Karvoski_1 (Nwtw)2. Robert Rodriguez (Rdns)
BYE3. Brighton Karvoski_1 (Nwtw)
AN5J. Rondinelli (Rdns)4. Matthew Bray (Nwtw)
B|Lorenzo Caserto (NY Wrestling Academy)Fall 1:01
AN2J. Rondinelli (Rdns)
A|Joey Rondinelli (Rednose)Fall :26Champion
AN12J. Rondinelli (Rdns)
A|Robert Rodriguez (Rednose)12-0
AN3R. Rodriguez (Rdns)
B|Christian Stocker (Caldwell)7-2
AN6R. Rodriguez (Rdns)
Fall 1:01
AN4M. Bray (Nwtw)
A|Matthew Bray (Newtown)BYE
M. Bray (Nwtw)
L:AN6AN9M. Bray (Nwtw)
L:AN1AN7L. Caserto (NYWA)Tech FallThird
B|Lorenzo Caserto (NY Wrestling Academy)BYEAN11B. Karvoski_1 (Nwtw)
L:AN2B. Karvoski_1 (Nwtw)5-0
B|Christian Stocker (Caldwell)L:AN5AN10B. Karvoski_1 (Nwtw)
L:AN3AN8C. Stocker (Cldw)Fall 2:44

3|60-63 (back to top)

B|Matthew Bray_1 (Newtown)1. Cristian Pote (Dnbr)
AO1M. Bray_1 (Nwtw)2. Matthew Bray_1 (Nwtw)
BYE3. Marco Futia (Wllk)
AO5M. Bray_1 (Nwtw)4. Gino Ajello (Bthl)
B|Aj Brueckner (none)6-2
AO2M. Futia (Wllk)
B|Marco Futia (Wallkill)TFChampion
AO12C. Pote (Dnbr)
B|Travis white (Chenango Valley)Fall 1:01
AO3C. Pote (Dnbr)
A|Cristian Pote (Danbury)8-0
AO6C. Pote (Dnbr)
8-0 Major
AO4G. Ajello (Bthl)
A|Gino Ajello (Bethel)BYE
G. Ajello (Bthl)
L:AO6AO9G. Ajello (Bthl)
L:AO1AO7Aj Brueckner (none)Fall 1:35Third
B|Aj Brueckner (none)BYEAO11M. Futia (Wllk)
L:AO2M. Futia (Wllk)Fall :36
B|Travis white (Chenango Valley)L:AO5AO10M. Futia (Wllk)
L:AO3AO8T. white (ChnV)6-4

3|63-65 (back to top)

A|Ashten Haley (Gorilla Grapplers)1. Ashten Haley (GrlG)
AP1A. Haley (GrlG)2. Sawyer Peduto (Nwtw)
BYE3. Jacob Inserra (Rdns)
AP5A. Haley (GrlG)4. Daniel Arroyo (Scrp)
A|Jacob Inserra (Rednose)4-2
AP2J. Inserra (Rdns)
B|Daniel Arroyo (Scorpions)2-0Champion
AP12A. Haley (GrlG)
B|Christian Maestri (NY Wrestling Academy)Tech Fall 2:05
AP3S. Peduto (Nwtw)
A|Sawyer Peduto (Newtown)Fall :44
AP6S. Peduto (Nwtw)
AP4C. Mika (ChnV)
A|Connor Mika (Chenango Valley)BYE
C. Mika (ChnV)
L:AP6AP9D. Arroyo (Scrp)
L:AP1AP7D. Arroyo (Scrp)17-0Third
B|Daniel Arroyo (Scorpions)BYEAP11J. Inserra (Rdns)
L:AP2J. Inserra (Rdns)7-0
B|Christian Maestri (NY Wrestling Academy)L:AP5AP10J. Inserra (Rdns)
L:AP3AP8C. Maestri (NYWA)Fall :57

3|65 (back to top)

A|Kyle Whitmarsh Jr0 (Gorilla Grapplers)1. Kyle Whitmarsh Jr0 (GrlG)
AQ1K. W. Jr0 (GrlG)2. Maxwell Praissman (Nwtw)
BYE3. Justin Harrison (TrSt)
AQ5K. W. Jr0 (GrlG)4. Andrew Davidoff (none)
A|Liam Hayes (Monroe)Fall :59
AQ2J. Harrison (TrSt)
B|Justin Harrison (Tri State)FallChampion
AQ12K. W. Jr0 (GrlG)
B|Maxwell Praissman (Newtown)Fall :59
AQ3M. Praissman (Nwtw)
A|Jeremy Small (none)6-4
AQ6M. Praissman (Nwtw)
Fall 2:40
AQ4A. Davidoff (none)
B|Andrew Davidoff (none)BYE
A. Davidoff (none)
L:AQ6AQ9A. Davidoff (none)
L:AQ1AQ7L. Hayes (Mnr)ForfeitThird
A|Liam Hayes (Monroe)BYEAQ11J. Harrison (TrSt)
L:AQ2J. Harrison (TrSt)Forfeit
A|Jeremy Small (none)L:AQ5AQ10J. Harrison (TrSt)
L:AQ3AQ8J. Small (none)13-0

3|66-70 (back to top)

A|Harry Kittredge (New Canaan)1. Harry Kittredge (NwCn)
AR1H. Kittredge (NwCn)2. Antonio Arguello (Nwtw)
BYE3. Kaeden Hubbard (ChnV)
AR5H. Kittredge (NwCn)4. Jordan Busby (HdWA)
A|Kaeden Hubbard (Chenango Valley)Fall 1:01
AR2K. Hubbard (ChnV)
B|Jordan Busby (HudValley Wrstlg Acad)7-6Champion
AR12H. Kittredge (NwCn)
A|Nick Cicala (Emerson)Fall 1:01
AR3P. Marco (Bthl)
B|Perrone Marco (Bethel)9-2
AR6A. Arguello (Nwtw)
Fall :43
AR4A. Arguello (Nwtw)
A|Antonio Arguello (Newtown)BYE
P. Marco (Bthl)
L:AR6AR9J. Busby (HdWA)
L:AR1AR7J. Busby (HdWA)6-0Third
B|Jordan Busby (HudValley Wrstlg Acad)BYEAR11K. Hubbard (ChnV)
L:AR2K. Hubbard (ChnV)5-0
A|Nick Cicala (Emerson)L:AR5AR10K. Hubbard (ChnV)
L:AR3AR8N. Cicala (Emrs)Fall 2:37

3|70-73 (back to top)

B|Liam Harris (Wappingers Warriors)1. William Leischner (RghH)
AS1L. Harris (WppW)2. Landen Estus (GrlG)
BYE3. Jake Maddox (Nwtw)
AS5L. Estus (GrlG)4. Luke Stempkowski (ThEd)
A|Landen Estus (Gorilla Grapplers)Tech Fall 2:50
AS2L. Estus (GrlG)
B|Eirnin Kellner (none)Fall :38Champion
AS12W. Leischner (RghH)
A|Jake Maddox (Newtown)4-2
AS3J. Maddox (Nwtw)
A|Luke Stempkowski (The Edge)4-2
AS6W. Leischner (RghH)
AS4W. Leischner (RghH)
A|William Leischner (RoughHouse)BYE
J. Maddox (Nwtw)
L:AS6AS9J. Maddox (Nwtw)
L:AS1AS7E. Kellner (none)Fall 1:56Third
B|Eirnin Kellner (none)BYEAS11J. Maddox (Nwtw)
L:AS2L. Harris (WppW)2-0
A|Luke Stempkowski (The Edge)L:AS5AS10L. Stempkowski (ThEd)
L:AS3AS8L. Stempkowski (ThEd)10-2 Major

3|73-75 (back to top)

A|Gideon Gonzalez (FLOW)1. Peyton pettit (GrlG)
AT1G. Gonzalez (FLOW)2. Gideon Gonzalez (FLOW)
BYE3. Justin Freeman (VllC)
AT5G. Gonzalez (FLOW)4. Nicholas Capicchioni (VllC)
Bg|Kiara Davidson (WildCats)10-0 Major
AT2J. Freeman (VllC)
B|Justin Freeman (Valley Central)2-1Champion
AT12P. pettit (GrlG)
Bg|Annalee Maiaro (Walton)8-6
AT3P. pettit (GrlG)
Bg|Peyton pettit (Gorilla Grapplers)Fall 1:01
AT6P. pettit (GrlG)
Fall 1:01
AT4N. Capicchioni (VllC)
B|Nicholas Capicchioni (Valley Central)BYE
N. Capicchioni (VllC)
L:AT6AT9N. Capicchioni (VllC)
L:AT1AT7K. Davidson (WldC)Fall :48Third
Bg|Kiara Davidson (WildCats)BYEAT11J. Freeman (VllC)
L:AT2J. Freeman (VllC)Fall 1:01
Bg|Annalee Maiaro (Walton)L:AT5AT10J. Freeman (VllC)
L:AT3AT8A. Maiaro (Wltn)10-0 Major

3|77-80 (back to top)

A|Victor Velez (Danbury)1. Logan Mohl (HdWA)
AU1V. Velez (Dnbr)2. Everett Salmon (Bthl)
BYE3. Adan Cedeno (Rdns)
AU5E. Salmon (Bthl)4. Victor Velez (Dnbr)
A|Adan Cedeno (Rednose)Fall :30
AU2E. Salmon (Bthl)
A|Everett Salmon (Bethel)Fall 2:05Champion
AU12L. Mohl (HdWA)
AU3K. Lennon (VllC)
B|Keegan Lennon (Valley Central)BYE
AU6L. Mohl (HdWA)
Fall 1:51
AU4L. Mohl (HdWA)
A|Logan Mohl (HudValley Wrstlg Acad)BYE
K. Lennon (VllC)
L:AU6AU9A. Cedeno (Rdns)
L:AU1AU7A. Cedeno (Rdns)Fall :48Third
A|Adan Cedeno (Rednose)BYEAU11A. Cedeno (Rdns)
L:AU2V. Velez (Dnbr)9-7
L:AU5AU10V. Velez (Dnbr)

3|81-85 (back to top)

A|Logan Pennell (Pine Bush)1. Marco DAmico (Nwtw)
AV1L. Pennell (PnBs)2. Nicholas Hancock (Dnbr)
BYE3. Harrison Muller (Dnbr)
AV5M. DAmico (Nwtw)4. Logan Pennell (PnBs)
B|Matthew Story (NY Wrestling Academy)7-0
AV2M. DAmico (Nwtw)
A|Marco DAmico (Newtown)Fall :48Champion
AV12M. DAmico (Nwtw)
A|Dane Cole (Bethel)8-1
AV3N. Hancock (Dnbr)
A|Nicholas Hancock (Danbury)Fall :41
AV6N. Hancock (Dnbr)
AV4H. Muller (Dnbr)
A|Harrison Muller (Danbury)BYE
H. Muller (Dnbr)
L:AV6AV9H. Muller (Dnbr)
L:AV1AV7M. Story (NYWA)Fall :31Third
B|Matthew Story (NY Wrestling Academy)BYEAV11H. Muller (Dnbr)
L:AV2L. Pennell (PnBs)4-2
A|Dane Cole (Bethel)L:AV5AV10L. Pennell (PnBs)
L:AV3AV8D. Cole (Bthl)Fall :32

3|87-95 (back to top)

A|Tristian Braxton (none)1. Bernard Oliveira (Dnbr)
AW1T. Braxton (none)2. Tristian Braxton (none)
BYE3. Ian Karlin (Nwtw)
AW5T. Braxton (none)4. Baron Mazariegos (none)
A|Matthew Tarzia (Bethel)10-5
AW2I. Karlin (Nwtw)
B|Ian Karlin (Newtown)Fall 2:43Champion
AW12B. Oliveira (Dnbr)
A|Bernard Oliveira (Danbury)Fall 1:40
AW3B. Oliveira (Dnbr)
AW6B. Oliveira (Dnbr)
AW4B. Mazariegos (none)
A|Baron Mazariegos (none)BYE
B. Mazariegos (none)
L:AW6AW9B. Mazariegos (none)
L:AW1AW7M. Tarzia (Bthl)7-5Third
A|Matthew Tarzia (Bethel)BYEAW11I. Karlin (Nwtw)
L:AW2I. Karlin (Nwtw)Fall 1:40
L:AW5AW10I. Karlin (Nwtw)

3|97-103 (back to top)

B|Dylan Fay (Wappingers Warriors)1. Romano Scott (Bthl)
AX1R. Scott (Bthl)2. Dylan Fay (WppW)
A|Romano Scott (Bethel)Fall 1:343. Nathan Fontaine (Bthl)
4. Kenyon Davidson (WldC)
B|Kenyon Davidson (WildCats)
AX2N. Fontaine (Bthl)
B|Nathan Fontaine (Bethel)Fall :30
D. Fay (WppW)D. Fay (WppW)
from N:AX1AX3D. Fay (WppW)from N:AX3AX5D. Fay (WppW)
N. Fontaine (Bthl)11-6K. Davidson (WldC)Fall 1:01
from S:AX2from S:AX4
R. Scott (Bthl)N. Fontaine (Bthl)
from S:AX1AX4R. Scott (Bthl)from S:AX3AX6R. Scott (Bthl)
K. Davidson (WldC)Fall :14R. Scott (Bthl)Fall 1:01
from N:AX2from N:AX4

3|118-120 (back to top)

A|Sullivan Toback (Drillmasters)1. Mylo morales (BrCv)
AY1S. Toback (Drll)2. Sullivan Toback (Drll)
BYE3. Greg Florin (PnBs)
A|Greg Florin (Pine Bush)
AY2M. morales (BrCv)
A|Mylo morales (Bear Cave)Fall 1:38
S. Toback (Drll)S. Toback (Drll)
from N:AY1AY3M. morales (BrCv)from N:AY3AY5S. Toback (Drll)
M. morales (BrCv)Fall 1:01G. Florin (PnBs)Fall 2:39
from S:AY2from S:AY4
M. morales (BrCv)
from S:AY1AY4G. Florin (PnBs)from S:AY3AY6M. morales (BrCv)
G. Florin (PnBs)BYEBYE
from N:AY2from N:AY4