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Frequently asked questions

Q: Will my computer run TournamentSR and the free support programs?

A: Windows, Mac, and Linux computers work once Java is installed. Recent Chromebooks also work once Linux is enabled and Java is installed. iPad, iPhone, and Android devices can't run these programs.

Q: How do I install Java on my computer?

A: See Ensuring your computer has Java. If you have a Mac, make sure to use the correct Java for your OS version. The document's last section covers installing Linux and Java on Chromebooks.

Q: What do I need to use the free support programs?

A: All computers that run TournamentSR and the support programs must be connected to the same network. This can be a WiFi or Ethernet network. See the support program User Guides for network connection recommendations. The guides are on our Try it now page.

Q: How much does TournamentSR cost?

A: TournamentSR costs $35 for a 120 day license. 120 days after purchase, the program stops working.

Q: Is there a free version I can try before buying TournamentSR?

A: Yes. There is a demonstration version that's fully functional except you can't save tournament data.

Q: How do I get the program?

A: You must create an account on our site with a working email address. You'll be sent an email to confirm account creation. Follow the link in that message to activate the account. Once you're logged in, follow the links to download the demonstration program, purchase a license, or download the purchased program.

Q: What types of payment do you take?

A: Payment is made through PayPal which takes credit cards, checks, and money from a PayPal account. You don't need a PayPal account to pay by credit card or check. If you use a check, it must clear PayPal before the purchased program is available.

Q: Do you take Purchase Orders?

A: No. To keep costs down, we only take payments through PayPal.

Q: How much do the support programs cost?

A: AnnouncerSR, RegistrationSR, BoutRunnerSR, and MatchScorerSR are all free. The programs and their User Guides are downloaded from our Try it now page (no log in required).

Q: How do I install TournamentSR?

A: The downloaded file is "TournamentSR.jar". As long as Java is installed, the program runs by double clicking its icon1. The file will be in your Downloads folder. We suggest dragging TournamentSR.jar from the Downloads folder to your desktop.
1 Chromebooks run TournamentSR via the Terminal program, not using a desktop icon.

Q: Can I double click the tournament data file icon to launch TournamentSR?

A: No. You must always run TournamentSR using its icon. You load and save tournament data using the program's "File" menu.

Q: My computer won't let me install Java. What can I do?

A: The computer you're using is controlled by a school or company IT department. Have the IT department install Java for you.

Q: I don't see "TournamentSR.jar" in my Downloads folder. Where is it?

A: The computer you're using is controlled by a school or company IT department. Have the IT department update the computer's permissions to allow downloading TournamentSR.

Q: When I double click the TournamentSR icon, the program doesn't run. How can I fix that?

A: Make sure you've installed Java on your computer.
  • If you have a Windows 10 or newer computer, run jarfix as described on page 14 of this document.
  • If you have a Mac and see the message "TournamentSR.jar can't be opened because it's from an unidentified developer", adjust System Preferences per page 6 of this of this document.
If your computer is controlled by a school or company IT department, you might need their help.

Q: When I run TournamentSR on my Mac, I don't see any of my files or folders. How do I fix this?

A: Recent Mac OS versions hide files and folders from Java applications. You need to adjust System Preferences to reveal them. See page 8 of this document.
If your computer is controlled by a school or company IT department, you might need their help.

Q: How do I learn how to use TournamentSR?

A: See the Quick start guides on our Help page. If your tournament uses predefined weight classes, read the Quick start guide for Scholastic tournaments. If you use the Madison system or have different age/gender/experience groups, read the Quick start guide for Youth & Open tournaments.

Q: Can I practice using various features of the program?

A: Yes. The Tutorials on our Help page demonstrate various features of the program. You can use the Tutorials with both demonstration and purchased versions of TournamentSR.

Q: How do I use the Tutorial ZIP files?

A: After downloading a Tutorial zip file, extract its contents. It will create a "Tutorial n" folder. Inside that folder will be an Instructions document and one or more tournament files (to be loaded into TournamentSR). Read and follow the instructions document.

Q: How long does it take to learn the program?

A: We suggest taking a few hours each day for 3 days to learn the program. First time users should perform a dry-run of the tournament prior to the day of the actual tournament.

Q: How do I learn about a specific feature?

A: The TournamentSR Reference Manual describes each menu selection and window control. It also has sections that describe how to use the more complex features.

Q: Can I use TournamentSR for team dual tournaments?

A: While it's possible, TournamentSR isn't designed for team dual tournaments. The team scoring is wrong and you have to create a separate tournament data file for each team pairing.

Q: What bracket formats does the program support?

A: TournamentSR supports single and double elimination ladders, round robin, and pool formats. See this page for the supported formats. Single elimination ladders are also supported, but aren't included on that page.

Q: Can I separate wrestlers by age group, gender, and/or experience?

A: Yes. Bracket titles consist of up to 3 parts: classification, division, and name. The name is usually the weight or weight range. The division is usually the age group or gender. The classification is usually the expertise level or gender (when age groups are used). See section 5.1 of the TournamentSR Reference manual for more information.

Q: Does TournamentSR support the Madison system?

A: Yes. See the Quick start guide for Youth & Open tournaments. More information is in section 5 of the TournamentSR Reference manual.

Q: Can I assign brackets to specific mats?

A: Yes. You specify the mats and the assignments using the "File" menu, "Session configuration..." option. See section 4.4 of the TournamentSR Reference manual for more information.

Q: Can I have bout numbers start at 100 for mat 1, 200 for mat 2, ...?

A: No. However, TournamentSR supports "Location specific sequence numbers" which start at 1 on each mat. If brackets are assigned to mats, this makes it easy for wrestlers to know if their next match is soon. See section 4.4.3 of the TournamentSR Reference manual for more information.

Q: Can I load all wrestlers and seeding information from one spreadsheet?

A: Yes. The spreadsheet must follow the format described in section 4.1.3 of the TournamentSR Reference manual. Click here to download an empty version of the spreadsheet.

Q: Is there an example roster sheet I can send to the coaches?

A: Yes. This spreadsheet has been used to get rosters into the program. Update the file with your tournament name, location, the correct weight classes, and return information before sending it.