2020 Cardinal Conference

Sissonville High School, WV

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Team name Score Finalists Placers Wins Losses P Falls T Falls M Decs
Winfield (WIN) 212.0 9 12 27 13 23 0 0
Nitro (NIT) 193.0 9 10 25 5 15 1 2
Sissonville (SIS) 130.5 5 8 19 11 14 0 1
Logan (LOG) 84.5 2 6 11 13 10 1 0
Chapmanville (CHAP) 44.5 0 5 6 13 5 0 0
Poca (POC) 41.0 1 4 6 16 3 0 0
Nitro JV (NIT*) 31.5 1 3 3 5 1 1 0
Winfield JV (WIN*) 30.5 0 3 5 12 5 0 0
Mingo Central (MNGC) 15.5 1 1 2 7 1 0 0
Poca JV (POC*) 0.0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0

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JoJo High (Sissonville)1. Jacob Schilling (WIN)
1J. High (SIS)2. JoJo High (SIS)
BYE3. Harry Hicks (CHAP)
Jacob Schilling (Winfield)
2J. Schilling (WIN)
Harry Hicks (Chapmanville)Fall
J. High (SIS)J. High (SIS)
from N:140J. High (SIS)from N:4078J. Schilling (WIN)
H. Hicks (CHAP)15-2J. Schilling (WIN)2-1
from S:2from S:41
H. Hicks (CHAP)
from S:141J. Schilling (WIN)from S:4079H. Hicks (CHAP)
J. Schilling (WIN)BYEBYE
from N:2from N:41

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Gavin Legg (Winfield)Champion1. Gavin Legg (WIN)
3G. Legg (WIN)2. Zane Collins (NIT)
Zane Collins (Nitro)Fall

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Braxton Smith (Nitro)1. Braxton Smith (NIT)
4B. Smith (NIT)2. Billy Smith (WIN)
Jakeb Adkins (Nitro JV)Tech Fall 18-13. Jakeb Adkins (NIT*)
4. Logan Hensely (CHAP)
Billy Smith (Winfield)
5B. Smith (WIN)
Logan Hensely (Chapmanville)Fall 0:15
B. Smith (NIT)B. Smith (NIT)
from N:442B. Smith (NIT)from N:4280B. Smith (NIT)
L. Hensely (CHAP)FallB. Smith (WIN)4-0
from S:5from S:43
J. Adkins (NIT*)L. Hensely (CHAP)
from S:443B. Smith (WIN)from S:4281J. Adkins (NIT*)
B. Smith (WIN)FallJ. Adkins (NIT*)Fall
from N:5from N:43

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Gavin Farley (Mingo Central)1. Dyson Bowers (WIN)
6G. Farley (MNGC)2. Gavin Farley (MNGC)
Steven Smith (Poca)Fall3. Braxton Leyda (NIT)
4. Steven Smith (POC)
Dyson Bowers (Winfield)
7D. Bowers (WIN)
Braxton Leyda (Nitro)Fall 0:58
G. Farley (MNGC)G. Farley (MNGC)
from N:644G. Farley (MNGC)from N:4482D. Bowers (WIN)
B. Leyda (NIT)6-3D. Bowers (WIN)Fall
from S:7from S:45
S. Smith (POC)B. Leyda (NIT)
from S:645D. Bowers (WIN)from S:4483B. Leyda (NIT)
D. Bowers (WIN)FallS. Smith (POC)Fall
from N:7from N:45

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Dallas Hazelett (Nitro)1. Dallas Hazelett (NIT)
8D. Hazelett (NIT)2. Justin Spuduck (NIT*)
BYE3. Cameron Arbogast (SIS)
46D. Hazelett (NIT)4. Jon Cox (POC)
Cameron Arbogast (Sissonville)Fall
9C. Arbogast (SIS)
Jacob Byrd (Winfield JV)6-2Champion
124D. Hazelett (NIT)
Nicco Petrozelli (Winfield)Fall
10J. Cox (POC)
Jon Cox (Poca)5-4
47J. Spuduck (NIT*)
Tech Fall 15-0
11J. Spuduck (NIT*)
Justin Spuduck (Nitro JV)BYE
J. Cox (POC)
L:4784J. Cox (POC)
L:848J. Byrd (WIN*)ForfeitThird
Jacob Byrd (Winfield JV)BYE108C. Arbogast (SIS)
L:9C. Arbogast (SIS)Fall
Nicco Petrozelli (Winfield)L:4685C. Arbogast (SIS)
L:1049N. Petrozelli (WIN)6-3

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Jay Fazzolari (Nitro)J. Fazzolari (NIT)1. Jay Fazzolari (NIT)
12J. Fazzolari (NIT)from N:1250J. Fazzolari (NIT)2. Paul Fields (LOG)
BYEC. Taylor (POC)Fall3. Sabastian Walker (WIN)
from S:134. Caleb McRay (SIS)
Paul Fields (Logan)
13P. Fields (LOG)from S:1251C. McRay (SIS)
Chenoa Taylor (Poca)FallC. McRay (SIS)BYE
from S:14
Sabastian Walker (Winfield)P. Fields (LOG)
14S. Walker (WIN)from N:1352P. Fields (LOG)
Caleb McRay (Sissonville)FallS. Walker (WIN)Fall
from N:14
J. Fazzolari (NIT)J. Fazzolari (NIT)J. Fazzolari (NIT)
from N:5086J. Fazzolari (NIT)from N:86109J. Fazzolari (NIT)from N:109125J. Fazzolari (NIT)
C. McRay (SIS)FallS. Walker (WIN)FallP. Fields (LOG)Fall
from S:51from S:87from S:110
C. Taylor (POC)C. McRay (SIS)S. Walker (WIN)
from S:5087S. Walker (WIN)from S:86110C. McRay (SIS)from S:109126S. Walker (WIN)
S. Walker (WIN)FallP. Fields (LOG)FallBYE
from S:52from S:88from S:111
C. Taylor (POC)C. McRay (SIS)
from N:5188P. Fields (LOG)from N:87111C. Taylor (POC)from N:110127C. McRay (SIS)
P. Fields (LOG)BYEBYEC. Taylor (POC)Fall
from N:52from N:88from N:111

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Justin Collins (Logan)1. Alex Cavendish (NIT)
15J. Collins (LOG)2. Justin Legg (WIN)
BYE3. Justin Collins (LOG)
53J. Legg (WIN)4. Connor Farley (CHAP)
Cole Murphy (Poca)7-2
16J. Legg (WIN)
Justin Legg (Winfield)FallChampion
128A. Cavendish (NIT)
Connor Farley (Chapmanville)Fall
17C. Farley (CHAP)
Caden Boggess (Sissonville)Fall
54A. Cavendish (NIT)
18A. Cavendish (NIT)
Alex Cavendish (Nitro)BYE
C. Farley (CHAP)
L:5489C. Farley (CHAP)
L:1555C. Murphy (POC)FallThird
Cole Murphy (Poca)BYE112J. Collins (LOG)
L:16J. Collins (LOG)Tech Fall 20-5
Caden Boggess (Sissonville)L:5390J. Collins (LOG)
L:1756C. Boggess (SIS)Fall

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Luke Hughes (Nitro)L. Hughes (NIT)1. Luke Hughes (NIT)
19L. Hughes (NIT)from N:1957L. Hughes (NIT)2. Hunter Burdette (SIS)
BYET. Fluharty (WIN)Fall3. David Trammell (LOG)
from S:204. Tommy Fluharty (WIN)
Hunter Burdette (Sissonville)
20H. Burdette (SIS)from S:1958E. Williams (MNGC)
Tommy Fluharty (Winfield)FallE. Williams (MNGC)BYE
from S:21
David Trammell (Logan)H. Burdette (SIS)
21D. Trammell (LOG)from N:2059H. Burdette (SIS)
Ethan Williams (Mingo Central)FallD. Trammell (LOG)Fall
from N:21
L. Hughes (NIT)L. Hughes (NIT)L. Hughes (NIT)
from N:5791L. Hughes (NIT)from N:91113L. Hughes (NIT)from N:113129L. Hughes (NIT)
E. Williams (MNGC)FallD. Trammell (LOG)12-1H. Burdette (SIS)8-3
from S:58from S:92from S:114
T. Fluharty (WIN)E. Williams (MNGC)D. Trammell (LOG)
from S:5792D. Trammell (LOG)from S:91114H. Burdette (SIS)from S:113130D. Trammell (LOG)
D. Trammell (LOG)FallH. Burdette (SIS)FallBYE
from S:59from S:93from S:115
T. Fluharty (WIN)E. Williams (MNGC)
from N:5893H. Burdette (SIS)from N:92115T. Fluharty (WIN)from N:114131T. Fluharty (WIN)
H. Burdette (SIS)BYEBYET. Fluharty (WIN)Fall
from N:59from N:93from N:115

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Makiah Adams (Logan)1. Makiah Adams (LOG)
22M. Adams (LOG)2. Luke Boggs (NIT)
BYE3. Jonathon Alderman (NIT*)
Luke Boggs (Nitro)
23L. Boggs (NIT)
Jonathon Alderman (Nitro JV)10-1
M. Adams (LOG)M. Adams (LOG)
from N:2260M. Adams (LOG)from N:6094M. Adams (LOG)
J. Alderman (NIT*)FallL. Boggs (NIT)Fall
from S:23from S:61
J. Alderman (NIT*)
from S:2261L. Boggs (NIT)from S:6095J. Alderman (NIT*)
from N:23from N:61

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Tate Britton (Sissonville)T. Britton (SIS)1. Tate Britton (SIS)
24T. Britton (SIS)from N:2462T. Britton (SIS)2. Calem Akers (WIN)
BYEP. Sexton (WIN*)Fall3. Alec Stowers (CHAP)
from S:254. Mack Williams (POC)
Calem Akers (Winfield)
25C. Akers (WIN)from S:2463M. Williams (POC)
Palmer Sexton (Winfield JV)FallM. Williams (POC)BYE
from S:26
Alec Stowers (Chapmanville)C. Akers (WIN)
26A. Stowers (CHAP)from N:2564C. Akers (WIN)
Mack Williams (Poca)FallA. Stowers (CHAP)Fall
from N:26
T. Britton (SIS)T. Britton (SIS)T. Britton (SIS)
from N:6296T. Britton (SIS)from N:96116T. Britton (SIS)from N:116132T. Britton (SIS)
M. Williams (POC)FallA. Stowers (CHAP)FallC. Akers (WIN)Fall
from S:63from S:97from S:117
P. Sexton (WIN*)M. Williams (POC)A. Stowers (CHAP)
from S:6297A. Stowers (CHAP)from S:96117C. Akers (WIN)from S:116133A. Stowers (CHAP)
A. Stowers (CHAP)FallC. Akers (WIN)FallBYE
from S:64from S:98from S:118
P. Sexton (WIN*)M. Williams (POC)
from N:6398C. Akers (WIN)from N:97118P. Sexton (WIN*)from N:117134M. Williams (POC)
C. Akers (WIN)BYEBYEP. Sexton (WIN*)Fall
from N:64from N:98from N:118

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Cole Hughart (Sissonville)1. Dillon Taylor (POC)
27C. Hughart (SIS)2. Cole Hughart (SIS)
BYE3. Logan Howell (WIN)
65C. Hughart (SIS)4. Anthony Smithwick (LOG)
Ashton Ooten (Mingo Central)Fall 0:03
28A. Smithwick (LOG)
Anthony Smithwick (Logan)FallChampion
135D. Taylor (POC)
Logan Howell (Winfield)Fall
29L. Howell (WIN)
Travis Ward (Chapmanville)Fall
66D. Taylor (POC)
Fall 1:16
30D. Taylor (POC)
Dillon Taylor (Poca)BYE
L. Howell (WIN)
L:6699L. Howell (WIN)
L:2767A. Ooten (MNGC)Forfeit InjuryThird
Ashton Ooten (Mingo Central)BYE119L. Howell (WIN)
L:28A. Smithwick (LOG)Fall
Travis Ward (Chapmanville)L:65100A. Smithwick (LOG)
L:2968T. Ward (CHAP)Fall

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Scott Worstell (Nitro)1. Evan Fuelhart (WIN)
31S. Worstell (NIT)2. Scott Worstell (NIT)
BYE3. Zander Huffman (WIN*)
69S. Worstell (NIT)4. Jaxson Turner (CHAP)
Zander Huffman (Winfield JV)Fall
32Z. Huffman (WIN*)
Daniel Priddy (Poca)FallChampion
136E. Fuelhart (WIN)
Jaxson Turner (Chapmanville)Fall
33J. Turner (CHAP)
Skyler Hice (Poca JV)Fall
70E. Fuelhart (WIN)
34E. Fuelhart (WIN)
Evan Fuelhart (Winfield)BYE
J. Turner (CHAP)
L:70101J. Turner (CHAP)
L:3171D. Priddy (POC)8-5Third
Daniel Priddy (Poca)BYE120Z. Huffman (WIN*)
L:32Z. Huffman (WIN*)Fall
Skyler Hice (Poca JV)L:69102Z. Huffman (WIN*)
L:3372S. Hice (POC*)Fall

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Gavin Shamblin (Sissonville)1. Gavin Shamblin (SIS)
35G. Shamblin (SIS)2. Nathanael Ridenour (WIN)
Logan Layne (Winfield JV)Fall3. Tyson Epperhart (LOG)
4. Logan Layne (WIN*)
Nathanael Ridenour (Winfield)
36N. Ridenour (WIN)
Tyson Epperhart (Logan)Fall
G. Shamblin (SIS)G. Shamblin (SIS)
from N:3573G. Shamblin (SIS)from N:73103G. Shamblin (SIS)
T. Epperhart (LOG)Fall 1:21N. Ridenour (WIN)Fall
from S:36from S:74
L. Layne (WIN*)T. Epperhart (LOG)
from S:3574N. Ridenour (WIN)from S:73104T. Epperhart (LOG)
N. Ridenour (WIN)FallL. Layne (WIN*)Fall
from N:36from N:74

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Will Frampton (Nitro)W. Frampton (NIT)1. Will Frampton (NIT)
37W. Frampton (NIT)from N:3775W. Frampton (NIT)2. Dakota Tinsley (WIN)
BYEJ. Sloan (LOG)Fall3. Brock Basham (WIN*)
from S:384. Hunter Chapman (SIS)
Dakota Tinsley (Winfield)
38D. Tinsley (WIN)from S:3776H. Chapman (SIS)
Justin Sloan (Logan)FallH. Chapman (SIS)BYE
from S:39
Brock Basham (Winfield JV)D. Tinsley (WIN)
39B. Basham (WIN*)from N:3877D. Tinsley (WIN)
Hunter Chapman (Sissonville)FallB. Basham (WIN*)Fall
from N:39
W. Frampton (NIT)W. Frampton (NIT)W. Frampton (NIT)
from N:75105W. Frampton (NIT)from N:105121W. Frampton (NIT)from N:121137W. Frampton (NIT)
H. Chapman (SIS)FallB. Basham (WIN*)FallD. Tinsley (WIN)4-0
from S:76from S:106from S:122
J. Sloan (LOG)H. Chapman (SIS)B. Basham (WIN*)
from S:75106B. Basham (WIN*)from S:105122D. Tinsley (WIN)from S:121138B. Basham (WIN*)
B. Basham (WIN*)FallD. Tinsley (WIN)FallBYE
from S:77from S:107from S:123
J. Sloan (LOG)H. Chapman (SIS)
from N:76107D. Tinsley (WIN)from N:106123J. Sloan (LOG)from N:122139H. Chapman (SIS)
D. Tinsley (WIN)BYEBYEJ. Sloan (LOG)Forfeit
from N:77from N:107from N:123